If you’re searching for a private drug and alcohol rehab, then we’re here to help.

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Our drug and alcohol rehab in Mansfield have helped countless people overcome their addiction and go on to lead happier, healthier lives free from alcohol or drugs.

As you’re reading this, you’ve already taken a difficult step in acknowledging that you need professional support to overcome your addiction. We can assure you, whether you’ve been feeling the effects of drug and alcohol abuse for some time now or if you’ve only just started noticing your dependency, then you’ve come to the best place.

Our holistic rehab for drug and alcohol abuse utilises industry-leading, scientifically proven techniques to aid both your physical and psychological well-being.

We’re a step ahead of the rest as we provide all of our clients with a completely personalised residential addiction treatment, ensuring you have the best opportunity to succeed in your long-term recovery.

It’s clear to us, that there’s still a stigma attached to drug addiction and alcohol addiction. The UK is still experiencing an addiction crisis as more and more people are abusing alcohol and drugs.

The increase of addiction has resulted in an increased demand for private drug and alcohol rehab centre like ours. It’s important that we continue to spread awareness and encourage people to step forward and ask for help.

Addiction to alcohol or drugs is nothing to be ashamed or embarrassed of, admitting that you need professional support is an extremely brave thing to do.


What are the impacts of Drug and Alcohol Abuse?

There are many negative effects which come with an addiction to alcohol or drugs, it really has no positives at all. The most noticeable impact will be on your physical and psychological health, as excessive substance abuse significantly deteriorates your well-being.

Over time, you may notice a change in your appearance as you begin to look dishevelled and unwell. Your skin can change colour and your eyes are likely to become distinctly bloodshot.

The effects are even worse internally as addiction drastically increases your risk of heart problems, liver problems and digestion problems.

Prolonged substance abuse causes you’re the makeup in your brain to change which can potentially result in long-term mental health damage. You’ll likely become disinterested in things that you previously enjoyed and lack the desire to socialise at all.

An addiction to alcohol or drugs can cause you have mood swings, show signs of anxiety and depression, and even bipolarity.

It can sometimes be easy to believe that your drug and alcohol abuse is only affecting you, but of course, it’s also dramatically affecting those around you.

It changes your friends and families lives as they become sick with worry about your condition and continuously attempt to encourage drug and alcohol rehabilitation.

In our experience, we’ve seen many relationships break down and even families torn apart as a result of the damaging influence that is drug and alcohol abuse.

If you’re not motivated to seek support for your own physical and psychological well-being, then maybe you’ll be motivated to improve your loved one’s well-being by joining our drug and alcohol rehab in Mansfield.


What are the benefits of our private, residential rehab?

Studies have long shown that there’s a much higher rate of successful recoveries at residential drug and alcohol rehabilitation centres as opposed to outpatient or free local health services; this is due to variety of reasons.

One of the main benefits is that by staying with us during your addiction treatment, you’re removing yourself from any negative influences or stresses of home, allowing your long-term recovery to become your sole focus.

We ensure that each client is welcomed into our drug and alcohol rehabilitation with open arms, care, and respect. Our expert team are experienced in helping people from all walks of life, with varying severities of addiction or mental health issues.

We handle each case with the utmost discretion and provide unparalleled support to each individual.

Our private drug and alcohol rehab centre are actually quite luxurious, perhaps not how you imagined it to be. We appreciate that the word private may raise concerns around cost, but we can assure you, you’ll certainly be getting value for money with a one-time treatment programme for long-term recovery.

If you were to go down another route for your addiction treatment, you’ll likely end up doing it more than once, wasting your money, time, and efforts.

Without visiting a renowned private drug and alcohol rehab and undergoing a personalised treatment programme, you’re unlikely to achieve a long-term recovery from alcohol and drugs.

Another great benefit of residential addiction treatment is that you undergo an intense rehabilitation programme over 28 days.

Whereas with outpatient services, you’ll likely spread your treatment out over several months, prolonging the process and giving you too much time in between sessions to potentially relapse.

It’s much more effective to stay with us throughout the duration of your treatment where our team can monitor your progress and ensure your safety 24/7.


What is the rehabilitation process like at our Mansfield centre?

After you’ve made initial contact with us, either over the phone or via email, we’ll conduct a pre-screening assessment to review your physical and psychological health before starting your residential addiction treatment.

This assessment helps us to design a bespoke treatment programme specific to your unique needs. Within your treatment programme, we’ll include a well-balanced mix of psychological and well-being therapies such as cognitive behavioural therapy, stress management, drug and alcohol relapse prevention, psychoeducation, psychotherapy, and drug and alcohol detoxification.

Our well-being focused therapies help you to feel relaxed throughout your rehabilitation, these may include mindfulness, yoga, relaxation and sleep management, low level laser therapy, Satori chair therapy, art therapy, fitness therapy, and nutritional therapy.

If you have any more questions about our drug and alcohol rehab in Mansfield, need advice or support, we’re happy to alleviate any concerns you may have.

Get in touch with us today on 01908 489 421 or email at info@asanalodge.com.