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Drug and Alcohol Rehab Southwell

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Rehabilitation programmes offer closeness and commitment to all patients. All together we form a great family with a common goal: the abandonment of addiction.

Therefore, in addition to achieving sobriety, there is also the goal of getting your life stable and secure. These goals and dreams can be realised during drug and alcohol rehab.

The aim of rehab is skills training, cognitive restructuring, and restoration of a healthy life. You must not worry about feeling isolated or judged. Rehabilitation in an impartial environment, where we collaborated to get you healthy again.

The objective of individual therapies is to offer detailed care adapted to the patient’s current situation. In turn you will work on personal and relational aspects that could be influencing your recovery process.

There are many types of therapies available where different issues related to addiction are tackled and you will work through each problem methodically, with the exceptional support of our professionals.

With the therapeutic process, a person can learn to identify their emotions, and triggers and how to find alternative routes to abstain from substance abuse. This is achievable in alcohol rehab and is why it is important to commit yourself to a brighter future.


Why Choose Private Rehab?

Private rehab offers a comprehensive approach to recovery with a high success rate. Not only does private rehab incorporate different treatments and world-renowned medical therapies, it gives you a sense of support and community.

You will stay in the private drug and alcohol rehab until your programme is complete.

The psychological treatments used are based on the patient’s illness, and each programme is bespoke to your needs.

The first stages of treatment are more focused on cognitive-behavioural therapy. This will seek to limit addictive behaviour and manage the thoughts of consumption.

You will learn to work through your issues in a safe environment, away from any temptations.

Within rehab, you will be able to work through any past and present traumas and heal accordingly. These counselling sessions may be individual or with your friends and family.

Once you have successfully detoxed and your treatment is going well, you will then learn a series of therapeutic tools that are intended to help maintain sobriety.

This is the most important part of private alcohol and drug rehab. You always have continued support which makes recovery much more attainable.


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How Drug and Alcohol Addiction is Treated

As we previously mentioned, behavioural therapies are the main tactic to tackle substance abuse. Drug and alcohol addiction is complex and each person has a different story.

That is why it is important to remember that private rehab will give you the time to be able to delve deeper into the issues that are blighting your life. So what treatments are available?

Detoxification is first when it comes to rehabilitation. It is a vital element of the treatment that begins with removing the toxins from the body. Natural supplements or medicines may be provided in a medical environment with a professional team.

You will have a comfortable drug and alcohol detox with minimal troubles. When you complete the detoxing process you will feel healthier and your body will begin to heal and repair itself.

Cognitive behavioural therapy and any therapy follow the detoxification process. It teaches you to understand your thoughts, behaviours and emotions.

You will learn to modify dysfunctional thoughts and behaviours A new dynamic and healthier approach to triggers will be born. Being able to redirect these thoughts behaviours will help toward sustaining sobriety at home.

Art therapy is another type of treatment that allows you to enter an interactive space. You can freely and spontaneously express your emotions and thoughts, without pressure.

It is a place to be creative, learn new things and release energies. It is a liberating experience and there are many other activities that will allow you to feel calm and reassured.


Our Admissions Process

A pre-admission assessment is an important element of your journey with us. That is because it is the time to learn about you as an individual.

You will feel valued and heard as you tell us about your addiction and the severity will be assessed during this conversation. This is a time to ask questions and find out about your many options.

The admissions process is simple, and we will always ensure that your mental health needs are met if you decided to stay. Joining us at Asana Lodge is straightforward.

Know you are in good hands. It is important that you get this help so that you can learn to create a new healthier future.


Start Treatment Today

Don’t delay in getting the help that you need. Any kind of addiction can quickly spiral and lead to a very dangerous situation. If you are concerned about yourself, or someone that you know contact us today.

If you need to be referred promptly emergency admissions are possible. Any type of vulnerability that could lead to overdose or a suicide attempt is very dangerous. Starting treatment is the only way to ensure your health.

A friendly and dedicated team is ready and waiting to help you. Don’t suffer in silence anymore – call 01908 489 421.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I refer a family member to drug and alcohol rehab?

Yes, absolutely. Asana Lodge offers a family and friend referral service for those worried about their loved one’s substance abuse. Our dedicated team can help family members through this difficult time, offering advice and guidance on the next steps to take. Throughout this process and beyond we offer family drug support as we understand that addiction affects many people beyond the addict.

How do I pick the right rehabilitation programme?

Ultimately the best programme is the one that suits your set of circumstances. It’s important to keep in mind your budget, whether you want to go through rehab on an inpatient or outpatient basis and if you wish to go to rehab close to or far away from your home. The need to get treatment might feel urgent but making a quick wrong decision will hamper future efforts at staying clean – so take the time to research.

How do you convince someone to go to rehab?

There is no set path to getting someone the help they need. You don’t know how people will react and it can turn into a very stressful situation. Getting educated about addiction as a disease, researching possible rehab options and looking for professional help are good ways to approach the topic. Having answers for possible reservations and being supported by a professional may put the person you are trying to convince more at ease and more amenable to the idea. The best thing you can do is to be understanding and avoid negativity.