Drug and alcohol addictions are widely known to be psychological disorders that impair the lives of millions of individuals across the world.  While those struggling will feel the most significant ramifications, the lives of their loved ones will additionally be affected.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Market Deeping

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If your loved one is struggling with an addiction and is yet to seek support, there are a plethora of drug and alcohol rehabs in Market Deeping that can offer you sound advice and guidance.

If you have attempted to contact a drug and alcohol rehab in Market Deeping, but have still found yourself searching for answers, Asana Lodge is here to support you.

Focusing on brain and body health restoration, at Asana Lodge, we provide industry-leading treatments to those struggling with addictions.

Irrespective of whether you need someone to talk to, hope to distinguish if an addiction is indeed present or want to refer your loved one for treatment, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Determining If An Addiction Is Present

As an addiction takes control of your loved one’s life, you will likely be one of the first people to recognise changes in their behaviour or appearance.  At first, you may have thought that these changes were a result of stress or feeling under the weather.  However, as time has gone on, you may have found that the changes you initially observed have gradually become worse.

In order to uncover what exactly is wrong with your loved one, you may have taken it upon yourself to conduct various internet searches surrounding the changes you have observed.

In doing so, you will have likely come to believe that your loved one is struggling with an addiction.  With this in mind, you may understand that it is time to address the changes you have observed and discuss your findings with your loved one.

However, we would highly recommend that you contact a drug and alcohol rehab in Market Deeping, or our own rehab, to discuss the changes you have noticed in your loved one.  Although research outlines that an addiction is present, there may be other underlying causes.

Contacting us to discuss your thoughts will allow us to help you conclude if an addiction is indeed present.  If we have reason to believe that your loved one is struggling with an addiction, we will offer you support and guidance with regards to addressing the addiction.


What To Do If A Loved One Is Struggling With An Addiction

If we determine that an addiction is indeed impairing your loved one’s life, we will offer you advice and guidance on the steps that you will need to take.  Below, we have outlined just a few things that we will likely advise you to do.

  • Approach your loved one to discuss the changes that you have observed when they are sober
  • Inform your loved one of the support that is available to them either via a drug and alcohol rehab in Market Deeping or our residential rehab
  • Ensure that your loved one knows that you are there to support them every step of the way
  • Encourage your loved one to reach out for professional support

When the time comes for you to approach your loved one, you must show empathy.  You must also listen to your loved one and respect their wishes.  In many cases, those struggling with addictions will be hesitant to admit that an addiction is present.  Individuals struggling may also defer treatment and reject support.

If you have attempted to talk to your loved one about their addiction, but have sadly found yourself pushed away, making a referral may be in your loved one’s best interest.


The Support Available For Those Struggling With Addictions

If your loved one is willing and ready to accept the help that is available to them via a drug and alcohol rehab in Market Deeping, but you believe that attending a residential rehab is in their best interest, we can provide them with the support and treatment needed.

At Asana Lodge, we offer a wealth of support to individuals across the country that have regrettably found themselves struggling with an addiction. Below, we have provided insight into the support available at our residential rehab.

In addition to providing a wealth of physical support, we have ensured that our facilities provided a safe space for those in recovery to take advantage of.  In turn, those in recovery can reflect on the way that their addiction has impaired their life and recuperate after a long day of treatment.

We can also offer family therapy to restore the relationships that may have been affected by an addiction.


Family Referrals

As touched on above, it is not uncommon for those struggling with addictions to live in denial and reject the support that is offered to them.

Sadly, failure to take advantage of support and obtain treatment for an addiction can see an addiction intensify.

Not only will this have long-lasting ramifications on your loved ones physical and psychological health, but it could damage your relationship with them.

If your loved one has rejected support, making a family referral is in their best interest.  We understand that you may want to avoid referring them if they have previously dismissed support.  Still, it is imperative that you do so.

Making a referral is somewhat straightforward.  All that you need to do is contact our admissions team.  They will ask you various questions to gain an understanding of your loved one’s addiction and provide you with a wealth of information regarding treatment.


Reach Out To Asana Lodge For Support Today

If you find yourself searching for answers regarding your loved one’s addiction, please give us a call today.  We will do everything in our power to support both yourself and your loved one.