When the time comes to consider drug and alcohol rehabilitation, it’s likely that you’ll have a lot of questions to ask and a lot of decisions to make.

In fact, deciding to recover may feel like a significant decision to make, yet there are many more to come, carrying great weightage on your addiction recovery capabilities.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Bourne

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You’ll need to select a drug and alcohol rehab in Bourne which carries suitability. You’ll need to secure either outpatient or inpatient rehab, deciding between their differences.

You’ll also need to decide to commit to rehab, long-term recovery and the entire process of rehabilitating. Those decisions can cause many bumps in the road if you fail to follow the most suitable, invaluable route, rather than the most convenient.

With this in mind, as you’ll likely be new here at Asana Lodge, we feel a duty of care to help you along the way when making those difficult decisions.

We can ultimately facilitate your drug and alcohol rehabilitation journey for you, we can provide valuable insight, and we can direct you towards securing the most effective rehab programme available to you.

See our Q&A, based around our offering as a rehab clinic, ideal for Bourne locals, along with hitting on some of those difficult to answer yet necessary questions, based around drug and alcohol rehab.


What are the differences between outpatient and inpatient rehab?

One key decision to make, around rehab is whether you’ll benefit greater from outpatient or inpatient rehab. Understanding their differences is therefore important to help you secure the most fitting offering of drug and alcohol rehabilitation.

Outpatient rehab is where you’ll reside from home, visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Bourne for a range of addiction treatment sessions. Commonly favoured for its flexible approach, it provides autonomy when tackling the key milestones of addiction recovery.

Down to its flexibility, outpatient rehab will usually span over 6-12 months, offering a sustainable plan to tackle addictive behaviours. However, down to this longer process, outpatient rehab can be very challenging for someone with an addiction, commonly discouraged as an option.

Inpatient rehab is on the opposite end of the scale, where you’ll reside from your chosen rehab clinic, completing intensive and structured forms of addiction treatment. You will experience around the clock support, services to boost wellbeing and relapse prevention planning.

Commonly, down to the intensity of inpatient rehab, clients can complete a 28-day programme, where all recovery milestones will be condensed into a singular visit. This is a proactive option for addicts, down to the focus, personalisation and rapid nature of inpatient rehab.

Looking into both options of rehab is encouraged, ensuring that you can secure the right one for you. Yet, if you’re suffering from an addiction, and based in Bourne, there’s a strong likelihood that inpatient rehab will immediately be recommended.


Are you a drug and alcohol rehab in Bourne?

At Asana Lodge, we are based outside of Bourne, boasting a specialist drug and alcohol rehab clinic in Towcester. Understandably, this may be disheartening to hear.

Yet, by selecting our treatment centre, you can in fact benefit greatly, even more so than selecting a drug and alcohol rehab in Bourne.

Inpatient rehab can still be secured, which we highly advocate. Yet, you can also benefit from our unique approach towards drug and alcohol rehabilitation, offering ethically driven, safe and sustainable experiences of rehab.

Understandably, moving from home may feel daunting. Yet, there is a strong likelihood that this will be the case anyway, through the necessity of inpatient care. Make the most of this move by selecting the most suited approach to rehab.


What should I expect from visiting your rehab clinic?

With inpatient rehab being a service of ours, you can expect a welcoming and friendly stay, all arranged around your personal needs.

By combining our unique approach with this offering, recovery results are achievable and should be expected as a sustainable opportunity, making sober living possible back in Bourne.

We focus on all-round recovery, where you can work to withdraw from drugs and alcohol, restore psychologically, improve your wellbeing, change your lifestyle and learn to cope without drugs and alcohol.

Your visit will be like no other as you’ll encounter specialist care, innovative forms of addiction treatment, and a programme created around the evidence of your addiction.

Not many rehab clinics can offer this service, with ours being the first in the UK to fulfil scientifically driven rehabilitation programmes.

Visiting Asana Lodge will provide you with a positive and progressive form of drug and alcohol rehabilitation. Consider our offering when looking for a drug and alcohol rehab in Bourne, providing all the benefits of inpatient rehab, attached to our results formed programmes.


Why is it so hard to open up about addiction?

Opening up about addiction can be very difficult, down to a number of different reasons. Firstly, drug and alcohol abuse are heavily stigmatised, as are mental health issues. This already makes it hard for many individuals to acknowledge their dependence and reach out for support.

Secondly, personal opinions matter, where you’ll likely struggle to lower your barriers with the fear of personal judgment. This is understandable, as any degree of negativity is known to heighten the action of fleeing, commonly through further drug and alcohol abuse. You may also feel embarrassed or struggle to open up about the causation of your addiction, down to sensitive topics.

Lastly, you’ll likely fear the judgment of others, of failing your loved ones and of carrying them through the addiction stereotype. All of these reasons are commonly experienced, making rehabilitating a testing step to take.

Yet, by opening up to the right people, those fears can be suppressed, helping you experience the benefits of professional support.


Can I recover quickly?

The recovery process via inpatient rehab will usually take 28 days. However, the entire recovery process will span over a longer period of time, where you’ll look to independently recover back in Bourne.

With this in mind, the recovery process unfortunately cannot be unravelled, cheated or ignored, as it provides enough time to promote physical and psychological milestones of recovery.

If you’re serious about recovering, you must dedicate enough time to the process, ensuring that you can fulfil those milestones.

Reasonably, you’ll likely have some of your own questions to share, based around visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Bourne, around our services, and around the entire offering of rehab.

Feel free to share them with our team at Asana Lodge, here to help you through this testing yet noteworthy decision.