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If you’re searching for drug and alcohol rehab in Matlock, the chances are you, or a loved one, is suffering with an addiction.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Matlock

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The hardest part of rehab is admitting to your addiction, so if you’re searching for help, it’s a positive sign that you’re ready to accept the help you need.

If you’re searching for a loved one, contact us today and we can advise you on the best approach to take.

At Asana Lodge, we provide leading scientific, evidence based treatment options that provide the best possible chances of long term recovery. With state-of-the-art facilities, round the clock care and an expert team, you can rest assured that you’ll get all the help you need with us by your side.

Contact our dedicated team today and turn your life around.


What Is The Cost Of Rehab?

Drug or alcohol rehab costs will vary depending on whether you opt for outpatient treatment or residential, private drug and alcohol rehab.

Outpatient treatment involves attending a detoxification clinic or therapy sessions during the day and returning home at evenings and weekends. Whereas residential rehab requires you to live onsite for the duration of your programme.

Most treatment programmes last for 28 days, but again this can vary. The cost of rehab is reflected in the length of time spent at the clinic and the treatments undertaken

Drug and alcohol rehab in Matlock will vary between £4,000 – £10,000 plus for a short stay.

When you first contact us we’ll advise you on the best possible treatment options for you, personally, so you can make the best choice for your own health and financial situation.


Seeking Help For Your Addiction

Admitting you’ve got an addiction is the first step in the long road to recovery. Overcoming addiction is a challenge, but once you’ve taken this step and are ready to commit to recovery, we’re here to help.

Addiction can happen to anyone, at any point in life. Often mental health issues, such as past traumas, anxiety and depression, childhood development environments and stress can be deep rooted causes of your addiction.

By committing to a treatment programme that tackles both the physical and psychological impacts of addiction, you can start to understand your addiction, the triggers and how to change your life for the better.

If left untreated, your addiction will only get worse. You may believe that you’re in full control of your addiction, that you can stop anytime you like, but we know this isn’t the case.

At Asana Lodge, we help thousands of individuals overcome their addictions every year and the only way to make a positive change is with the help of professionals.

Continuing on in your current trajectory, you’ll end up pushing everyone who cares about you away, you may loose your job and with that financial stability, you may fall into debt funding your habit and may even loose your home. But with the help of our expert team, we can help you rebuild your life again.


Our Approach

Upon arrival you’ll undergo a full medical assessment, whereby our professional, medical team will assess your physical and psychological health. From there, we’ll work with you to design a treatment programme specific to your needs.

Since some of our patients will arrive at the centre under the influence, detox is always the first step in any of our programmes. Without a clear mind you cannot complete any form of therapy treatment.

Detoxification usually lasts a couple of days, but will be dependant on you, your body and your addiction. Our medical staff will assist you throughout and you’ll be provided with round the clock care to ensure that you’re comfortable throughout. The process of detox involves the slow reduction in consumption levels until your body is free from the substance.

Withdrawal symptoms are extremely common at this stage, as your body has grown dependant on this substance to function, so when you reduce your consumption levels your body reacts.

Withdrawal symptoms can be mild and include symptoms such as; anxiety, sweating and nausea, or can become more serious and includes symptoms such as; seizures, hallucinations and tremors.

At Asana Lodge, we provide all our patients with leading, scientific and evidence-based treatments, so if you’re finding detox difficult we can provide prescription drugs to help aid those symptoms, but we can also provide Intravenous Brain Restoration that’ll help aid your cellular restoration and boost recovery.

Once detox is completed you’ll start your therapy programme. The most common type of therapy used to treat addiction is Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, which works by addressing the root causes of your addiction, but also works to change negative habits and thought processes.

Alongside you individual therapy sessions, you’ll be offered a variety of holistic sessions and workshops to enable you to transform your habitual behaviour and lifestyle.

From group sessions, motivational workshops, art therapy and fitness classes, you can start to rebuild your daily habits in a more positive way.


What Happens After?

Once you’ve successfully completed your drug and alcohol rehab in Matlock, we’ll provide you with a Relapse Prevention Plan and 12 months of free aftercare.

We understand that the first year after rehab is the most challenging, as you settle into your new lifestyle and try to rebuild the broken pieces of your life, but we’ll help guide and support you through.

Peer support through local support groups is essential for aiding recovery, which is why we’ll introduce you to your local support groups, where you’ll meet people with similar life experiences who can help guide and support you too.

It’s important to remember that it takes time to rebuild your life, but if you’re finding life outside the centre daunting we can also assist you when approaching your relationships, work and finances.


Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Matlock

If you’re looking for drug and alcohol rehab in Matlock, chance are you’ve admitted you’re an addict and are ready to commit to recovery.

With residential rehab centres close to home, all you have to do now is contact our dedicated and supportive team to kick start your journey to long term recovery.