Addiction is commonly associated with the physical and social struggles that it causes. Yet, the emotional impacts of drug and alcohol abuse are in fact chronic, from mental health symptoms to the turmoil that an addiction causes.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Walthamstow

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The emotions behind addiction can be the hardest part to digest, live through and balance. A user’s emotions will be high, through both the effects of drugs and through the outcomes of uncontrollable habits. Emotions are also high for loved ones who watch those habits take over the person they care about.

Brushing those feelings away, covering them up with drug and alcohol consumption, or living in denial will not solve the heartache of addiction. The best way that you can personally recover, on physical and psychological levels, will be through rehabilitation.

You can heal emotionally, as can your loved ones, by taking the step to visit a drug and alcohol rehab in Walthamstow or the surrounding area. At Asana Lodge, we can assist with a wealth of therapy sessions, in tandem with a comprehensive recovery programme, also including dual diagnosis treatments.

Feeling depressed, lost, irritable and scared are all commonly noted emotions caused by addiction. Turn them on their heads through drug and alcohol rehabilitation.

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The emotional struggles of drug and alcohol addiction

Drugs, alcohol, and their effects can induce extreme emotions, from euphoria to depression. Consumption activates a high, positive association, driving the desire to continue consumption. Yet, as the traces of drugs and alcohol reduce the lows, the withdrawal symptoms and the realisation of addiction hit, churning the cycle through emotional responses.

Now consider the direct impacts that drugs and alcohol have on the ability to feel and digest emotions, rationally and calmly. Through excessive exposure to drugs and alcohol, along with their transmission to the central nervous system, the development of mental health issues are common. Diagnoses of depression, anxiety, panic, compulsive disorders, and personality disorders are all linked to substance abuse, driving emotions even higher.

Envision the above, also fuelled by the consequences of addiction, which can be anything from a loss of job and financial worries to family breakdowns, judgment and personal problems with awareness and value. The emotional struggles of addiction are therefore rife, making the condition even harder to live with yet also break away from.

A drug and alcohol addiction commonly induces fear and anxiety, yet also develops a comfort zone. Leaving that comfort zone can feel even more fearful and damaging. Yet once you push through, your struggles with drugs and alcohol can diminish, providing you with a new opportunity to feel healthy and comfortable.


Working through them through a drug and alcohol rehab in Walthamstow

To push through your comfort zone will be to complete drug and alcohol rehab. It’s natural that the unknown of rehab will rank as scary, in comparison to the familiar downfalls of addiction. However, by continuing to look at your addiction journey through this outlook, you will enable an ongoing problem.

Instead, it’s time to change your outlook, to appreciate the opportunity to adapt and improve your life. This will be possible via a drug and alcohol rehab in Walthamstow or the surrounding area, where you’ll be faced with a personal and progressive programme.

Detoxification will help to reduce the roller coaster of emotions that you’re encountering. Dual diagnosis treatment will help to suppress your mental health symptoms. Family therapy, restorative efforts, relapse prevention, wellbeing management and additional services will help to improve your quality of life, relationships, and outlook.

At Asana Lodge we can form a suitable programme to meet your needs, reduce your personal emotional struggles, and protect you along the way. While we may be outside of Walthamstow, we offer residential rehab, a proactive move to truly nurture your emotions and mental health.


Dual diagnosis treatment

Dual diagnosis treatment is something we specialise in here at Asana Lodge, a key asset to encourage you to look beyond a drug and alcohol rehab in Walthamstow. This degree of treatment will look at both addiction recovery and emotional stability, to reduce your relapse risks and improve your outlook.

A dual diagnosis ultimately defines the link between substance abuse and mental health symptoms, which are a very common association. To treat both sets of symptoms, which do run alongside each other, dual diagnosis treatments will be recommended.

The likes of a detoxification process and cognitive behavioural therapy will motivate addiction recovery. Mental health treatments will focus on your symptoms, where the likes of dialectical behavioural therapy, stress management and art therapy will be recommended.

This combination will help you not only overcome the emotional impacts of drug and alcohol exposure but also of their long-term effects, causing consequences to life and health. You’ll have a personal programme to complete as we will fully assess your needs and emotions, to secure an effective encounter of rehab.


Changing outlooks for post-rehab life

To recover, it’s vital that your outlook can change when considering your emotions. Battling the addiction instead of shying away will be encouraged on a post-rehab basis. Being transparent instead of living in denial will be advised. Being true to your feelings, instead of those caused by drugs and alcohol will be recommended.

Drug and alcohol rehabilitation, especially here at Asana Lodge can provide you with the tools to make such changes. Look towards a positive, stable, and emotionally controlled future back in Walthamstow by nurturing your mental health.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to convince someone to go to rehab?

Rehab must be accepted by a drug and alcohol user, as it’s their life and commitment. However, you can take some steps to increase that acceptance and convince them to visit a drug and alcohol rehab clinic.

From sharing your concerns and offering support and encouragement, to highlighting the necessity of and benefits of addiction recovery, you can begin the process of acceptance. This process can take some time, can be avoided, and can be abused by the individual. Yet your efforts will not go unnoticed, by remaining calm, empathetic, and persistent. Support is available through family and friend referral services to guide you through such motivation.

Does rehab work?

Drug and alcohol rehab is a proactive process, offering the guidance, tools, and vehicles of change to reach sobriety. By valuing those tools, by the following guidelines and by setting off for a change, rehab does work.

It’s all about how rehab is approached and completed which influences success rates, which we can assist with at Asana Lodge.

What are my treatment options?

A wide range of treatment options will be available to you. Depending on your needs and history with substance abuse, an effective mix will be shared. Detoxification is indefinite, as is cognitive behavioural therapy and group therapy. Yet depending on your needs and experiences, you may also require dual diagnosis treatment, NAD+ therapy and a wealth of holistic therapies.

Start the admissions process for full insight into addiction treatment recommendations.

Your emotions will likely be high after reading the above. It’s however important to act rationally and avoid self-medicating through the struggles. Instead, look to detox and recover with our help here at Asana Lodge.