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Have you recently found yourself struggling to control your drug or alcohol addiction?

Have you come to experience various side effects related to addictions?

Do you believe that you would benefit from attending a drug and alcohol rehab in Immingham?

Drug and alcohol addictions impair the lives of millions of people across the world.

Although there is a wealth of treatment readily available to those struggling, many will defer treatment or attempt to alleviate their addictions without professional support.

When an addiction is present, attending a drug and alcohol rehab that can provide you with the treatment you need to overcome your addiction is essential.

Contrary to belief, addictions cannot merely be overcome by reducing drug or alcohol intake, nor can they be overcome within the comfort of your own home.

Sadly, addictions are severe mental health disorders that require physical and psychological treatment.

Failure to administer treatment as and when it is needed will eventually see your addiction take control of every aspect of your life and see you unable to cope.

However, with the help of a drug and alcohol rehab in Immingham, or our own rehab, you will soon find yourself regaining control of your life.


Realising It Is Time To Go To Rehab

Realising that it is time to go to rehab is somewhat significant.  For months, possibly even years, your addiction will have likely controlled your thoughts and feelings, ultimately leaving you locked in the vicious cycle that an addiction imposes.

Like many others, you will have succumbed to your addiction; however, at some point, you will have come to realise that your addiction has escalated beyond your control.

With this in mind, for various reasons, you may have decided that the time is right to seek help and attempt to overcome your addiction.


Factors That Contribute To Addictions

As you begin to come to terms with your addiction and the grasp it has had on your life, you may wonder what caused your addiction to arise in the first place.

Much research has determined that various factors contribute to addictions.  However, stress and mental health disorders are some of the most leading factors.

For some individuals, life at home or work may at some point become too much for them to handle.  As a result, substances are consumed to reduce pessimistic thoughts and feelings that come hand-in-hand.

Although substances offer temporary relief, this is short-lived.  As the effects of drugs and alcohol wear off, the repercussions of stress once again surface.

In order to cope, individuals will then once again turn to substances for relief.  Sadly, this cycle eventually leaves individuals struggling with an addiction.

Just as stress can cause addictions to arise, mental health disorders such as anxiety and depression can too.

Similarly, those struggling with mental health disorders will turn to substances in search of temporary comfort and assistance.

As the effects of substances wear off, the cycle of addiction is gradually encountered.

As you commence treatment at a drug and alcohol rehab in Immingham or our residential centre, you will have the opportunity to address the factors that have caused your addiction to arise.

In fact, this is a vital part of your recovery. Understanding the factors that have contributed to your addiction will enable you to devise coping strategies.

These coping strategies will ultimately prevent you from relapsing in the future.


Overcoming Your Addiction At Our Residential Rehab

Should you decide to take advantage of the support that we can provide you with here at Asana Lodge, you will have the opportunity to recover in a safe and comfortable environment away from your everyday life.

Although attending a drug and alcohol rehab in Immingham may have been your first choice, removing yourself from your everyday surroundings can assist your recovery.

As you commence treatment at our residential rehab, you will be provided with around the clock care as you undergo detoxification and rehabilitation.

While you may question whether around the clock care is necessary, as you progress through your recovery, it is not uncommon for you to experience withdrawal symptoms, or feel homesick.

With this in mind, having the opportunity to take advantage of around the clock care will ensure that you remain comfortable at all times.

Unlike NHS rehabs, or drug and alcohol rehabs in Immingham, at Asana Lodge, we focus on body and brain restoration.

We also take pride in our ability to offer patients leading scientific and evidence-based treatments.

As you embark on your journey to a substance-free life, advanced treatments such as Satori Chair Therapy, NAD+ Therapy and well-being therapies combined with psychological therapies such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy will enable you to overcome your addiction.


Family Support

Although individuals struggling with addictions will feel the most significant ramifications, families are also often impacted by addictions.

While not directly affected, watching a loved one struggle with an addiction can be somewhat overwhelming.

Considering this, in addition to providing you with the support you need to overcome your addiction, we are also on hand to ensure that your family has the support and guidance they need, not only to deal with the impact your addiction has had on them but to help them understand the treatment you will receive and the aftercare support you will require.

As you undergo rehabilitation, we will ensure that family therapy is incorporated into your treatment programme if it is required.


Call Us Today and Take The First Step In Overcoming Your Addiction

Are you ready to regain control of your life?  Do you want to overcome your addiction? Are you committed to securing a substance-free future?

If you answered yes to the above questions, it is highly likely that you are ready to attend our rehab and obtain treatment for your addiction.

Time is of the essence when it comes to treating addictions. With this in mind, we would encourage you to call us as soon as possible.

With our support, you can overcome your addiction once and for all.