Our drug and alcohol Edgware boasts years of experience in helping people overcome their drug and alcohol addiction once and for all.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Edgware

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Our fantastic team of addiction specialists and recovery workers involve themselves in each person’s road to recovery, providing 24/7 support with every step of the way. It’s understandable that you may feel overwhelmed by the thought of opening up about your addiction or even just acknowledging your condition to yourself.

We want to reassure you that our team are ready and eager to help, there’s absolutely no need to feel embarrassed or ashamed about coming forward with your addiction; it’s an extremely brave step to take.

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Are you suffering from a Drug or Alcohol Addiction and need help? If so, Asana Lodge is a leading UK based expert in Private Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Treatment. Find out how we can help by getting in touch with our friendly team today. You can either call our confidential helpline or request a call-back by clicking on the below form.

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Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatments

Our drug and alcohol rehab Edgware take great pride in designing personalised treatment programmes for each person. We believe that this high level of personalisation is key to the success of your rehabilitation.

It’s essential to your recovery that you have access to a wide selection of therapies so that you’re able to benefit from therapies that are most suitable for your unique needs. Our rehab clinic provides a holistic approach to drug and alcohol rehabilitation to ensure you receive a well-balanced mix of physical, psychological, and well-being therapies to support you along your journey.

Whilst each treatment plan will be personalised to suit the individual, there’s a number of psychological therapies which we frequently recommend as they’ve proven to be so effective. These include mediation therapy, motivational interviewing, stress management, relapse prevention, individual, group or family counselling, dialectical behaviour therapy (DBT), and cognitive behavioural therapy (also known as CBT).

Cognitive behavioural therapy has a great success rate as it helps people to overcome their drug or alcohol addiction by helping you to learn how to effectively manage your feelings and change your perception of any negative feelings or experiences.

In addition to these important psychological therapies, our drug and alcohol rehab Edgware feels it’s equally important to receive therapies that improve your general well-being. Some of these well-being therapies are mindfulness, yoga, low-level laser therapy, self-help sessions, fitness therapy, music therapy, art therapy, relaxation and sleep management, massage, and nutritional supplement therapy.

Of course, for our addiction treatments to be as effective as they can be, you need to be fully committed to your recovery process and prepared to make a real change to your behaviours.


Drug or Alcohol Detoxification

To ensure you receive our holistic approach to rehabilitation, we’ll likely recommend a drug or alcohol detoxification to address your physical connection to the substance, in addition to your psychological and well-being therapies.

A drug or alcohol detox is the process of gradually reducing your consumption of the substance in a safe environment and under the best supervision. This supervision from our expert team is crucial when undergoing a detox, if you were to attempt detoxification on your own at home or without professional support, you’ll be putting yourself at high risk.

We know that the thought of a detox can be nerve-wracking, however, we wouldn’t recommend it if we didn’t believe it was so important to your rehabilitation. Withdrawal symptoms are a common aspect of detoxification that can be unpleasant, but when managed by our medical team, we can reduce the discomfort and ensure you’re progressing as planned along with your recovery.

These withdrawal symptoms could include dizziness, seizures, insomnia, and even delirium tremens (the DT’s).


What happens once you leave Rehab?

Our undivided care and support don’t end when you finish your residential treatment. When you return home, you’ll receive a free 12-month aftercare programme to keep you motivated and to help avoid any potential drug or alcohol relapses. We have a dedicated aftercare team to take care of you throughout this first year after completing your rehab programme.

We can arrange sessions with local support groups such as Narcotics Anonymous or Alcoholics Anonymous which can be a great help in sharing experiences with others who are in a similar situation to you. Upon request, we can also arrange extra therapy sessions such as counselling or cognitive behavioural therapy to aid your continued recovery at home.

We’re confident that our drug and alcohol rehab Edgware can support your rehabilitation journey and help you to live a life free from alcohol and drugs. If you’re ready to turn your life around, now is the time to get in touch with our fantastic admissions team and make a change. Call us today on 01908 489 421 or email us at info@asanalodge.com.

Are the rehab centre workers fully trained?

We’re very proud of the highly experienced and qualified team we have at our drug and alcohol rehab Edgware. Strict checks are undertaken prior to employment as we carefully select the right people for each of our teams. Our medical teams are expertly qualified to help you along with your recovery, keeping you safe and secure.

How does drug and alcohol addiction impact your physical health?

Drug and alcohol addiction impacts every aspect of your mental and physical health. The most noticeable impact is on your physical health as you’ll be much more prone to experience extreme weight gain or loss, developing skin sores, having a gaunt appearance, or having bloodshot eyes. You’ll also significantly increase your likelihood of diabetes, liver disease, heart disease, and stroke as a result of drug and alcohol addiction.

What happens at the end of your rehab programme?

Upon completion of your drug and alcohol rehab programme, you will return home to continue your long-term recovery. It’s useful to involve your friends and family with your rehabilitation so that you have another set of eyes to avoid potential relapses. We offer all of our clients a 12-month aftercare programme free of charge to help your recovery succeed. Just like your rehab process, this aftercare plan will be personalised to suit your needs.