Addiction is serious. It is a vicious cycle and one that only tends to worsen as time goes on.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Clifton

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The urge to drink or use gets stronger and harder to ignore, your tolerance increases so you have to take more and more to satisfy the craving, and with each day that passes the risk of falling victim to the physical and psychological complications associated with addiction grows ever more likely.

Debilitating chronic conditions like liver disease have been definitively linked to drug and alcohol abuse, as have a long list of various cancers including cancer of the mouth, throat and bowel.

The likelihood of acute health emergencies such as strokes and heart attacks is also severely increased by consistent, heavy substance misuse. And this is to say nothing of the mental impacts of addiction.

Psychological problems such as anxiety, depression and even schizophrenia can all be badly exacerbated by substance abuse- in fact it is not unknown for these mental health problems to be caused by drug and alcohol abuse.

It is impossible to overstress how important it is that you get the right help as quickly as you possibly can if you are suffering from addiction.

Some people might be able to overcome their dependency on their own, but many cannot, and there is no quicker nor safer way to overcome an addiction than to receive professional addiction treatment at a rehabilitation centre.

If you are in need of drug and alcohol treatment, then Asana Lodge can be of assistance. As the first and so far only drug and alcohol rehab in the UK based solely on scientifically proven, hard evidence-based treatments, we are perhaps uniquely well suited to helping you overcome your addiction.


Our Drug and Alcohol Services

When you think about rehab, the first thing you probably imagine is the detox clinic. Drug or alcohol detox is first step in rehabilitation, and it is indeed an important one.

It is in the detox clinic that your body will metabolise and remove the drugs or alcohol in your system, and our highly trained medical personnel will be by your side to help you safely get through the withdrawal period.

It can be a hard process, the withdrawal symptoms can be quite severe and even dangerous, but that is why it is so important that you go through it under professional guidance and care. Our doctors and nurses cannot, unfortunately, make it a comfortable experience for you, but we can make it a lot safer.

Once you come out of the detox clinic and your body is completely free of any lingering toxins, you will be ready for our relapse prevention treatments. Ultimately, this phase is more important than detox.

The purpose of Asana Lodge is to facilitate a long-term recovery, and just flushing the drugs and alcohol out of your system does not do that. To ensure that you do not fall straight back into the arms of substance dependency once you leave us we also provide a wide range of preventative therapies and workshops.

These holistic treatments will be specifically tailored to your own individual circumstances and needs. We work on the understanding that each addict is different, that treatments which may work for one patient will not work on another, and as such a one size fits all approach is not effective.

As we have already mentioned, addiction often co-occurs with mental health disorders like anxiety and depression. When substance addiction coincides with a mental health condition we refer to it as a dual-diagnosis.

So, for example, if you came to us with depression alongside your addiction we would offer you what is known as dual-diagnosis treatment, helping you with both of your issues at once.

This kind of approach will not be necessary with every patient, but we can and will design your treatment programme around you- giving you whatever aid is necessary to allow you to overcome your dependency in whatever form it takes.


Holistic Therapies

Because we offer this kind of tailored treatment rather than a one size fits all programme, we cannot outline precisely which therapies you will undergo. We can, however, give you a brief overview of the kinds of treatments we offer.

CBT, which stands for cognitive behavioural therapy, is a common therapy that you may well receive at our clinic.

The purpose of CBT is to influence the way in which you think about, address and overcome problems in your life- it has been shown to be particularly useful in the treatment of addiction because it allows you to deal more healthily with the triggers that would otherwise prompt you to turn to drugs or alcohol

Likewise, our counsellors will explore the roots of your dependency with you, helping you to recognise the warning signs that you may be slipping back towards your addiction and developing effective stress management techniques with you so that you can avoid these mistakes.

If you struggle with vocalising your emotions then we can offer art workshops. Art workshops, unlike talking therapies such as CBT, encourage self-exploration rather than change. It is rare that patients can overcome their addictions through art workshops alone, but that is not the point of it.

Above all else, it is a tool to allow you to engage fully and committedly with the other treatments that we offer.


Do not delay

Whatever your circumstances, we can develop a treatment programme to help you. Nothing good can come from hesitating, so contact us today and take the first step towards a healthier life. The same goes if you are seeking help for someone else. You can make use of our family and friend referral service, and together we can help them take that vital first step.

Addiction is a terrible thing, but it is not unbeatable. All it takes is the act of reaching out, and Asana Lodge can help take you the rest of the way.