Here at Asana Lodge, we can help our clients in many different ways through drug and alcohol rehabilitation.

Sadly, living through an addiction or mental health issue can feel like an extremely lonely time. Whether that’s through intentions, to distance oneself from influential people or unsupportive family members, or through unintentional impacts linked to addiction, loneliness is an obstacle in itself.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Market Warsop

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Loneliness can in fact make addiction recovery seem even less doable. There’s a likelihood that you’ll be stuck in your own head, feeling heavily controlled by drugs, alcohol and their psychological impacts. Again, this is normal, yet should be worked through in order to combat addictive characteristics as soon as possible.

We can help you here at Asana Lodge, by providing you with the support, direction and care you deserve. If you’re struggling to find a drug and alcohol rehab in Market Warsop, we can help here in Towcester.

If you’re worried about your mental health, we’re armed with dual diagnosis treatment services. If you’re concerned about your post-rehab steps, we’re here with personal aftercare services.

Ultimately, we are here to offer a comprehensive take on drug and alcohol rehab, starting from your admission, and continuing beyond your residential stay. Avoid feeling alone by working with our compassionate team, here to help you through to the other side of addiction.

Please remember that addiction recovery is an overwhelming process to consider. We can help to ease that feeling, offering honest direction of drug and alcohol rehabilitation, no matter your concerns.


I’m struggling to overcome denial. Can you help?

Denial is one of the most commonly noted feelings, linked to drug and alcohol abuse. It’s usually used as armour to protect oneself from the reality of living with an addiction.

If you’re justifying your drug and alcohol intake, hiding it from others, rationalising the ‘one more drink won’t hurt’ mindset, or feel like your reality if blurred by substance abuse, there’s a chance that it is, where you’ll be living in denial.

Currently, you may feel like overcoming denial will be an impossible task. Yet, through small, proactive steps, you can restore your mind and outlook, helping you see your reality for what it is, the severity of your drug and alcohol consumption, and the potential necessity of visiting rehab.

We can help you with your denial throughout your admission process, by helping you digest the causation of your addiction.

Understanding and acknowledging your problems with drugs and alcohol are very important, along with planning ahead for sober living. Through our rehab clinic, we can guide you through the whole process, helping you overcome the currently protective, yet truly deterring feelings of denial.


I’m finding it hard to find a drug and alcohol rehab in Market Warsop. Can you help?

Sometimes it can be harder than expected to find and secure a suitable rehab clinic, especially within your local area. With this in mind, if you’re struggling to find a drug and alcohol rehab in Market Warsop, it’s a positive sign that you’re open to looking elsewhere.

While we’re located away from Market Warsop, we can assist by offering our residential rehab service. Here you can experience a home from home, set away from your current reality, which can also do wonders for working through denial.

Removing yourself from your current routine can also help to break many associations with drugs and alcohol, commonly driven through relationships, emotions or environments.

Understandably, moving away to our rehab clinic may feel like a significant step to take. Yet, this bravery will serve you well, by providing yourself with a neutral, fresh foundation, away from life in Market Warsop, ready to prioritise drug and alcohol rehabilitation.


I’m suffering from mental health side effects. Can you help?

Mental health side effects are unfortunately very common when considering addiction. There is a strong link between substance abuse and brain activity, which can cause weaknesses, resulting in a degree of mental health issues.

If you’re struggling through both, this will be recognised as a dual diagnosis, which will require its own stream of treatment. We specialise in both addiction and mental health recovery, providing personalised treatment programmes, all recommended by looking into brain responses.

With this in mind, overlooking a drug and alcohol rehab in Market Warsop will in fact be the best option for you, providing access into our specialist approach of rehab.


I’m feeling influenced by my environment and relationships. Can you help?

External influences can be driving forces of initial or ongoing drug and alcohol abuse. Environments, for example, may have enabled drug and alcohol abuse from the offset. Ongoing exposure to those environments will therefore normalise the habit of drug and alcohol consumption.

This can also be the case when considering relationships or social impacts, where the use of drugs and alcohol, with certain people, can motivate ongoing consumption. With this in mind, it is important to consider those external influences when aiming to withdraw from drugs and alcohol.

We can help you by promoting the service of residential rehab. Yet our greatest offering will be through helping you restore your lifestyle and focus on regaining control over those influences.

There’s a likelihood that post-rehab, you will need to disconnect from those environments or relationships, which can be challenging to break. Yet, in order to avoid drug and alcohol exposure, vast change is necessary.

Through a range of addiction treatment services, we can help you feel comfortable around exposure to drugs and alcohol, providing you with insight through virtual reality therapy and exposure therapy. Through the likes of stress management and relapse prevention, we can also help you cope through future battles, healthily and positively.


I’m worried about my life after rehab. Can you help?

Life after rehab can be an overwhelming step to experience. Prior to rehab, your reality may have been controlled purely by drugs and alcohol.

On your return to Market Warsop, independent living will be aimed for, without the presence of drugs and alcohol. So, as you can imagine, vulnerabilities are normal.

We can help you through planning, through aftercare services and through instilling confidence into your new reality. You can make the most of your new life, which will soon feel much more manageable, once sober living is normalised.

You may currently feel like you need help in many different areas when considering your addiction. This is a normal response to the unfamiliar image of rehab, of long-term recovery and of the impossible task of withdrawal.

We can help you through this response, providing great value by looking beyond a drug and alcohol rehab in Market Warsop.

Keep an open mind and trust our recommendations, here to offer help through a wealth of drug and alcohol rehabilitation concerns and steps.