Have you been enabling excessive drug and alcohol abuse for some time? Maybe you’ve lived in denial, where the thought of an addiction diagnosis seems very unrealistic? Or maybe you’re wary of professional drug and alcohol rehabilitation, resulting in a long-term addiction?

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Stamford

Unfortunately, an untreated addiction can be very dangerous, on physical and psychological scales. Not only are health risks probable, but the overall reduced quality of life is likely through the negatives of addiction.

If you are therefore suffering from the signs and symptoms of addiction, sourcing treatment via a drug and alcohol rehab in Stamford or the surrounding area will be recommended.

While this may feel like a big step, especially if you’ve combatted addictive tendencies for years, without intervention, your addiction, side effects and withdrawal symptoms will get worse, with the potential of becoming life-threatening.

However, by sourcing and completing addiction treatment, by understanding the necessity and value of professional rehabilitation, and by recovering for yourself, you can turn your life around. See our approach to addiction recovery here at Asana Lodge, following a specialist outlook on drug and alcohol rehabilitation within your local area.


The dangers of an untreated addiction

Many individuals go by with untreated addiction. There is a multitude of reasons as to why those individuals will have avoided a professional diagnosis, followed by support and addiction treatment. Fear, denial, blurred perceptions, the desire to continue consumption, mental health issues, and low value of professional care are common reasons as to why addictions are ignored.

However, by allowing those emotions, opinions and outlooks take over, the dangers of an untreated addiction can develop. The most common dangers are linked to physical and psychological health.

Depending on the drug that you’re abusing, a range of physical health problems can develop, from respiratory issues, to chronic kidney and liver disease. Psychological health problems are also common, at a severe level, from mental health issues, to cognitive impairment and even brain damage.

Health risks, to this degree, can be irreversible, which alone can significantly reduce the quality of life. Now pair those risks with further damages, such as homeliness, money problems, crime, a breakdown in relationships and living with an untreated addiction can result in great suffering.

This is exactly why sourcing addiction treatment is encouraged, as, without professional support, a life controlled by the presence of drugs and alcohol is likely. Recovering on physical and psychological levels via a drug and alcohol rehab in Stamford or within close proximity will therefore be an advocated step for you.


Sourcing treatment via a drug and alcohol rehab in Stamford

While initially, you may find it difficult to open up and accept professional support, it’s important to keep the consequences of an untreated addiction in mind. This should be used as motivation to prepare yourself for the unfamiliar process of rehab.

The best way you can work through recovery is by sourcing and completing specialist addiction treatment, which will likely be available via a drug and alcohol rehab in Stamford.

Yet, if you’ve put off this step for years, down to the fear of judgment or the desire for greater privacy, looking beyond Stamford itself will be beneficial.

Our rehab clinic can cater to your privacy needs, located in Towcester, providing open access to those who are aiming for long-term addiction recovery. In fact, by selecting our rehab clinic, over alternative services, you’ll experience the advantages linked to our outlook on drug and alcohol rehabilitation.

A scientific approach, where personalisation is prioritised, where safety is prioritised and where physical and psychological recovery is prioritised.


Our treatment services at Asana Lodge

Our treatment services are very different from other rehabilitation clinics. Within your personal rehab programme, you will find commonly utilised addiction treatment services, such as detoxification, cognitive behavioural therapy, stress management and support groups.

Yet, alongside achieving the foundations of recovery, we also aim for a deeper level of security, ensuring that post-rehab exposure can be worked through.

Our range of innovative addiction treatment services mainly focus on cognitive repair, down to the damages of long-term drug and alcohol abuse. Assessing the brain and its response system is very important when treating addiction, providing insight into prominent weaknesses. Without treating those weaknesses, susceptibility to relapse risks will be present.

With this in mind, we recommend a range of treatment services which focus on restoring the mind, along with functionality, helping to reduce relapse risks on your return to Stamford.

For example, virtual reality therapy is an invaluable tool to understand how individuals react to high-risk drug and alcohol influences. Post-treatment, it can then be used to evaluate how exposure will pan out after rehab, and whether greater intervention is required.

You can expect to complete anything from NAD+ therapy, to exposure therapy, to art therapy here at Asana Lodge.


Post-rehab aftercare services back in Stamford

Similarly, to your residential rehab programme, post-rehab, you will be provided with a personal programme of aftercare services. Personalisation is advocated through our rehab clinic as we understand the deep-rooted complexities of addiction on a personal scale.

With this in mind, ethically driven addiction treatment services must be recommended on a per-client basis to ensure that they are fitting, safe and effective in the process of drug and alcohol rehabilitation.

Post-rehab, you will have access to ongoing emotional support, a structured aftercare plan, relapse prevention techniques and a range of additional addiction treatment services.

Aftercare can ease the challenges linked to returning home to Stamford, which commonly will influence both positive and negative emotions. You can combat the negative and elevate the positive by making use of post-rehab support.

So far, you may have gone by with untreated addiction. While the thought of disconnecting from drugs and alcohol may feel impossible or challenging, it is imperative that you consider the long-term challenges that you will face if you avoid intervention.

Select the most comfortable, professional and reliable form of rehab by selecting our clinic when looking for a drug and alcohol rehab in Stamford. Privacy and true recovery capabilities will be maintained throughout your rehab stay.