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Located in Derbyshire, Bolsover boasts various drug and alcohol rehabs that can support individuals struggling with addictions.

However, an increase in the number of people looking to seek support away from their hometown is on the rise.

If you have found yourself locked into the vicious cycle of an addiction, but would prefer not to attend a drug and alcohol rehab in Bolsover, at Asana Lodge, we can assist you.

Located in Towcester, our private residential rehab boasts modern facilities, state of the art treatments and seclusion.

With the ability to reflect on your addiction and overcome your battles with substances in a safe and peaceful environment, we are confident that you will have the opportunity to turn your life around.

We understand that for many, the thought of attending a drug and alcohol rehab in Bolsover or further afield will cause various emotions including shame, guilt, fear and anxiety to surface.

However, as you embark on your journey to a substance-free life, you will soon find that these emotions alleviate.  In turn, you will develop a more positive and optimistic outlook on life.


Inpatient Treatment At Asana Lodge

As a private residential rehab, at Asana Lodge, we focus solely on providing inpatient treatment to individuals battling drug and alcohol addictions.

Inpatient treatment has become increasingly popular over the last few years due to the benefits associated.

One of the most significant factors that influence an individual’s likelihood of attending our residential rehab, over a drug and alcohol rehab in Bolsover, for example, is our treatment offerings.

At Asana Lodge, we have developed a number of unique treatments that are only offered to our inpatients.

When considering our treatments, we are proud to say that each of our treatments focuses on body and brain restoration.

This means that our treatments will not only help you physically recover from your addiction, but they will also ensure that you psychologically recover from your addiction.

In doing so, your chances of relapsing in the future will be diminished.

In addition to administering detoxification and rehabilitation, our treatments include the following;

It should be noted that you may not necessarily experience all of the treatments that we provide as and when you commence treatment at our centre.

This is because the treatment programme you are provided with will be entirely bespoke to your recovery needs.

Our team of professionals will take the time to assess your addiction’s severity and the psychological impact your addiction has had on you.

In doing so, your personalised treatment programme will be developed.

With this in mind, you can rest assured knowing that that treatment administered during your stay with us has been recommended with your recovery goals in mind.


Why Are Art and Well-Being Therapies Offered?

Having gained an understanding of the treatments offered at Asana Lodge, you may wonder why we provide art and well-being therapies.

Although much of the information provided surrounding rehab expresses that traditional forms of treatment such as detoxification and rehabilitation are widely employed, this is not always true.

At Asana Lodge, we have incorporated art and well-being therapies into our treatment offerings because of the benefits associated.

Not only can employing various well-being therapies help individuals battling addictions to express their feelings, but it can assist them when the time comes to reflect on the factors that have caused their addiction to arise.

Well-being therapies such as yoga, meditation and relaxation management are also highly recommended when considering coping strategies that prevent individuals from relapsing.

Providing well-being therapies such as those noted above has seen a plethora of individuals able to navigate any uncertain periods in their recovery.

Essentially, this reduces the number of people relapsing within their first year of recovery.


What Support Is Available After Attending Rehab?

As your thoughts turn to attending a drug and alcohol rehab, it is not uncommon for you to consider what support will be available to you upon completing your time in rehab.

Understanding that the first year of recovery is often the hardest, at Asana Lodge, we provide those that complete treatment with us with 12-months of free aftercare support.

Typically, the aftercare support we offer consists of weekly group catch-up sessions and aftercare groups.

Combined, attending these sessions will enable you to discuss any hurdles that you have so far had to overcome in your recovery with others.

We can also provide additional Cognitive Behavioural Therapy sessions if you have reason to believe that you are at risk of relapsing or need additional support.

As part of your aftercare support, we will also ensure that you have a suitable relapse prevention plan in place. Just as your treatment programme is personalised to your needs, your relapse prevention plan will be too.

Considering factors such as your home and social environment, work environment, relapse history, and triggers will allow our team to devise a suitable plan that will substantially reduce your risk of relapse.

Sadly, the number of people failing to take advantage of aftercare support has increased in recent years.  This has resulted in a more significant number of people relapsing within their first year of recovery.

With this in mind, we highly encourage all of our patients to complete at least 12-months of aftercare support.


Contact Asana Lodge For Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment

Although upon considering attending a drug and alcohol rehab in Bolsover, you may have set out to attend an out-patient facility to ensure that you remain able to work and see your loved ones, inpatient treatment boasts more excellent recovery rates and minimises the risk of relapse in the near and far future.

If you are hoping to secure treatment and overcome your addiction, please contact us today.

Although you may feel uneasy about doing so, time truly is of the essence when considering drug and alcohol addictions.

We welcome you to call us on 01908 489 421.  You can also email info@asanalodge.com