Many individuals long for an addiction cure. By completing rehab, they believe that such a cure is available. However, unfortunately, a cure for addiction doesn’t exist down to its multifaceted impacts and makeup, making it a very difficult condition to treat and suppress indefinitely.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Romford

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There are however management steps, on a post-rehab basis that can help to reduce drug and alcohol exposure, which can help to manage symptoms, and which can prevent the risk of relapse.

Ultimately through this finding, many will see rehab as a pointless step, if it cannot provide long-term security of sobriety. However, drug and alcohol rehabilitation are necessary steps, which provide the tools, processes and capabilities to manage sober living.

With this in mind, if you’re struggling, we urge you to consider visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Romford or the surrounding area to complete treatment, to learn about your addiction, and to advance through relapse prevention. While we’re located outside of Romford here at Asana Lodge, we provide realistic and sustainable steppingstones of recovery, through our unique approach.

Experience the value of rehab, the life-changing offering that it is, and our secure approach by investing yourself into residential drug and alcohol rehabilitation.


Will my addiction last forever?

The lifespan of addiction can be difficult to gauge, as while the symptoms of addiction can be diminished, the management of such conditions will need to be an ongoing effort. Some will see this as addiction being a forever condition, which cannot be worked through and lived with. Truthfully, addiction in itself cannot be lived comfortably. However, a treated addiction, where sober living can be met, can be managed and experienced for the future.

With this in mind, no, your addiction itself will not last forever, if you continue to maintain post-rehab steps, lifestyle management and relapse prevention. All of these steps will be promoted throughout residential drug and alcohol rehab itself, to ensure that you’re armed with the skills to advance through independent recovery.

While the consequences of addiction may continue, where you’ll need to manage your drug and alcohol exposure, addiction itself isn’t ingrained indefinitely, meaning you can overcome triggers, side effects and impacts.


Can I cure it via a drug and alcohol rehab in Romford?

You can visit a drug and alcohol rehab in Romford to treat your addiction. Yet, unfortunately, curing your addiction through rehab will be impossible, as a quick, irreversible step of recovery isn’t available.

An addiction is just like other chronic life-changing conditions. Consider mental health issues or cancer as comparisons, where for most, in order to remain in remission, ongoing efforts will need to continue.

While you can reach a mindset and a lifestyle that makes you feel cured of addiction, you will need to firstly complete rehab, and secondly continue to manage your decisions on a post-rehab basis.

If you’re keen to select a drug and alcohol rehab in Romford itself, we’re located outside of your local area. Yet, down to our unique approach of addiction recovery, we still stand as a strong option for many locals. Contact our team for more information on how residential rehab here at Asana Lodge can benefit you.


What recovery steps will I need to achieve through rehab?

There are key recovery steps that combine to achieve addiction recovery. Through a specialist rehab programme, those steps can be worked to. Commonly, recovery steps will focus on withdrawing from drugs and alcohol, on adapting outlooks of drugs and alcohol, on rebuilding a life without drugs and alcohol, and on securing a quality life, drug and alcohol-free.

At our rehab clinic, we promote such recovery steps. However, we’re different as we consider your needs, your experiences with drugs and alcohol, and your health, and we create a process that highlights your exact needs from rehab. While you may work through the common recovery steps, some may take up more time or space within your rehab programme, down to the makeup of your addiction, your influences and your responses.

Working through key recovery steps are very important, to help you detach and recover on physical and psychological levels, but to also prepare for sobriety back in Romford.


Why is psychological recovery important?

An addiction is a brain condition, which can be influenced by a range of stimuli, can materialise in differing symptoms, and can result in various consequences. Through their addictive traits, drugs and alcohol, while abused excessively aggravate the brain condition of addiction, by controlling psychological adaptations.

Here’s why many people will suffer from mental health issues in conjunction with addiction, why many experience depression and suicidal thoughts, and why many can detox from drugs and alcohol, but not fully detach.

To recover, both physical and psychological recovery must be aimed for and completed, to heal on a holistic level. Without dual efforts, the psychological stimuli, symptoms and consequences will remain, commonly suppressed for a short period of time through detoxification. Yet without therapy and brain restoration efforts, psychological attachments will resurface.

We’re extremely passionate about psychological recovery here at Asana Lodge, by truly considering how the brain responds to drugs and alcohol, and to recovery. When comparing to a drug and alcohol rehab in Romford, this is a reason to consider rehab outside of your local area.


Will I be able to consume drugs and alcohol again?

Realistically, there’s a small chance that you’ll be able to without relapse. It will all depend on how strong your addiction is, how strong your coping strategies are, and how strong your willingness to recover is.

There is however a chance that drug and alcohol exposure may resurface old feelings, increasing the risk of relapse. While relapse prevention planning is available, it is encouraged that you indefinitely stay away from exposure throughout the initial stages of recovery.

We cannot write your future for you when considering future drug and alcohol consumption. Yet, we can help you write your own by detaching from their necessary presence, with control in mind. If you’re open to visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Romford for treatment and following maintenance tips, select Asana Lodge.