Unfortunately, like other illnesses, those who suffer through addiction are commonly placed in the same box. Side effects, causations and results of drug and alcohol abuse are seen as the same, where the stereotypical image of an addict has been developed.

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Through that stereotype, addiction diagnoses have also been stigmatised, making it even harder for those suffering, to reach out for support. At Asana Lodge, we understand how damaging both stereotypes and stigmatisation have, on mental health, on the ability to recover, on personal confidence levels, and also on the perceptions and offerings of rehab.

Down to our understanding, we see the necessity of offering private, emotional guidance, opportunities of full recovery on a residential basis, and personalised rehabilitation programmes. After all, while a stereotype may exist, not one single client will fit into that box, experiencing different withdrawal symptoms, triggers and motives.

Reasonably, down to stigmatisation, you may worry about visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in New Mills, carrying fears of judgment. We appreciate the anxieties linked to localised recovery, which supports the need for residential rehab even further.

You can recover safely, privately and freely, at your own pace, without the control of stigmatised and stereotypical opinions here at our Towcester rehab clinic. Benefit from a personal admission and aftercare programme, along with a residential rehab programme, worked around your needs and experiences with drugs and alcohol.

Together we can break the stereotype and stigma, linked to drug and alcohol abuse, mental health issues and addiction.


The benefits of a personal admission process

The admission process is overlooked by many when considering drug and alcohol rehabilitation. When in fact, it is a very important step, helping to secure the most suitable form of rehab. This is the exact reason why we advocate personal admission processes, which includes a thorough assessment, helping to highlight the necessary demands of professional drug and alcohol rehab.

Unfortunately, some low-quality rehab clinics will complete assessments, yet those assessments will only target the surface of addiction, commonly reflecting the image of a stereotyped addict. This is a dangerous approach to follow, as we understand that needs will differ for each client, depending on experiences with drugs and alcohol.

This is therefore the key benefit of a personal admission process, helping to secure a rehab programme which will truly alleviate personal experiences, side effects and attachments to drugs and alcohol.

A further benefit of a personal rehab admission is that all arrangements will reflect your needs when considering budget, location and urgency. We can work to your budget, even at a privatised standard. We can transport you from New Mills, making all arrangements to offer a straightforward transition.

We can also work with you to select the most convenient and productive admission date, which will mark the beginning of your journey.

Your needs, your comfort levels and your confidence in drug and alcohol rehabilitation are very important. Ensure that they are prioritised when searching for a drug and alcohol rehab in New Mills or further afield.


Overcoming the anxieties of selecting a drug and alcohol rehab in New Mills

Down to both stereotypical judgements and the stigmatisation of drug and alcohol abuse, please be reassured that experiencing anxieties around localised recovery is normal. While you can select a private, residential drug and alcohol rehab in New Mills, it’s understandable why you may still feel judged, or experience risk of.

Those anxieties may make you feel like completing rehab will be an impossible task. Yet, through alternative forms of rehab, you can overcome those anxieties, offering confidence in your drug and alcohol rehabilitation journey.

By selecting our rehab clinic, standing as a private, specialist and residential treatment centre, you can remove yourself from life in New Mills, helping to protect your recovery journey. You’ll experience a homely setting, working with the best team possible, all following a compassionate and confidential approach.

Not only that, through our rehab clinic at Asana Lodge, you’ll experience our unique approach to addiction recovery, prioritising the offering of personal admissions, treatment service and aftercare programmes.

Currently, the idea of visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in New Mills may tap into your vulnerabilities. Overcome those vulnerabilities and take a brave step towards the most beneficial form of rehab out there.


Completing suitable addiction treatment services

Within our aim to offer personal addiction treatment recommendations, we utilise the confidential findings from your pre-admission assessment. Those findings will provide clarity of the dynamic of your relationship with drugs and alcohol, along with how your brain and body react to their control.

This step is very important, helping to identify the most effective and safe forms of addiction treatments, from our range, with the aim to form complimenting recommendations.

From our range, you may experience anything from stress management to art therapy, to brain restoration, to detoxification and to cognitive behavioural therapy. Your exact mix will depend on how you initially respond to drugs and alcohol, how you respond to addiction treatments, and how you respond to exposure therapy.


The benefits of personal aftercare programmes

Your aftercare journey is just as important as your residential rehab programme. Post-rehab, vulnerabilities can resurface, commonly linked to relapse risks. While rehab can provide the foundation of addiction recovery, concerns do arise around the sustainability of your new lifestyle.

While returning to New Mills, you will therefore have a personal aftercare programme, to hand, again meeting your needs on a post-rehab basis. There are many benefits to this approach, with a focus on comfort, on greater recovery rates, and on efficient normalisation of sober living.

You can safeguard all benefits linked to personal rehabilitation services by working with our team, helping to ease your entire rehab experience.

Naturally, you may still feel worried about rehab and the reactions that you may encounter from those around you. Yet, it is important to remember that rehab is a private experience, where your needs and personal direction will be maintained.

Overcome your anxieties linked to visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in New Mills by experiencing the true meaning of private care here at Asana Lodge.