Naturally, as you decide to embark on the life-changing journey of drug and alcohol rehabilitation, you’ll likely have some questions.

After all, rehab is a big investment to make. With this in mind, you’ll want to know that drug and alcohol rehab is right for you, and that you can find the right programme to meet your needs.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Arnold

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Standing as seasoned addiction recovery specialists, at Asana Lodge, we understand the exact thought-process that you’re experiencing.

It’s likely that you’ll have concerns over your ability to withdraw from drugs and alcohol, it’s likely that you’ll question the viability of visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Arnold, and it’s likely that you’ll want to know your probable recovery rates.

To help you through this overwhelming time, we’ve summarised some of our most commonly asked questions or concerns, all linked to drug and alcohol rehab.

We hope that by providing greater insight into rehab, that you’ll know exactly what to expect from rehab as a whole and our offering at Asana Lodge, helping you find and experience the most fitting addiction recovery journey.

If you’re based in Arnold and have any personal questions, feel free to contact our team. We are here for you for now, for your rehab journey, and for the future.


Is rehab for everyone?

Drug and alcohol rehab is a highly recommended route when considering addiction recovery. It’s also encouraged for those who abuse drugs and alcohol, without psychological associations, known as substance abuse.

With this in mind, rehab is suitable for a large majority of individuals. However, rehab will not be for everyone, with a focus on those who will not accept or embrace professional support.

As rehab carries a significant worthwhile investment, it is discouraged for those who will not fully benefit from that investment.

Of course, visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Arnold is accessible to anyone. However, in order for it to benefit you, we encourage you to be ready and fully committed towards the up-and-coming process.


Can I pick a Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Arnold?

Yes, you can pick to remain local through a drug and alcohol rehab in Arnold itself. Localised recovery efforts are in fact favoured for the convenience that they offer.

However, it is recommended that you only entertain the idea of residential rehab, especially if you are suffering from a physical and psychological addiction. Otherwise, through outpatient rehab, you may fall victim to drug and alcohol influences, attached to your current reality.

At Asana Lodge, we’re located outside of Arnold. However, stand as a convenient residential rehab for you, providing enough distance from drug and alcohol exposure. Naturally, moving away may fill you with worry.

However, please be reassured that our rehab is designed for residential stays, advocating the need for a relaxing, neutral environment, in place to facilitate drug and alcohol rehabilitation.

Through our residential rehab offering, you’ll soon be ready to return to Arnold to commence your attached stream of aftercare services.


What makes Asana Lodge stand out?

We stand out as a rehab clinic down to our focus on scientific evidence. We utilise evidence surrounding addiction susceptibility, personal responses to drug and alcohol exposure and long-term recovery probabilities.

Through this research, we stand strongly to offer personal rehab programmes, which are safe, which are suitable, and which are sustainable. By understanding how each of our clients responds to drugs and alcohol, on physical and psychological levels, we can then work to change those responses.

The addiction treatment services we work with also differ from other drug and alcohol rehab clinics in the Arnold area.

We utilise the effectiveness of traditional forms, such as drug and alcohol detoxification and CBT. However, we also use newly emerged forms, such as virtual reality therapy and art therapy.

Understandably, all clients require a different type of rehab. They will all respond differently to addiction treatment services and to support.

With this in mind, through our vast assessments and use of broad addiction treatment options, we can then offer rehab programmes, on personal levels, motivating positive responses.

Through our differences, we not only increase recovery rates, but we also reduce relapse risks down to increasing awareness around addiction causations.


Can I expect to Recover from Addiction?

Recovering from an addiction is a realistic goal to set. However, only if drug and alcohol rehab is for you currently, and only if you can commit to the idea of long-term recovery.

A cure, unfortunately, is unavailable, as isn’t an overnight addiction treatment. With this in mind, it can take some time to reach the recovered status. Yet, again, your efforts must continue post-rehab to maintain sobriety.

Through drug and alcohol rehab, here at Asana Lodge, you can expect to recover if you set yourself up to. However, like any other rehabilitation programme, you must take the skills forward that you’ve developed to help you avoid drug and alcohol exposure and help to promote relapse prevention.


How safe is Drug and Alcohol rehab?

Drug and alcohol rehab, through a reputable and medically accredited clinic, is safe. This will be the best place for you when considering addiction recovery, and both your physical and psychological health.

At Asana lodge, we place great focus on safety, ensuring that suitable addiction treatment services are recommended for our clients. After all, it is important that your quality of life can be increased and maintained on your return to Arnold.

In order to achieve this, your experience with rehab must be positive and safe. With this in mind, please be reassured that you will be safe through our rehab clinic.

This is why it is important that you do complete research and ask questions, as lower quality rehab clinics will carry reduced levels of security and safety. However, through a private residential rehab, specialising in drug and alcohol rehabilitation, you will be in the safest hands.

If you have any further questions around visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Arnold, reach out today. We are here to make your admission easier, to facilitate your rehab programme, and to guide you through long-term recovery, happy and healthy.