Working through an addiction, alone, is near enough impossible. Many individuals with the aims of reaching full recovery will attempt to self-medicate, home detox or simply go cold turkey.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Northampton

Yet, through experience, here at Asana Lodge, we know that there’s more to a successful recovery programme than that.

Avoid the disappointment, dangers and challenges of recovering alone, known to only offer short-term relief. Experience sustainable recovery from your drug and alcohol addiction, located closely to Northampton.

If you’re truly considering sobriety, it’s time to rethink your perception of addiction recovery. Through our drug and alcohol rehab in the Northampton area, we can help you overcome substance abuse and the psychological side effects which come with it, through a personalised recovery programme.


Working through Addiction alone

Have you ever attempted to reduce your drug and alcohol consumption? If so, what does that commonly result in? Chronic withdrawal symptoms? Paranoia? Further substance abuse? This is the reality for individuals attempting to combat addiction, alone.

A drug and alcohol addiction is a behavioural illness. Although physical side effects are visibly experienced, addiction is a brain illness.

Over time, the brain learns to rely upon drugs and alcohol to function, to generate necessary chemicals in the brain which have been subsidised by the hazardous substances. Once this activity turns into a habit, into a routine, psychological intervention is a must.

As a result of this, to achieve full recovery, working through talking therapies and mental health services, with leading addiction counsellors is mandatory.

Bypassing and overlooking the psychological influence of drug and alcohol abuse is dangerous and ineffective.

This of course cannot be achieved from home, without professional addiction specialists.

Avoid a failed attempt of working through addiction alone, by visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Northampton, providing tried, tested and prospectus recovery programmes.

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Finding a drug and alcohol rehab in Northampton

If you’re keen to recover, no matter what it takes, finding a drug and alcohol rehab in Northampton is straight-forward with our help. Our rehab centre here at Asana Lodge is localised to Northampton, based in Towcester.

This convenient treatment option will offer you a rehab facility to reside from, a comprehensive yet personal treatment programme to complete, and around the clock guidance from medical professionals and addiction counsellors.

Yet, what makes our rehab centre different to others is our focus on brain health and recovery. As addiction is a brain illness, it is vital that focus is placed on cognitive and psychological functioning, especially when long-term addiction recovery is the aim.

Without this step, through experience, there’s great potential for future drug and alcohol relapses to occur.

Our aim through our drug and alcohol rehab facility is to provide our clients with a true opportunity to recover. Rehab, in the grand scheme of addiction recovery, can stand as a singular recovery attempt.

Many individuals can change their life through a standalone recovery programme. Yet, it is ensuring that full rehabilitation is achieved through rehab, via leading addiction treatments and approaches.

Benefit from this approach to addiction recovery and overcome long-term substance abuse through our drug and alcohol rehab in the Northampton area.


How long does rehab last?

A drug and alcohol rehab is a personal experience. With this in mind, setting a time frame isn’t realistic, especially without further information regarding a user’s addiction.

Although many rehab centres offer standard 28-day detox programmes, there are many complex underlying issues to work through when completing addiction treatment.

As a result of this, please be client when recovering through our drug and alcohol rehab facility. Our approach is to provide the most effective treatment options out there, both traditional and non-traditional, which carry low risks to physical and mental health.

We further provide an invaluable opportunity to recover by treating you as an individual and providing a personalised treatment programme.

When approaching rehab, we ask you to embrace the process ahead. Please feel reassured that efficiency is maintained, however, full recovery stands as the end goal.


Our approach to treatment here at Asana Lodge

At Asana Lodge, we mix traditional and non-traditional treatment options when forming personalised treatment programmes. This is down to the unreliability and inaccuracy of a one fits all treatment programme.

In order to fulfil this, we will first evaluate your drug and alcohol addiction. Through our drug and alcohol rehab in Northampton, we will analyse factors including biological, social, spiritual and psychological impacts.

The aim of this exercise is to understand whether any underlying issues or internal functions are fuelling long-term drug and alcohol abuse. Alongside this evaluation, we will complete a mental health assessment.

Once we have a better understanding surrounding your drug and alcohol addiction, we can recommend suitable treatment options which will promote progression.

Without this degree of suitability, treatment options may influence little addiction recovery.

An expectation of traditional methods including detox and cognitive behavioural therapy is likely, along with non-traditional therapeutic therapies. Tackling your drug and alcohol addiction will be the overarching aim while improving brain health.


Embrace our tranquil and recovery fuelled environment

Alongside our effective approach to addiction treatment, we offer a tranquil and recovery fuelled environment. By visiting our drug and alcohol rehab in the Northampton area, you will have the opportunity to embrace a recovery design treatment centre, offering privacy and peace.

When attempting to recover while surrounded by familiar influences or routines, addiction recovery can be disrupted. Greater challenges will be faced when attempting to recover from home or through initial outpatient treatment.

Yet, through a rehab facility which offers you everything you need to recover, through a homely package, you will have the headspace, concentration and time to focus on your recovery programme.

Benefit from embracing our rehab facility here at Asana Lodge. Although different from other treatment centres, through experience, our approach offers invaluable rehab journeys.

Experience your own through visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Northampton.

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