There are two main aims of drug and alcohol rehabilitation, delivered through various routes and programmes of treatment and support.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab New Malden

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Reflected through short and long-term addiction recovery, both can be experienced, depending on personal needs and goals.

Reasonably, long-term recovery is the aim for most, realistically doable by visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in New Malden. While the route to short-term recovery may seem convenient or easier, the unreliability and sustainability of such route will not transpire into sobriety.

Through a medical detoxification process, through addiction treatment services of the rehabilitation kind, and through ongoing exposure to aftercare and relapse prevention, working towards long-term recovery can be expected.

Do so with our support, encouragement and offering of drug and alcohol rehabilitation here at Asana Lodge, a specialist rehab facility for addiction and mental health concerns.

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Short-term recovery

Short-term recovery from drug and alcohol abuse will reflect respite. This is the degree of recovery that will usually be encountered through lone detoxification, the support of a detox clinic, or an incomplete outpatient programme.

Only fulfilling the step of drug and alcohol withdrawal, short-term recovery will bypass the necessary steps of rehabilitation, which are prevalent through psychological restoration.

For some individuals, reaching a point of withdrawal, even for a temporary period of time, will be the goal, to reduce the physical impacts of substance abuse. Although felt like a quick fix, it will not deliver the processes of addiction recovery, soon reverting to influence, exposure and consumption.


Long-term recovery

Recovering from addiction for the long-term, to reach and sustain sobriety is the most aimed for goal. Possible by visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in New Malden on an inpatient basis, completing a rehabilitation programme which focuses on physical and psychological recovery will offer sustainability.

Although this may feel like a longer process, in comparison to mere detoxification, it stands as a proactive programme, usually carried over a 28-day timeframe, followed by aftercare and maintenance.

In fact, outpatient rehab, which is associated with short-term results, can take between 6 and 12 months to complete, resulting in limited results of addiction recovery. With this in mind, to reach long-term recovery, a small sacrifice will be required of commitment, offering the opportunity to be free from drugs and alcohol with longevity in mind.


Finding help via a Drug and Alcohol Rehab in New Malden

The best way to recover with stability and longevity in mind will be via a drug and alcohol rehab in New Malden. A private, inpatient programme will offer many benefits which strengthen the ability to withdraw from drugs and alcohol, develop new coping strategies, and sustain a sober lifestyle.

The first step will be achievable through a detoxification process, medically observed to promote comfort and ease. The second step will be worked towards through a range of addiction treatments and therapies, focusing on emotions, outlooks, and mental health. The final step will include relapse prevention efforts and aftercare, to favour positive and healthy choices.

At Asana Lodge, we can facilitate an inpatient rehabilitation programme, working through the above steps, to work towards long-term recovery. From our specialist rehab clinic, the tools, mindset, and planning required to sustain sobriety can be developed, carried forward towards life in New Malden.


Drug and Alcohol Detoxification Process

Via a drug and alcohol rehab in New Malden, an inpatient programme will safeguard the accessibility of a medical detox. A medical detoxification process will safely remove traces and physical influences of drugs and alcohol, in order to restore balance.

Although withdrawal symptoms can be experienced through a detox, as a sign of shock through withdrawal, symptoms are manageable through medical support. Showing the benefits of inpatient rehab, physical sobriety can be achieved proactively through a carefully devised and observed detox programme.


Treatment and Therapy Offerings

While sobriety can be reached up to this point, without focusing on psychological recovery, triggers, influences and mental cravings will reside, ultimately resulting in further substance abuse. Instead, working through treatment and therapy offerings will allow for comprehensive recovery to be fulfilled, strengthening chances of long-term recovery.

At Asana Lodge, we focus heavily on personalised treatment recommendations, by assessing the needs of our clients. This is very important, to ensure that treatment can deliver their intended effects throughout drug and alcohol rehabilitation.

Offerings which are common across drug and alcohol addiction recovery include cognitive behavioural therapy, dual diagnosis treatment, exposure therapy, virtual reality therapy, stress management and group therapy.

Depending on personal needs, the degree of addiction, mental health and lifestyle choices, a range will be merged to assist with psychological recovery. Alongside such efforts, relapse prevention will also be a focus, which works hand in hand with long-term recovery. In place to support post-rehab transitions, planning provides access to personal coping strategies and motivations to work through every day recovery.

As recovery is for the long-term, normalising its place within reality is very important. While strong habits and intentions can develop over a 28-day inpatient rehab programme, efforts must continue through aftercare and planning, to realistically sustain sober living.


Recovering at Asana Lodge

Recovering here at Asana Lodge will be possible through our inpatient offering. Aiming for long-term recovery will also be a welcomed goal, feasible through commitment and comprehensive recovery. Reach out to begin the admissions process, to access our support when searching for a drug and alcohol rehab in New Malden.

What are the Treatment and Therapy Options?

Treatment and therapy will be recommended on a personal basis, depending on the intensity and makeup of addiction. Commonly, detoxification will be advised, along with a range of talking therapies. Exact recommendations will be made on admission, yet completing the likes of cognitive behavioural therapy, exposure therapy and group therapy will be likely.

How to select the right facility for me?

What’s right for you will be unsuitable for the next individual. With this in mind, highlighting your needs will be key to securing the right drug and alcohol rehab in New Malden. Factors such as your budget, your idea of recovery, your timeframe and your health requirements should lead the way.

How do I afford Rehab?

Inpatient rehab can be experienced through personal budgets, measured on admission. It’s also possible to arrange payment plans or insurance covers to complete rehab, yet this will be different on a person-by-person basis, requiring individual assessments. Recover for the long-term to overcome a drug and alcohol addiction here at Asana Lodge.