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While independent recovery will be the dream for many drug and alcohol users, unfortunately such efforts will not be enough to recover with stability and security in mind.

For some, sobriety can be experienced. However, down to the inconsistent and unreliable results of such efforts, instead, the necessity of rehab is promoted.

Drug and alcohol rehab is a necessity, standing as the only steppingstone which can advance addiction recovery. While detox programmes and a range of treatments may be endorsed, the comprehensive and intensive characteristics of rehab provides a 360 approach to recovery, offering a strong structure around pre-and post-rehab steps.

Unfortunately, many individuals instead hope for a quick fix, aim to go cold turkey, or long for a cure from addiction. Yet all are unrealistic when considering the complexity, the sensitivity and the personal history of addiction as a brain condition.

We must take addiction recovery seriously, that also includes rehab, in order to reach a point as close to a cure as possible. This will be achieved through addiction treatment, through relapse prevention and through management, rather than mere detoxification.

Look to visit a drug and alcohol rehab in Kingston Upon Thames or the surrounding area to experience the value of rehab as a necessary steppingstone. We can provide you with a strong, suitable and sustainable platform here at Asana Lodge, to work towards long-term recovery on a realistic scale.


The necessity of rehab as a recovery steppingstone

While drug and alcohol rehab may come across as a daunting, serious step, it is a necessity to complete rehab if addiction recovery is your goal. This is down to the essential effort of both physical and psychological recovery, to promote a full disconnect.

Independently you may be able to detox from drugs and alcohol. Through support groups you may be able to open up, forgive yourself and manage your emotions.

Reducing your drug and alcohol exposure may also help to decrease your chances of consumption. Yet in order to truly devalue drugs and alcohol, all of those steps will need to be completed in unison, with urgency in mind.

The best way to achieve such goal is through rehab, which provides the environment, the treatment services, the support, and the life-changing tools required to value your life above drug and alcohol abuse.

While seen as a cliché, rehab is a life-changing tool as it not only focuses on addiction recovery, but also areas of growth, to improve your life and reduce future relapse. There are many steps to rehab which rank it as necessary, which cannot be experienced elsewhere.

This is exactly why visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Kingston Upon Thames at the very least will be encouraged, to provide you with every steppingstone necessary to improve your quality of life.


Visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Kingston Upon Thames

If you’re ready to take the significant steppingstone towards long-term recovery, considering a drug and alcohol rehab in Kingston Upon Thames will be a good starting point. There’s a high chance you will be familiar, to a degree of local quality offerings of rehab.

If this however isn’t the case, it is absolutely fine to look outside of Kingston Upon Thames, as you will have full selection when considering private drug and alcohol rehab. This is a key benefit that our clients utilise, by instead opting for our Towcester based treatment centre.

Understandably, moving away from home at such a challenging time can feel like too much. If this is how you’re feeling, finding a drug and alcohol rehab in Kingston Upon Thames will be wise. Yet, if you are open to change, if you’re longing for security and privacy, and if you’re desiring some distance between yourself and reality, our rehab clinic will serve such purposes.


Expectations of Asana Lodge

Rehab itself is likely new to you, never mind the recommendation of residential, specialist rehab. Down to this, in order to help your decision, it’s vital that we share some expectations.

You can expect to feel at ease, to be respected, to feel healthy and safe, and to feel at the right place through our rehab clinic. While we do things differently, through our scientific and holistic approach, we uphold your wellbeing, we make sure that suitability is met, and we also promote advancement in many different areas.

To encounter such benefits, we expect commitment, openness, trust and some time from you, to truly embrace residential rehab and its structure.

You’ll require commitment to work through the challenges of rehab, you’ll require an open mind to trust in our holistic addiction treatment options, and you’ll require at least 28 days to reside from rehab.

If you can invest such efforts into your drug and alcohol rehabilitation journey, you can expect to profit from the steppingstone of rehab here at Asana Lodge.

You’ll experience such quality from your admission process, throughout your own tailored treatment programme, and through aftercare services, conveniently local to Kingston Upon Thames.


Committing to your impending recovery journey

If you’re ready to recover and see the necessity of rehab, you can commit to your journey today. If you do however need some more time, to look into our approach and compare it with those of a drug and alcohol rehab in Kingston Upon Thames, that’s completely understandable.

To progress forward, you can contact our team, which will start with a confidential conversation around your needs and expectations. From here, we will assess your needs to truly understand your battles with drugs and alcohol. While touching on potentially sensitive topics, this step is important to unravel your addiction makeup, helping to recommend fitting forms of rehabilitation.

This step can take place as soon as you’re ready, which will then advance towards your admission date, helping you take the pinnacle step of drug and alcohol rehab. While daunting, we can go at your pace, we can ensure that you’re comfortable and we can also secure your privacy.

Reach out for more information on the essential step of rehab, especially for those with a drug and alcohol addiction diagnosis.