If you’re looking to rehabilitate from addiction, there’s a strong likelihood that you’ve already searched through a number of different options before visiting our website here at Asana Lodge.

Through your search, it’s also probable that you’ve considered ideas such as treatment services through the NHS, to outpatient addiction treatment in Worksop.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Worksop

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If so, this is a positive sign that you’re considering your needs via drug and alcohol rehabilitation. However, before investing in one of those options, we feel a duty of care to share with you the benefits and ultimately necessity of a personal rehab programme.

A personal rehab programme allows for a suitable rehab experience. Through a suitable rehab experience, clients can safely and effectively withdraw from drugs and alcohol, along with heightening their recovery probabilities.

Without following a personal plan, where a general rehab programme will be offered, there’s a strong chance that physical side effects will be diminished. However, psychological side effects will likely remain, making long-term recovery impossible for most.

With this in mind, if you’re keen to visit a drug and alcohol rehab in Worksop itself, we urge you to consider the value of long-term recovery, to yourself. If you value it, Asana Lodge will be a convenient and suitable drug and alcohol rehab option for you.


Why do personal Rehab Programmes work best?

Living with an addiction is a private, personal matter. There’s a strong likelihood that your initial causation, driving drug and alcohol consumption will deviate from the next person’s. This is also the case when considering your side effects, your withdrawal symptoms and the exact drug that you’re abusing.

The drug and alcohol rehabilitation process is also a personal experience, which again, will offer differing encounters and results for each client. This is expected, as each individual will respond differently to support, to encouragement and to addiction treatment services.

Unfortunately, many rehab clinics and recovery services fail to understand this. A generalist rehab programme will be on offer which works on standard associations to drugs and alcohol. Yet, as we know, all addictions differ. With this in mind, there’s a strong likelihood that the surface of addiction will be treated, yet the personal, embedded habits will remain.

This is exactly why a personal rehab programme is necessary, to not only treat the surface of an addiction, but to also target deeper psychological associations to drugs and alcohol.

Personal rehab programmes will define the details of your rehab journey, including its length, suitable addiction treatment services, and the delivery of rehab. Here, your personal needs will be met, ranking your up-and-coming encounter with rehab as suitable.


Finding a suitable Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Worksop

Down to the necessity of suitability, it is very important that you work to understand your personal needs through drug and alcohol rehab. Some clients will know what they want from rehab, whether that’s to remain in Worksop, or to complete an outpatient rehab programme.

However, some will lack awareness around their options and whether selecting a drug and alcohol rehab in Worksop will work for them.

This is why it is very important that you do select to work with a reputable drug and alcohol rehab clinic, as assessments will be completed pre-admission, ensuring that your needs can be gauged and prioritised. This is the exact approach we follow at Asana Lodge. Yet, we go one step further than other Worksop located rehab clinics, by following the science behind addiction recovery.

While we’re located in Towcester, our rehab clinic will offer a convenient yet personal encounter for you, with drug and alcohol rehab. Here, the true definition of suitable is available.


The ins and out of personalisation here at Asana Lodge

At Asana Lodge, we prioritise personalisation. We attain personal rehab programmes by firstly understanding your needs. However, we go beyond gauging your budget, or your physical and psychological health, or your desires of comfort. Of course, all aspects are measured for the suitability, yet we delve deeper by considering your personal responses with drugs and alcohol.

Through cognitive evaluations, we can understand your weaknesses, linked to drug and alcohol abuse. We even look at all influential factors, causing your addictive habits, from your environments, to your social activities. By doing so, we can fully understand the complexity of your addiction, allowing for a suitable rehab programme to form, working around all of your needs.

Once we reach this point, we can then ensure that a personalised rehab programme is on offer, featuring optimal addiction treatment services. We surpass generalist rehab programmes by using a mixture of conventional and pioneering treatment services, helping to promote withdrawal, repair and confidence.

To tackle the withdrawal phase, we will focus on physical detoxification. To tackle repair, we will focus on the likes of cognitive behavioural therapy, stress management and support groups. Yet, to tackle confidence, we will utilise a mixture of innovative treatment services, including NAD+ therapy, virtual reality therapy and exposure therapy; all offering confidence for your return to Worksop.

Through personalised rehab programmes, our recovery results are higher and secure, offering sustainable opportunities for long-term recovery. This is the goal for all of our clients, driving our ongoing desire to harness the evidence behind science, helping to not only tackle the stereotype of addiction, but also personal experiences.


Starting your Personal Rehab Programme

Naturally, you may sway towards a generalist approach to rehab, down to it being branded as an easier option. However, easier options will not provide you with full opportunities to recover.

We must also add that, although a generalist rehab programme may seem easier at the start, this will flip, where it will soon feel harder to overcome drug and alcohol abuse.

At the other end of the scale, committing to our rehab offering may feel like a serious step to take.

Yet, as you advance, that commitment will pay off, helping you envision a life without drugs and alcohol.

Start your personal experience of drug and alcohol rehab by contacting our team at Asana Lodge.

We are here to help you thrive through drug and alcohol rehabilitation which ranks as suitable, as effective and as life-changing.