In most cases, addiction is recognised as a physical illness. This will commonly be down to the fact that side effects are visible, that withdrawal symptoms are tangible, and that consumption of the likes of drugs and alcohol is a physical action.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Cleethorpes

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This outlook is understandable, to a degree. However, what about the psychological adaptations which occur, the mental health-related side effects, and the drug and alcohol cravings which reside in the mind?

Standing as both a physical and psychological illness, it is therefore very important that addiction treatment services and rehabilitation efforts work on both the body and mind. However, here at Asana Lodge, we place great focus on the mind to start with, down to the correlation between brain responses and drug and alcohol abuse.

Through our specialist rehab clinic, we help our clients understand the process of becoming addicted to drugs and alcohol, along with knowledge of their personal causations, helping to reduce future relapse. Through our approach, it is then possible to heal the body, subsequently from positive changes in the mind.

If you’re hoping to visit a drug and alcohol rehab in Cleethorpes, select our rehab clinic here in Towcester. Although we’re outside of your local area, this distance, along with access to our scientifically-driven rehab programmes will benefit you.


Healing the mind to heal the body

An addiction predominantly resides in the mind. Although drug and alcohol abuse begin physically, where an active choice will be made, over time, those addictive habits are enabled and justified in the mind.

Unfortunately, excessive drug and alcohol abuse cause significant adaptations, on physical and psychological levels. Physical changes will mainly correlate with health problems and cravings. However, on psychological levels, this is where a person’s outlook, their personality, their mental health, their choices, and their dependence on drugs and alcohol can change and heighten for the worst.

It’s also important to remember that responses to the presence of drugs and alcohol are digested in the brain. This is also said for influential factors, which act as triggers of substance abuse. Those triggers can be physical, such as environments or people, yet the way in which the brain responds ultimately drives consumption.

Down to the fact that addiction is enabled in the mind, down to the fact that behaviours strengthen, cognitively, and down to the fact that pre-existing weaknesses can present themselves in the brain, it is very important that psychologically driven treatment services are prioritised. Of course, detoxification from drugs and alcohol is necessary.

However, once those adaptations can be reverted in the brain, the body will begin to respond positively, avoiding drugs, alcohol and their addictive traits.

Choose to heal your mind, soon followed by your body through our unique approach to drug and alcohol rehab.


Visiting a Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Cleethorpes

If you’re set on addiction recovery, there’s a strong likelihood that you’ll be considering localised recovery, down to its convenience. At Asana Lodge, we understand why you may gravitate towards a drug and alcohol rehab in Cleethorpes, especially over residential rehab.

However, we also understand how important recovery environments are, along with the approach of drug and alcohol rehab, especially when considering psychological recovery. With this in mind, to benefit your recovery experience and probabilities, we recommend that you remove yourself from the familiarity of Cleethorpes.

Some clients, who experience limited psychological links to drugs and alcohol can cope through a local environment. This will be down to the fact that their consumption is mainly driven by physical cravings, which are easier to break.

However, for those who suffer from psychological links to drugs and alcohol, familiarity can act as a trigger, along with an obstacle within rehab, making it very difficult to overcome psychological cravings.

With this in mind, by looking further afield, for residential rehab, you’ll be able to benefit from space, from a residential offering, and from access to our approach; all combining to increase the realism of long-term recovery.


Our mission here at Asana Lodge

At Asana Lodge, we are highly passionate about educating our clients on the physical and psychological illness of addiction. Our mission is to offer a comprehensive experience which will ultimately offer freedom from addiction. This is the case for our clients, and also their loved ones, ensuring that all parties, affected by drug and alcohol abuse can heal and move on.

Down to our passion, you can feel reassured that a high-quality rehab programme is on offer, with strong opportunities to overcome drug and alcohol abuse, to diminish cravings and links, to change outlooks, and to learn to live without drugs and alcohol.

We achieve our mission by following our unique approach, utilising evidence around addiction recovery. This, alongside our customary offering of a personal rehab programme, filled with traditional and innovative addiction treatment options helps to inspire freedom.

You can experience freedom, back in Cleethorpes by sacrificing for the short-term through residential rehab.


Maintaining sober living Post-Rehab

Visiting a drug and alcohol rehab clinic can offer you freedom. However, down to the fact that a cure is unavailable, you must learn to maintain sober living, post-rehab.

Currently, this will feel like an impossible ask, of you. However, once you experience the educational process of rehab, once you disconnect on physical and psychological levels, and once you learn to normalise sobriety, your capabilities will show themselves.

Maintaining sober living can be doable by ultimately changing your lifestyle. This will include anything from your sleeping patterns, to your hobbies, to your relationships and to your acceptance of ongoing treatment services.

By making these positive changes, drugs and alcohol will have minimal positive effects on your already positive lifestyle. However, to maintain that positivity, you must find a way to sustain your new lifestyle.

From a drug and alcohol rehab in Cleethorpes itself, you will have access to ongoing guidance, helping you learn to normalise sober living. Through this ongoing commitment, you can become free from addiction, in a healthy and realistic way.

Reach out to Asana Lodge to experience your initial drug and alcohol rehabilitation journey, helping to tackle both the physical and psychological illness of addiction.