Fighting against drug and alcohol abuse can seem to be an impossible task if you’re doing it without any support.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Rainsworth

Once an addiction is established it is incredibly difficult to resist the compulsion to drink alcohol or use drugs, and this only gets worse the more time goes on.

A substance dependency essentially rewires the addict’s brain, meaning that sufferers must consume more and more to achieve the desired effect, and the need to satisfy the craving overrides almost everything else in that person’s life.

The physical risks of a drug or alcohol addiction might seem obvious- liver disease, cancer and strokes are all common health issues related to substance abuse- but the psychological and personal impacts can be just as damaging.

Addictions can completely wreck relationships with friends, family members and romantic partners- not to mention the havoc it can wreak on your professional life- so it really is imperative that addictions are addressed as soon as possible.

At Asana Lodge we fully understand the struggles and difficulties that come along with substance addictions. If you are struggling with an alcohol or drug addiction, you might also be struggling with feelings of guilt or shame, especially if your addiction is causing problems for those close to you.

However, it is important that you remember that addiction is considered, medically, to be a disease- and there is nothing wrong with admitting that you are a victim of disease and that you need help to overcome it. If you reach out to us at Asana Lodge, we can provide that help.


The Benefits of Private Drug and Alcohol Rehab

It has been shown that the single most effective way to overcome an addiction is to go through rehabilitation at a dedicated clinic. At drug and alcohol rehab, an expert team of nurses, doctors and psychiatrists will be on hand to support you and ensure your safety throughout your journey to recovery.

No matter what your individual situation is, our team have the experience and knowledge to help you through any problems relating to your dependency- whether that is dealing with physical withdrawal or simply helping you with your worries and concerns.

The main benefit of residential rehab is the environment. Not only will you have constant access to this high-quality care, but it is also much more difficult to relapse once you have been taken out of your everyday surroundings.

If you attempted to get clean by yourself, or if you were receiving outpatient care through the NHS, you would still be in the same places, with the same people, and subject to the same triggers that fuel your substance abuse.

By contrast, in the comfortable and calm environment of our clinic you will be able to focus all of your time and energy on your recovery- without the stresses and dangers of your normal circumstances.


What to expect from Drug and Alcohol Rehab Treatments

One of the great things about residential treatment is that our programmes can be tailored specifically to the individual needs of our patients. Unfortunately this does mean that we cannot give you a precise outline of the treatment you will receive, but there are a few things you can expect.

The first part of a stay at Asana Lodge will almost certainly be detoxification. Detoxification, or detox as it is more commonly known, is the part where your body processes and removes the drugs and alcohol from your system.

The resulting withdrawal means that this can be a highly uncomfortable process, but you will be monitored by clinicians and cared for throughout.

It is critical that your body is clean before we move on to addressing the root causes and triggers of your substance misuse, and developing healthy coping strategies to replace the role of drugs and alcohol in your life.

In the effort of relapse prevention, we offer a range of highly effective therapies aimed at removing your psychological attachment to drugs and alcohol.

Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) is the treatment we provide most commonly, but you will also have the opportunity to undergo less intensive well-being therapies like art therapy and mindfulness classes, as well as more traditional counselling.

If you receive counselling it may be on a one to one basis with your counsellor, or if it works better for you it may be as part of a group or even with your family. In all cases, we endeavour to tailor our treatment programmes so that they work for you.

Asana Lodge’s support is not just limited to your stay at the facility, either. Recovery is a gradual, ongoing process. Our therapies and stress management workshops are designed to give you the mindset and tools necessary to avoid the pitfalls of addiction, but that does not mean that you are 100% guaranteed not to relapse.

For this reason we offer an inclusive aftercare programme, where you can contact us for relapse prevention sessions if you feel you are at risk of returning to use.

Once you have stayed at Asana Lodge we will remain an active and willing part of your support network. Your long-term recovery is our top priority.


Begin your recovery

The road to recovery has many steps, most of them hard, but the first will always be the most difficult. In order to get the help you need to recover, you have to be willing to reach out for it. It is never too late to make a change, but by the same token you can never start too early.

If you have found that your drinking or drug use has developed into a serious problem, if substance misuse is damaging your health or causing problems in your personal life, please do not wait and let it get worse.

Asana Lodge is here to help, whatever your circumstances. Contact us now and kick your addiction for good.