Unfortunately, many individuals disregard residential rehab, even before they learn more about it and its value.

Through this irrational decision, they are in fact hindering their recovery capabilities by overlooking one of the most effective forms of drug and alcohol rehabilitation.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Ilkeston

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Are you going to stop yourself from experiencing the most beneficial approach to addiction recovery, or are you going to keep an open mind before investing? Following the latter option is recommended here at Asana Lodge, as we’ve witnessed the value that residential rehab can offer our clients.

While selecting independent detoxification, while selecting free treatment service via the NHS, and while selecting outpatient care via a drug and alcohol rehab in Ilkeston may offer convenience, will they offer sustainable recovery rates?

There’s a strong likelihood that they will not when considering a physical and psychological addiction diagnosis. Those individuals, we’ve motioned above will, unfortunately, bypass the opportunity to sustain long-term recovery, likely requiring further treatment in the future.

You can, however, bypass that eventuality by overlooking convenience, while selecting the sought-after service of residential rehab.

Here are the benefits of selecting a residential programme in Ilkeston, available here at Asana Lodge.


The benefits of residential care via a Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Ilkeston

Mentioning the option of residential rehab commonly instils a daunting feeling for many individuals. This is however before they understand the value of residential rehab, along with expected experiences of it.

Many will initially see the downfalls of leaving behind life in Ilkeston. This is in fact the main reservation of residential rehab, as most individuals hope to continue life while recovering from addiction. However, realistically, this hope will be impossible, as intense, focused and consistent addiction treatment sessions are necessary when tackling a physical and psychological fixation.

This is where residential rehab can step up, by offering the exact level of care, of support, of addiction treatment, of personalisation and of motivation to combat a drug and alcohol addiction.

Experiencing this service, while also remaining close to Ilkeston can also offer many benefits. You can experience the comfort and convenience of localised recovery, yet through a controlled, medically supervised and safe setting.

A further benefit of residential rehab via our drug and alcohol treatment centre is that you can remove yourself from common triggers, associated with addictive behaviours. Many clients will abuse drugs and alcohol, down to pressures of everyday life, down to certain environments, and down to active relationships. All can be avoided through a reputable residential rehab clinic.

All of the above benefits are accessible through residential rehab, which will combine to offer an effective, personal and efficient rehab encounter. You can invest in this approach of drug and alcohol rehab by keeping an open mind.

Any degree of rehab will initially feel daunting. Yet, as soon as you visit Asana Lodge, we promise you that those feelings will go away, as the benefits of residential rehab take over.


Experience our take on addiction recovery at Asana Lodge

Alongside benefiting from residential rehab, near your home in Ilkeston, by selecting our rehab clinic, you’ll also benefit from our take on addiction recovery.

We’re very different to other drug and alcohol rehab clinics as we focus heavily on cognitive responses to drug and alcohol abuse. Understandably, both physical and psychological motives of substance abuse are important to consider. However, through scientific evidence, greater motivation is behind the psychological side of addiction, making it an important area to focus on.

Down to this, we complete vast assessments of addiction, on each rehab admission, ensuring that a full understanding of personal responses to drugs and alcohol are gauged. From here, we can understand exact influences, driving addictive behaviours, along with any pre-existing weaknesses.

By following this approach, we can then offer personal rehab programmes which withstand generalist programmes, truly contributing to sustainable addiction recovery.

While our take on addiction recovery may be different, our differences provide greater recovery rates for our clients by boosting understanding of addiction, and how to avoid future encounters of substance abuse and its control. You can also experience this level of recovery by selecting our residential drug and alcohol rehab, near Ilkeston.


Traditional and innovative Addiction Treatment Options

Within our approach to addiction recovery, we work with both traditional and innovative forms of addiction treatment. We value the positive benefits that detoxification, that cognitive behavioural therapy, that motivational therapy and that dual diagnosis treatment can offer.

However, we also understand the need for greater insight, for personal addiction treatment recommendations, for alternative approaches to talking, and to exposure, prior to post-rehab contact. With this in mind, we also recommend treatment services which are contemporary, including art therapy, virtual reality therapy, NAD+ therapy and exposure therapy.

Our mix of addiction treatment services ensures that our clients can remain safe, that their physical and psychological health can be elevated, and that sustainable recovery is a realistic goal to work towards.


Realistic rates of sober living

Unfortunately, many rehab clinics will promise the probabilities of sober living. Some will even go as far as branding rehab as a cure from addiction. However, a cure is unavailable, as are guarantees with addiction recovery.

It is very important that realistic rates of sober living are shared to clients, as all experiences differ. It’s also important to consider that personal actions, post-rehab, dictate the ability to remain sober, which is out of our control.

We can, however, provide realistic rates of initial recovery, and forecasts of long-term recovery to clients who have completed a comprehensive residential programme, and who also show signs of commitment post-rehab.

Drug and alcohol rehab can help you withdraw, can help you understand addiction, can help you change your coping strategies, can help you adapt your outlooks, can help you improve your wellbeing and can help you reduce relapse risks through lifestyle changes. You must however follow that guidance and make those changes to your life in Ilkeston, in order to follow those forecasts.

The approach that you also invest in, within your initial exposure of drug and alcohol rehab can influence your long-term recovery rates. Select a personal, safe and reliable approach in order to begin the process of normalising life without drugs and alcohol. You can experience this here at Asana Lodge.

We cannot promise a drug and alcohol-free future for you, as a guarantee. However, we can promise the benefits of visiting a residential drug and alcohol rehab in Ilkeston through our approach.