Did you know that our brains can highlight whether pre-existing weaknesses of addictive behaviours are likely?

Without going into scientific jargon, it can in fact present whether someone has a higher risk of developing a drug and alcohol addiction, all down to genetics.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Boston 

The way that our brains respond to further stimuli is also very important. There are many different influences which can trigger the desire to abuse drugs and alcohol. Imagine the impacts that a stressful environment, enabling substance abuse can have.

Envision how social situations can soon manifest into excessive drug and alcohol abuse. Or consider how emotions can spike the desire to escape through drug and alcohol consumption.

In order to understand a drug and alcohol addiction, it is very important that we gauge exactly why a person is relying on addictive substances. This starts in the brain, by evaluating cognitive responses, soon followed by physical reactions.

This exact level of personalisation, of focus, and of thorough evaluation is available here at Asana Lodge.

We specialise in drug and alcohol rehabilitation, yet with a difference, with the support of scientific evidence. By selecting a drug and alcohol rehab in Boston, we stand as a convenient option for you, not only helping you recover, but also help you understand your relationship with drugs and alcohol.

By experiencing drug and alcohol rehabilitation, with a difference, and by trusting the process, you can reduce your relapse risks on your return to Boston.


The importance of understanding brain functionality

Unfortunately, many individuals, abusing drugs and alcohol will have little awareness of the causation of their consumption. Others will blame themselves, believing that they had a choice. While others will understand the link between genetics, between triggers, and between drug and alcohol abuse. Which individual do you want to be?

Sadly, those who do lack awareness will continue to abuse those addictive substances to overcome shame, to self-medicate through blame. This will, however, intensify an addiction, seen as adding fuel to the fire. However, you’re different, by visiting our website to consider drug and alcohol rehabilitation.

Understanding brain functionality, when living with an addiction is very important. It’s important to know that, although initial consumption was likely an active choice, addiction isn’t a choice. There are many factors which correlate highly with cognitive responses which can translate into a drug and alcohol addiction. This will likely be the case when considering your initial causation of drug and alcohol abuse.

Those influential factors can be anything from certain environments to specific people, to life pressures and to genetic weaknesses. Down to the variation, it’s important that evaluations are made to understand individual relationships with drugs and alcohol.

By looking into those relationships, suitable, safe and proactive addiction treatment services can then be provided on an on-to-one basis, benefiting clients through rehab.

With this in mind, if you’re open to visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Boston, we encourage you to look beyond generalist clinics, by opting for our evidence motivated programmes.

By doing so, you can be treated for your addiction. But most importantly, you can learn your initial motivator and also ways to avoid it post-rehab, back in Boston.


Recovering via a drug and alcohol rehab in Boston

If you’re open to drug and alcohol rehabilitation, if you’re hoping for a life without the control of addictive substances, and if you’re wishing to normalise sober living back in Boston, this is all possible through a high-quality rehab programme.

Naturally, visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Boston, offering a convenient rehab programme may stand out to you. This option will benefit you much more than ongoing substance abuse or the selection of free treatment services.

However, for the greatest encounter with drug and alcohol rehab, considering our approach at Asana Lodge will be recommended.

Here you’ll benefit from localised recovery, from residential rehab, and from our scientific outlook, not only healing the body but also the mind from addiction.


Experience our approach to addiction recovery

As we’ve shared above, we focus heavily on cognitive functionality, ensuring that we understand the causation of addiction. Through this understanding, we will then have the confidence in our addiction treatment recommendations, helping to secure addiction recovery potentials.

Our success rates are even greater as we use the reliability of personal data, instead of following a stereotypical rehab programme.

Alongside our outlooks and processes, we also work with innovative addiction treatment services, not only to promote physical and psychological recovery but to also boost the normalisation of sober living. For example, a standard drug and alcohol detox programme will likely be recommended.

Talking therapies, such as cognitive behavioural therapy and support groups will be advised. However, you’ll also experience a mix of alternative therapies, such as art therapy, brain restoration and virtual reality therapy.

Our approach makes drug and alcohol rehabilitation a realistic process to advance through, as we treat every client as an individual.

This is the most important part of addiction recovery, helping to make firm adaptations and understandings to reduce future reliance on drugs and alcohol.


The benefits of physical and psychological recovery

Physical and psychological recovery is both mandatory if you’re aiming for long-term recovery. This is down to the fact that drugs and alcohol affect both the body and mind, causing adaptations and health problems.

By embracing a range of addiction treatment services, working on the body and mind, you’ll first feel better in yourself. Overall wellbeing can reduce your likelihood to crave drugs and alcohol. By considering our specialist clinic, over a generalist drug and alcohol rehab in Boston, you will have the opportunity to work on your quality of life, and mental health.

Working on both your body and mind will also reduce your relapse risks. Many individuals will select a standalone detox, hoping that the psychological links to drugs and alcohol will go away by themselves.

Others will believe that talking about their drug and alcohol problems will wash away withdrawal symptoms. Both are unrealistic outlooks, where holistic healing of the body and mind are required.

You can reach this level of recovery, working on firstly realigning your mind, soon providing positive influences on your body. This will all be possible through our approach to addiction recovery, soon maintained via aftercare from a drug and alcohol rehab in Boston.

Understanding why you’re addicted to drugs and alcohol is very important to reduce your future relapse risks. Understand your causation and overcome it here at Asana Lodge.