Drug and alcohol rehabilitation are commonly associated with detoxing. The intention for most is to withdraw, get clean and follow the cold turkey approach. While a controlled process of this is the ideal route to overcome substance abuse, for an addiction, even greater effort, investment and commitment must be seen.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Eastwood

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To overcome a drug and alcohol addiction, both physical and psychological recovery must be aimed for. It is a complex illness which not only targets the body, but also the brain. In fact, the brain has a large part to play in the development phase of an addiction, along with how addictive habits intensify over the long-term.

Unfortunately, many individuals overlook psychological recovery, by attempting to complete a lone detox, by avoiding counselling, and by believing that mental health issues and negative thoughts will go away by themselves.

Yet, you’re different, by visiting our website here at Asana Lodge, with the likely consideration of visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Eastwood.

If this is the case, we urge you to keep reading, with the intentions to boost your awareness of all-round recovery needs, on physical and psychological levels, along with the opportunity to fulfil your own. See how we can guide you through drug and alcohol rehabilitation, privately, residentially and scientifically, while working through the downfalls of recovering in Eastwood.


The Aim of Psychological Recovery

Drug and alcohol consumption are a physical activity. Down to this, there are many misconceptions around the impacts of substance abuse, where damages to the body carry the greatest concern. Yet, through evidential research, the brain in fact suffers greater through excessive drug and alcohol abuse.

This isn’t to say that the body will not suffer, as all-round detriment is likely while living with a long-term, enabled addiction.

Yet, on psychological levels, the brain can experience pre-existing weaknesses, where some individuals will have higher susceptibility levels, than others, to addiction, compulsive behaviours and mental health issues. With this in mind, for some, vulnerabilities already exist prior to drug and alcohol abuse.

Once drugs and alcohol are added into the mix, the toxic traits of each will place even more pressure on the brain, which will result in negative changes. This is why actions, behaviours, personalities outlooks and mental health states, of users, commonly change through ongoing drug and alcohol consumption.

Unfortunately, in order to overcome those changes, and ensure that they aren’t long-lasting, psychological recovery, known as brain restoration, must be aimed for. This will alleviate the pressure on the brain, helping to reduce cravings, helping to revert outlooks, and helping to divert from the coping strategy of drug and alcohol abuse.

This is exactly why physical and psychological recovery must be aimed for, highlighting the recommendation of comprehensive addiction treatment via a drug and alcohol rehab in Eastwood.


The influence of selecting a Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Eastwood

To tackle your addiction, there’s a likelihood that you’ll gravitate towards selecting a drug and alcohol rehab in Eastwood. Boasting convenience, it’s easy to see why acceptance will be greater through localised recovery. Yet, it is important to consider the influences of remaining local, especially on the mind.

Logically, a residential drug and alcohol rehab in Eastwood can be selected to provide physical distance from your current influences. Yet, when considering the mind, any form of familiarity can trigger the resurface of an association.

For example, emotion or experience linked to your drug and alcohol use may present itself, down to the fact that you are close to home. This is a common concern of our clients, where greater psychological distance is favoured through residential rehab.

With this in mind, before investing in an Eastwood rehab clinic, we ask you to consider your personal ability to work through the obstacles of rehab, with the risk of psychological distractions. If you’re concerned about this, opting for a controlled environment, set away from Eastwood will be recommended, which we offer at Asana Lodge.


Controlled, positive environments via Residential Rehab

At Asana Lodge, through our private rehab clinic, you can expect controlled, positive environments, ideal to recover on physical and psychological levels. While we’re still conveniently located to Eastwood, we provide greater distance through our Towcester based treatment centre.

Down to the fact that your recovery environment can affect your ability to recover, our offering, combined with our approach to rehabilitation will be beneficial for you.

Many individuals do attempt to recover from home, where they remain within their usual routine and environment. It’s easy to see how this choice can hinder drug and alcohol withdrawal, as common influences and triggers remain.

This can also be the case, which we’ve highlighted above, by selecting a drug and alcohol rehab in Eastwood. However, through the already existing value of residential rehab, in combination with distance and privacy, you can expect the right level of control, relaxation, comfort and positivity to withdraw from drugs and alcohol.


Physical and Psychological Restoration at Asana Lodge

With the necessity of physical and psychological recovery, we focus on offering addiction treatment recommendations, spanning holistic processes, while also ensuring that suitability is key for all clients.

At our Towcester based rehab clinic, you’ll therefore complete a range of fitting addiction treatment services which promote withdrawal, recovery, restoration and relapse prevention. To reach this point, we will assess your response to drug and alcohol abuse, helping to identify the makeup and strength of your habit.

Through clarity, we will be positioned to recommend ethical, safe and effective forms of addiction treatment, to help your brain and body recover to a drug and alcohol-free reality.

You’ll work towards this reality by completing treatment services such as stress management, art therapy, counselling, detoxification, NAD+ therapy and cognitive behavioural therapy.

All in all, the correct form and level of treatment will be available to you, to help you overcome the physical and psychological obstacles of addiction.


Turn the impossible into possible through Aftercare

Currently, returning home to Eastwood, post-rehab, and leading a sober future may seem impossible. It’s understandable as to why you may doubt your current capabilities. Yet, by completing a comprehensive rehab programme, in conjunction with aftercare services, there will be an opportunity for you to turn the impossible into a possible lifestyle.

There are many self-help tips that you can follow to normalise a life without the presence of drugs and alcohol. Yet, one of the greatest steps will fall on the support of aftercare, available to you via a drug and alcohol rehab in Eastwood.

This is a customary service at Asana Lodge, in place to help our clients harness physical and psychological restoration efforts, helping make sober living, possible.

Reach out today to press ahead towards overcoming your physical and psychological associations to drugs and alcohol.