Drug and Alcohol Rehab Newark on Trent

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Asana Lodge can help

Are you suffering from a drug or alcohol addiction? Are you researching a friend or family referral? Do you live in the Newark on Trent area? If the answer to these questions is “yes” than Asana Lodge could help you.

By calling us today on 01908 489421, we can help you to regain control of your life and to move forward without being dependent on drugs or alcohol.

We can offer you an initial consultation over the telephone and help you to determine whether you need to undergo a period of rehab.

We are an understanding, modern rehabilitation centre who offer rehab near you.

Please call us without delay. The sooner you call us, the sooner we can help you.


Do I need rehab?

If you find yourself unable to control the amount of drugs or alcohol that you consume, you are probably in need of help.

A loss of control means that you’re not able to stave off addiction and any attempts to perform a DIY cure have fallen short. Only a small number of people are able to overcome an addiction without professional help.

You may have tried this yourself and you’ll be familiar with the concept of trying to go “cold turkey” and avoid drugs or alcohol for a period.

However, this self-detox does not work too often, and most people give into their cravings.

Recognising and then accepting your own issues is critical in terms of whether you need to undertake a 28-day residential rehab with Asana Lodge.

Many addicts suffer from denial and until you accept you have a problem; you will not be able to get better.

You may not have recognised the tell tale symptoms of an addiction – you may have begun to neglect your personal appearance, found yourself in financial hardship, underperformed in work to the extent you’ve lost your job and you may find yourself having a series of fallouts with friends or family.

You may also have turned to dishonest behaviour in order to fund your habit.

It could be that you don’t recognise this yourself, or you’re witnessing someone you care about descend into addiction. You can refer your family or friends to Asana Lodge, and we will be able to help them.

Our staff are highly trained, compassionate and will not judge any situation. Some of them are themselves recovering addicts and so understand your state of mind.

Private rehab is not the cheapest course of action, but we are competitively priced, and we will establish a treatment programme that is within your budget.

Why not call Asana Lodge today for a no obligation conversation about your drug and alcohol consumption?


Spaces available in Newark on Trent

We appreciate that asking for help is a difficult experience, but once you do, Asana Lodge will be by your side on your recovery journey.

Once you request our assistance, we will check you in to our rehabilitation facility. You will be able to meet your key workers and have a tour of the clinic before we sit down to create your customised treatment programme.

We take pride in ensuring that all our clients are treated as an individual at all points of their treatment. Just like every person is different, every addiction is different.

We will really get to know you when you first come into our care. You’ll be given a comprehensive physical and psychological assessment so we can learn about your body and mind.

We will also use this opportunity to identify any underlying mental health conditions. Drug and alcohol addiction treatment is available on the NHS, and is offered by some local charities, but these treatments do not target the root cause of your addiction.

Why did you develop an addiction in the first place? This question is not addressed or answered elsewhere, but we ensure it is.

By performing a dual diagnosis and treating any underlying health conditions that we identify, not only will we help you to manage your addiction, we will treat the cause of your addiction.

This should significantly help relapse prevention and all treatment at Asana Lodge focuses on your long-term recovery.


Drug and alcohol treatment

The first part of your treatment will see you visit our detox clinic. Detox is an important part of your treatment as all traces of drugs or alcohol are removed from your system.

Your body will react badly to this via a series of withdrawal symptoms which vary from mild to fairly serious. However, we can offer you a medically assisted detox to act as a sedative.

This helps to alleviate any discomfort and this prescription medication will allow your detox to proceed as quickly and as painlessly as possible.

Detox can last from anything between a few days and two weeks, and the length is determined by the severity of your addiction.

We combine traditional therapies (such as individual therapy, group therapy and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) with more holistic approaches, like art therapy and stress management. Your time at Asana Lodge will heal your mind as well as your body.

During these sessions, you will learn about yourself and how to control your addiction.

Drug and alcohol addiction does not disappear overnight and you will learn how to take control of your recovery journey.