Recovering from a drug and alcohol addiction is a difficult process that requires commitment. Reach out to our friendly addiction support team today to start your journey to recovery.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Northwood

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There are many services to drug and alcohol rehab which motivate a long-term recovery process. From individual therapy, talking therapies, and group therapy treatment options, all are incredibly beneficial, helping to improve areas of health, wellbeing, and rehabilitation.

Experienced to their full effects through a drug and alcohol rehab in Northwood, a range of rehab services will be recommended to meet your needs. Found to benefit the drug rehab experience and continue into post-rehab life, services will aim to educate, plan, and protect sobriety.

At Asana Lodge, we offer a range of suitable services to treat drug and alcohol addiction. Reach out to our team for more information on how our programmes, facilities and services can benefit you throughout your next steps.

Although recovery is a weighty process, it can be worthwhile when proactively and effectively worked through. Catering to all addiction levels, we can support you.

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Are you suffering from a Drug or Alcohol Addiction and need help? If so, Asana Lodge is a leading UK based expert in Private Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Treatment. Find out how we can help by getting in touch with our friendly team today.

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Drug and alcohol rehab services Northwood

Rehab treatment centres focus on physical, psychological, social, and holistic recovery from drug and alcohol addiction. Recovering from an addiction is a 360-process, which requires focus and effort from many different angles.

To evenly treat an addiction, which reduces future relapse risks, a range of services must be completed. Such exposure will be possible through rehab, as a tailored programme will be created to meet your needs.

Services include addiction treatment sessions, holistic and wellbeing therapies, social activities and sessions, family drug support, relapse prevention planning, and aftercare, along with everyday supportive services.

To visit a drug and alcohol rehab in Northwood through the admissions process, an assessment will be completed to gauge your personal needs. Your needs will help highlight the most suitable rehab services, brought together to form a recovery experience. This will also be the case when deciding on treatment delivery, either supporting a 30-day inpatient experience or an evenly spread outpatient programme.

Drug and alcohol rehabilitation is about the overall experience that’s encountered to carry forward through sobriety. A positive one can be expected through private rehab, offering a range of services, helping to improve stability and quality of life.


What to expect of rehab?

Rehab is a tailored experience that combines services, sources of support and a range of facilities. It offers necessary help which motivates withdrawal, restoration, and long-term recovery.

Through a drug and alcohol rehab programme, you can expect to work through suitable treatments and services. Recommended to overcome the negative habits of addiction, treatments will also focus on promoting a healthy lifestyle and mindset.

Working through a timeline of treatments and therapies, professional support can be expected throughout rehab. Rehab is a reputable treatment option that offers a safe and guided process due to the standards of care found through CQC registered centres.

Possible to complete through outpatient and inpatient programmes, the experience can be eased due to the motivating settings that are offered.

Addiction recovery must be seen as an experience, followed by our approach here at Asana Lodge. Visit a drug and alcohol rehab in Northwood to encounter supportive and safe services.


Different treatments options

Treatment is the most effective service offered through rehab. Found through a range of forms, treatment options are designed to motivate recovery in many different ways.

For example, alcohol detox is known to promote alcohol withdrawal. Cognitive behavioural therapy is found to support psychological recovery. Dual diagnosis treatment is recommended for those with mental health worries. Stress management is effective through managing long-term triggers of stress.

Here at Asana Lodge, we consider each motivation by bringing together the most effective when considering your addiction type. Every diagnosis of addiction is different, benefiting from this thorough and personalised approach.

Our approach will be active throughout all services, including relapse prevention planning and aftercare. Both will be offered post-treatment to help with the long-term experience of recovery. Planning is beneficial to prevent and reduce relapse risks, whilst aftercare is recommended to continue support.


Accessing private drug and alcohol rehab

Accessing the beneficial experience of rehab will be possible by completing a self-referral. You can refer yourself to a drug and alcohol rehab in Northwood before completing the admissions process. This is beneficial as you’ll have the chance to ask some questions and increase your awareness before your admission.

Once you’re set on drug and alcohol rehab, an assessment will be made to understand your needs and addiction type. Your personal needs will be considered to recommend suitable services and treatments, forming your own experience.

Arrangements can then be made to mark the beginning of rehab, following the proper structure and timings for your recovery needs. Access will be provided, ready for a 360-rehabilitation process.

Contact our team at Asana Lodge to access private drug and alcohol rehab, ready to experience a wide range of evidence-based services, therapies, and sources of support.

Alcohol rehab Faqs

How bad is alcohol withdrawal?

Alcohol withdrawal can be challenging, as the body and mind slowly readjust. Withdrawal symptoms are very common through the detoxification process, as change is occurring. Through a medical detox process, withdrawal can be managed safely and comfortably, reducing the pre-empted challenges.

How long does rehab last?

Rehab is a personal process that will develop differently for every client. The average inpatient programme lasts 30 days. Yet this does depend on the delivery of treatment, along with how quickly progress can be made. For some, some more time will be highly beneficial, making a big difference to recovery rates.

How do I prepare for rehab?

It’s important to prepare for rehab by making sure that you have plenty of time, support, and money to complete rehab. It’s also wise to prepare yourself mentally, by completing some research and by becoming aware of what’s ahead. The best way you can prepare is by working with your chosen rehab clinic to make sure that all your needs can be catered to, fulfilled here at Asana Lodge.