Addiction is a complex illness down to the multifaceted causations, commonly causing initial drug and alcohol abuse.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Selston

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From influential environments to social settings, to heightened stress levels and to personal coping strategies, drugs and alcohol are used in many different ways, for many different reasons.

Down to a variety of causations, this is exactly why a generic rehabilitation programme usually fails to offer long-term recovery probabilities.

For some, where their consumption is straightforward, where the entwined impacts of physical and psychological associations are yet to materialise, general recovery milestones can be aimed for.

Yet, here at Asana Lodge, we understand how that approach will not work for every individual and every addiction.

In order to provide greater recovery probabilities, we, therefore, work with a scientific approach, where your causation, physical and psychological responses to drugs and alcohol, and needs will direct the structure of your programme.

This is in fact the most comfortable and effective way to withdraw from drugs and alcohol, and subsequently aim for recovery.

With this in mind, if you’re concerned about your consumption, with the understanding that professional help via a drug and alcohol rehab in Selston should be your next step, consider our local rehab clinic.

Being respected and treated as an individual is very important throughout the drug and alcohol rehabilitation process. Experience this here at Asana Lodge.


Common causations of addiction

Causations of addiction are commonly personal and sensitive topics. For some, prescription drugs may have been misused to block our physical or psychological pain. Illegal substances and their euphoric effects may have been abused to escape from the stress of reality.

Alcohol may have been heavily consumed to unwind at the end of a stressful week. Substance abuse as a whole may have been enabled and promoted through home environments or social settings. Addictive tendencies may have developed down to genetics, where increased susceptibility of habits is present.

There are in fact a wealth of causations, linked to fuelling initial drug and alcohol consumption. Some people will begin to misuse them through innocent social consumption. Yet, for others, reasons may go way beyond our above notes.

Commonly, drug and alcohol abuse is used as a coping strategy, to mask emotions, to lead a different reality, to make life feel better, or to source greater motivation. Yet, once providing a protective armour, drugs and alcohol will soon do the opposite to users, causing serious impacts on their lives.

This can be very difficult for users to understand, as they will likely be captured by the positive effects of substance abuse. Yet, over time, the necessity of professional help will present itself, which may currently be the case for you, making you lean towards visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Selston.


Overcoming your triggers via a drug and alcohol rehab in Selston

If you’re at a point in your consumption where you see the seriousness of your reality, where support should be accepted, and where rehab will be beneficial, you can work to overcome your personal triggers.

Yet, as we’ve shared above, when considering a drug and alcohol rehab in Selston, you should prioritise the offering of personalised rehab programmes.

Without this offering, surface-level recovery will likely be your result, where you’ll have the chance to withdraw from drugs and alcohol and heal visibly. Yet, internally, your struggles will reside, commonly on a psychological level, linked to your causation.

It’s also vital to note that many individuals who suffer from addiction will also experience a dual diagnosis, which is where mental health symptoms will arise. Again, a personal rehab programme will be required to unravel a second diagnosis, both linked to cognitive responses.

While we’re located outside of Selston, we can guarantee the offering of personalised rehab programmes, starting off your admission with a pre-rehab assessment.


Tailored addiction treatment recommendations

Within your personal rehab programme at Asana Lodge, you will be provided with tailored addiction treatment recommendations.

All recommendations will be based on your physical and psychological response to drug and alcohol abuse, to your mental health, your personal triggers, and your readiness to recover.

Utilising your personal experiences with drugs and alcohol will offer realistic and reliable recommendations, which can form a rehab programme, offering personal recovery steppingstones.

This is very important as recovery, for every client, will be different. Timeframes, goals, the contents of rehab programmes, addiction treatment recommendations and support levels will all vary.

Our approach to rehab in fact helps us differentiate ourselves from other rehab clinics, as we not only provide realistic recovery goals, but we also safeguard sustainability.

We utilise some of the most innovative treatment services in the market to provide an experience of recovery, prior to leaving rehab. This exposure offers effective preparation, helping to ease your initial transition back to Selston.

From detox programmes, support groups and stress management, to art therapy, NAD+ therapy and virtual reality therapy, you can expect a fitting range of recommendations, helping you recover at your own pace.


Aftercare with your needs in mind

Personalisation will continue if you select our clinic when searching for a drug and alcohol rehab in Selston. Again, long-term recovery experiences will differ for all clients, where some will require ongoing emotional support, whereas others will complete a schedule of additional treatment services.

Providing a straightforward aftercare service isn’t realistic, as personal circumstances and transitions are expected. Some individuals will be returning to a negative environment, where drug and alcohol abuse were previously accepted.

Others will be returning to a strong support network, with relapse prevention plans in place. This variation of transitions therefore showcases the need to cater to your needs, on a post-rehab basis, offering everyone a chance to recover.

Currently, you may feel like overcoming your addiction is unlikely. Yet, by investing in a rehab clinic who cares, who listens, and who acts on your needs, addiction recovery can be achieved and maintained.

Here at Asana Lodge, we can stand as a strong contender, here to facilitate your drug and alcohol rehabilitation journey, close to your home in Selston.