If you are fighting any kind of addiction, then it’s unlikely that you’ll ever be able to fully recover without the help of a residential rehab.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Brimington

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Whether you’re struggling to overcome a gambling addiction, drug addiction, or alcohol addiction, here at Asana Lodge, we can find the best solution to help you turn your life around.

We have an exceptional team of recovery workers at our drug and alcohol rehab in Brimington, all of whom have years of experience in treating people with severe addictions.

Put plainly, they’ve seen it all, so there’s absolutely no need to feel embarrassed or ashamed about seeking help from our residential rehab. There’s enormous strength in accepting that you need support and following through on this by committing to structured drug and alcohol rehab treatments.

We can assure you, our rehab in Brimington is the best place for you to achieve your long-term recovery goals. Contact us today on 01908 489 421 or at info@asanalodge.com.


What is joining a Residential Rehab like?

As we mentioned, overcoming substance abuse alone is extremely difficult, almost impossible. It’s essential that you address both your physical and psychological connections to addiction otherwise you’re likely to suffer from a relapse.

There are many great benefits to joining a residential rehab, one of the main benefits is that you’ll receive fantastic care and support from a dedicated team of addiction specialists who will be able to help you identify the underlying causes of your drug or alcohol addiction.

Being able to assess this psychological connection to drugs or alcohol with the aim of understanding how you became addicted in the first place, is extremely useful when it comes to recognising your triggers and implementing relapse prevention.

Another great benefit of joining a residential rehab is that you’ll never have the feeling of being isolated. At our private drug and alcohol rehab, we don’t overwhelm our clients, but we do ensure that you’re never alone if you ever need us.

If you were to attempt rehabilitation at home or using outpatient services, your progress would be very limited. This is generally because you’re remaining in your comfort zone of home which you likely associate with drug taking or excessive drinking.

Home life also has many distractions such as family, work, or social activities, all of which take precious time away from your recovery. Rehabilitating outside of a residential rehab also increases your chances of relapsing as you could be surrounded by pre-existing negative influences; none of this is present at our drug and alcohol rehab in Brimington.

We offer a safe haven where the only thing you need to focus on is succeeding in your recovery, everything else is taken care of for you.

By joining our residential rehab, you gain access to exceptional evidence-based therapies, delivered by a team of expert recovery workers. We encourage you to take advantage of our industry leading therapies, all of which have proven to be highly effective when treating addiction to alcohol, drugs, or gambling.

We take great pride in creating personalised treatment programmes for each client, however, there are some common therapies we include within most programmes as they’re so well regarded.

These include psychological therapies such as cognitive behavioural therapy, also known as CBT, motivation interviewing, individual, group or family counselling, bereavement, trauma and abuse counselling, stress management, and drug and alcohol relapse prevention.

In addition to these more traditional therapies, we ensure that all of our clients receive a well-balanced treatment programme which also includes therapies to improve their well-being.

These consist of low-level laser therapy, art therapy, fitness therapy, relaxation and sleep management, mindfulness, and yoga. Studies have shown that by following such a holistic treatment programme like ours, you’ll have the greatest chance to succeed in your recovery.


How soon can you join our Private Drug and Alcohol Rehab?

The first step is to get in touch with us either over the phone or by email. Our friendly admissions team can talk you through the various treatment options we have available and answer any further questions you may have on our rehabilitation therapies.

If you’re happy to go ahead, we will set a date for you to begin your drug and alcohol rehab treatments with us. Generally speaking, the time between your initial contact and your first day at our rehab centre in Brimington is around 48 hours.

This short space of time between enquiring and beginning your treatment is incredibly important. When you’re severely addicted to alcohol or drugs, you require rehabilitation urgently. Sadly, many people actually die whilst waiting to be admitted onto a free local health treatment programme as the waiting times are so long. This is a shocking fact, but unfortunately it’s the truth.

In a report released by BBC News in 2018, they stated that ‘cuts to publicly funded drug and alcohol treatment have contributed to a 26% rise in drug-related death’.

The analysis led by the BBC found that £162m (18%) had been cut from treatment budgets in England since 2013-14. They followed on to report that privately run UK Addiction Treatment (UKAT) advised addicts were being left “left on their own” as councils plan more cuts.

These cuts in funding increase the waiting times even further as even more resources are reduced. Thankfully, as we are a private drug and alcohol rehab, we’re able to admit clients almost immediately, giving you the greatest opportunity to succeed.


We’re committed to your Long-Term Recovery from Addiction

The first 12 months after leaving our rehabilitation centre are the most difficult; this is when you’re most likely to experience a relapse. With this in mind, we provide all of our clients with a free aftercare programme for the first year after leaving our treatment centre in Brimington.

We aim to provide a complete treatment service to give as many people as possible, the best opportunity to live a life free from addiction.

Contact us today on 01908 489 421 or at info@asanalodge.com.