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Anything from an influential setting to poor mental health can trigger drug and alcohol problems. There are also many consequences of addiction, showing its intense yet unpredictable nature.

In most cases, addiction will be highly impactful yet unforeseeable. This is down to the fact that drug and alcohol problems can be caused by such a common trigger, to a personal and unpredictable stimulus. Effects of drug and alcohol abuse can also vary, ranging from mild symptoms to chronic consequences.

Recognised as compulsive, impulsive and irregular, addiction is a brain condition that will benefit from personalised treatment. The type of addiction treatments that are recommended to the approach of support that is offered should be considerate of personal needs. The addiction recovery process should be designed on a per-client basis, following a reactive approach, rather than what is expected of an addict.

At Asana Lodge, we offer personalised private rehab programmes, designed with individual needs, wants and responses in mind. Available via a drug and alcohol rehab in Holborn, a wide range of evidence-based treatments, techniques, and services will be used.

Treating addiction is possible via the NHS, offered as outpatient treatment. The effectiveness of outpatient treatment is however reduced, due to its generalised offering.

To work through your own personal problems with drugs and alcohol, contact our team on 01908 489 421, to be treated as an individual.

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Addiction help in Holborn

The most common symptoms and experiences will transpire for some people with drug and alcohol problems. Due to their predictability, diagnosing and treating substance abuse will be an easier process. The most uncommon side effects and consequences can however be experienced by others, complicating the addiction recovery process.

All types of people, from varying walks of life, can be impacted by addiction. Some addicts will have a positive support network, others will experience environmental pressures, others will battle with their mental health and others will experience financial hardship. Due to such a mix, addiction treatment programmes should be personalised and adjusted.

Accommodating addiction help and treatment is available via residential rehab. By selecting a private drug and alcohol rehab in Holborn, a 30-day programme can be personalised for you. With long-term recovery as the end goal, a range of scientific, technological, and holistic tools will be delivered.

In Holborn, NHS addiction help will also be available as outpatient treatment. Demand is however high, and output is low, making it difficult to access immediate care. Outpatient treatment is mostly recommended for milder problems with drugs and alcohol.

Addiction should be assessed prior to treatment, to understand its cause, effects, and its impact on everyday life. At Asana Lodge, we follow this approach, whilst recommending the most effective treatment programme.


How does drug and alcohol rehab work?

Drug and alcohol rehab delivers the optimal recovery process. Leading treatments, high-quality care, and recovery-driven environments are offered through private rehab.

The rehab process is safe and compassionate, guided by a handpicked team of medical professionals and therapy specialists. 24/7 support is offered through residential rehab, including daily sessions and activities.

Our rehab setting here at Asana Lodge is both professional and private, yet also offers a relaxing and fulfilling environment. Offering an escape, our clients can experience distance and remove themselves from routine, everyday influences, and drug and alcohol triggers.

Via a drug and alcohol rehab in Holborn, a schedule of industry-leading addiction treatment services will be formed for you. Our addiction treatments and therapies are scientifically proven, safe, and effective to experience. Holistic healing can also be experienced throughout rehab, as we make use of holistic therapies and wellbeing management. The most suitable mix of treatment options will be combined for each client on admission into rehab.

Alongside our addiction treatment services, treatment plans are designed to improve mental health, wellbeing, and coping. With long-term recovery as the focus, services are in place to increase personal control, mindfulness, and relapse prevention.

By working through our admissions process, we will assess your needs and history with drugs and alcohol. A personalised rehab programme can then be formed, ready for your arrival.


What happens during rehab?

By checking into a drug and alcohol rehab in Holborn, a plan of action will be ready for you. Your plan will involve the most effective addiction treatments, sessions, and resources to boost recovery.

Detoxification will be very important, alongside individual, group and holistic treatment methods. The most effective and safe range of treatment services will be recommended, to progress a comfortable recovery journey.

A 30-day programme will begin with a drug detox or alcohol detox, to remove their influence. By residing in rehab, 24/7 medical care will be available, offering a safe and reassuring withdrawal process. The use of replacement drugs and techniques will be expected, helping to reduce cravings and withdrawal symptoms.

Talking therapies will follow, formatted through one-to-one and group sessions. Taking into account how the brain responds to drug and alcohol exposure, your sessions will help to increase your mindfulness, control, and self-awareness.

Post-addiction treatment, dual diagnosis treatment will also be offered where necessary. Our plans will promote physical wellbeing and improved mental health by including a range of nutritional, wellbeing, social and holistic therapies.

Managing an addiction for the long-term will be aimed for after completing inpatient treatment. The likes of relapse prevention planning, stress management, and 12 months of aftercare will be offered. With a long-term focus in place, we prepare our clients with life-changing tools and awareness.

Post-rehab, some form of normality can be aimed for, with the support of aftercare, whilst returning to everyday life in Holborn.


Addiction treatments and therapies at Asana Lodge

Addiction treatments are used to treat the cause, help to manage and to prevent future drug and alcohol exposure. By assessing your individual needs, our plans will combine the most effective treatments and therapies to heal the mind and body.

Drug and alcohol detoxification will be an important treatment, alongside therapy and holistic sessions. Your treatment plan will include some of the below services via our rehab centre.

  • Cognitive behavioural therapy
  • Trauma counselling
  • Stress management
  • NAD+ therapy
  • Family therapy
  • Group therapy
  • Drug and alcohol detox
  • Support groups
  • Meditation and mindfulness
  • Relapse prevention planning
  • Self-help
  • Sleep management
  • Fellowship groups
  • Social activities
  • Satori chair therapy
  • Dual diagnosis treatments to treat mental health conditions

Our treatment plans are personalised around the circumstances of our clients. We will take into account your lifestyle, routines and environments whilst recommending individual plans of action.


How long is rehab?

By checking into a drug and alcohol rehab in Holborn, a 30-day programme can be committed to and worked through. Over a month, rehab can be benefitted from whilst remaining motivated for long-term recovery.

Rehab programmes will be adapted for each client, depending on their needs, which may prolong the average residential stay. Yet at Asana Lodge, we will aim for the most efficient plan of action in every case.

A flexible programme can however be organised through outpatient treatment, planned over a 6-month period. Taking longer to complete, addiction recovery can be a difficult commitment whilst working through outpatient plans.


Cost of rehab

A wide range of services and facilities are offered through private rehab, inclusive of its cost. For a residential rehab programme, costs can range from £4,000 to £10,000+ for a short stay. Depending on your needs, we will recommend the most affordable and feasible option.

On admission, we will also discuss the funding of your rehab programme. You may hope to use your savings or claim through your insurance, which will need to be considered prior to your arrival at private rehab.


How to find a rehab in Holborn?

Here at Asana Lodge, you can work through a personalised residential rehab programme. Fully understanding of your needs, the most beneficial experience can be expected.

Reach out to visit a drug and alcohol rehab in Holborn, or for further insight into our recovery rates.

Is addiction curable?

An addiction is clinically diagnosed as a recurring condition. As it impacts and adapts the brain, it is the type of disorder that requires management.

Leading a fulfilled life is possible post-drug and alcohol abuse. Treatment must however be completed, and efforts must continue in order to treat and regulate addiction.

A long-term cure isn’t available, yet ongoing management can deliver a sober and healthy life.

How long does rehab last?

Rehab programmes vary between treatment providers and options. For example, outpatient rehab options can take up to 6 months to complete. Offered here at Asana Lodge, inpatient rehab can be worked through, averagely lasting 30 days.

The length of a rehab programme can vary depending on personal needs and responses. Some of our clients will benefit from additional support to address further health problems.

All in all, residential rehab is a proactive way to recover. Although requiring full commitment and focus, addiction can be treatable across a month-long stay.

What are the options for mental health therapy?

Mental health therapy will be accessible to you via a drug and alcohol rehab in Holborn. Depending on your symptoms, various types of talking therapies will be recommended.

The most prominent options include cognitive behavioural therapy and dialectical behavioural therapy. Holistic therapies are also included whilst working through dual diagnosis treatment.

Poor mental health can trigger substance abuse and can also be a direct result of drug and alcohol addiction. Mental health therapy services and plans are offered here at Asan Lodge, taking into account your needs and symptoms.