Are you based in Derby, abusing high quantities of drugs and alcohol? Have you noticed that you’re beginning to rely on addictive substances to get through the day or a life event? Are you concerned that your casual consumption may be resembling a drug and alcohol addiction?  

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Derby

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Take the first step today by reaching out to our team. Visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Derby at this time will benefit your long-term rehabilitation aims.  

Having the ability to identify that a drug and alcohol problem is beginning is very helpful. Many individuals can miss this point, consumed by the side effects and rapid response of addiction.

Others will live through denial, with the inability to face up to their excessive consumption levels. If you’ve unfortunately missed the initial signs and symptoms of an addiction, please be aware that drug and alcohol rehab can still be achieved. However, early intervention will reduce the cognitive damages you experience, along with easing your rehabilitation process. 

If you’re concerned that your consumption is progressing, or you are aware that you’re living with a drug or alcohol addiction, our rehab programmes here at Asana Lodge will offer support, real recovery chances and a way out from ongoing substance abuse.  


What is a Drug and Alcohol Addiction? 

Drug and alcohol addictions are classified as brain illnesses. Addiction as a whole is very complex, where many different causations, experiences, side effects and withdrawal symptoms can be encountered. Factors such as the type or quantity of drugs, genetics, environments and social triggers can contribute to a drug and alcohol addiction.  

However, the highest correlation is addiction susceptibility and cognitive formations. Many individuals believe that developing an addiction is a choice, that it can be controlled. When in fact, an addiction can develop for any individual on the planet, where control isn’t present.

For some, an organic weakness will be present, where addictive behaviours or mental health issues are more likely to develop, unintentionally. As drugs and alcohol are highly addictive substances, both physical and psychological fixations are likely to advance, especially if excessive and long-term consumption is experienced.  

This likelihood is down to the cognitive responses influenced by drug and alcohol consumption. Imbalances are experienced, psychological changes are likely, even mental health side effects can develop. Here is where an addiction can become complicated to treat, down to a multitude of underlying causations and changes.  

With this in mind, if you are hoping to recover, selecting a drug and alcohol rehab in Derby where personalised treatment programmes are available is recommended

This, alongside a focus on cognitive responses and mental health issues will increase your chances of long-term recovery; exactly what we offer here at Asana Lodge.  


The benefits of visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Derby   

If you’re suffering with an addiction, visiting localised drug and alcohol treatment centres should be at the top of your list. Although opting for free or cheap rehab programmes may feel attractive, especially for their cost, it is important to remember that what you invest into your drug and alcohol rehabilitation process is exactly what you will experience from it.  

There are many benefits of selecting a drug and alcohol rehab in Derby. You’ll invest yourself into a recovery-driven rehab programme, in turn, carrying high success rates.

Down to the formations of rehab programmes, you’ll naturally encounter high-quality addiction treatments options and recovery steps.  

From familiarity and the ability to experience the support of loved ones, to a convenient and productive post-rehab conversion, there are many benefits of choosing a drug and alcohol rehab in Derby. However, here at Asana Lodge, we have something even greater, our residential rehab programmes.  

Free Transport To & From Rehab

Best reasons to travel for alcohol and drug rehab:

  • Travelling provides an escape from a potentially toxic environment or people
  • Helps you get away from triggering situations
  • Sobriety can give you a fresh reset in life
  • You may find a new supportive community
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Our residential rehab here at Asana Lodge   

Still providing convenience for Derby locals, our residential rehab programmes can offer everything you’d experience from localised rehab centres, yet, you’ll also encounter the benefits of residential treatment.  

When living with an addiction, which is very difficult to control down to psychological changes, attempting to recover while surrounded by existing triggers or memories can be hard. Envision yourself completing addiction treatment options, soon returning to your home.

For those who experience substance abuse, recovery can be achieved down to the minimal psychological associations. However, for those who experience psychological or social triggers, where drug and alcohol consumption take place with a certain group of friends, within a local area or down to life events, this level of familiarity can hinder your rehabilitation process.  

With this in mind, selecting residential rehab will offer privacy, time and distance to focus on your drug and alcohol rehabilitation. Not to mention the access you will have to our unique approach to addiction treatment, mental health recovery and all-round holistic healing.  


Psychological support   

Both physical and psychological impacts are experienced when living with a drug and alcohol addiction, yet as highlighted higher up, vast cognitive changes are encountered. As there is a strong link between the psychology of addiction, we follow a unique approach here at Asana Lodge.  

Before recommending suitable addiction treatments, we complete cognitive evaluations. Through an assessment which measures biological, environmental, social and psychological factors, we can start to understand your addiction greater.

We gauge your organic susceptibility to addiction, we evaluate weaknesses, we pinpoint any contributing factors, driving your addictive behaviours.  

From here, we offer a range of psychological support options, helping to improve your mental health, while also tackling the dependence your mind is experiencing.  


Physical support   

Alongside completing therapy sessions, brain restoration, mindfulness and new treatment options, such as virtual reality therapy, it is likely that you will require physical support.

Here is where a drug and alcohol detox programme will come into play, by slowly removing remaining toxins from your body.  

Combined with psychological support, a detox can prepare the bodand mind for a life without drugs and alcohol.  

Although visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Derby itself may carry initial conveniences, through our evidence-based approach to addiction treatment and personalised programmes, we can increase your response rate to recovery.  

For more information on our treatment options, rehabilitation processes or addiction recovery as a whole, please feel free to contact our team.

We can complete an efficient admission process, helping you understand where you currently stand with drugs and alcohol.