Addiction recovery can be worked towards through a variety of means. However, due to the personal and unpredictable nature of addiction, a singular suitable means will be the most effective on an individual basis.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Orpington

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Outpatient and inpatient treatment options represent the most popular means of recovery. Yet their differences, from timescale to contents distinguish them as recommendations for clients.

Through our rehabilitation services here at Asana Lodge, we can help you see and experience the benefits of inpatient treatment, accessible through our specialist recovery facility. See how selecting a drug and alcohol rehab in Orpington can facilitate inpatient treatment, representing suitability.

Offering personal treatment programmes, around the clock care, effective steps of recovery and a comprehensive approach to rehab, contact our team to experience inpatient drug and alcohol rehabilitation.

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Outpatient vs inpatient treatment options

Outpatient and inpatient treatment options help to motivate recovery. However, the degree of recovery attached to each option will depend on the suitability of treatment delivery.

Outpatient treatment is a flexible delivery of rehabilitation, which is commonly available through NHS treatment services and local rehab clinics. It’s found to advance across a 6–12-month timeframe, mainly promoting therapy sessions and treatments. Recovering through the means of outpatient treatment is likely for individuals with minimal symptoms and for those who also require autonomy throughout drug and alcohol rehabilitation.

Inpatient treatment options are found through private rehab, promoting a 28-day programme of personal treatment recommendations and recovery goals. Focus on comprehensive recovery, including detoxification, psychological rebuild and relapse prevention fill the contents of inpatient treatment, accessible via a drug and alcohol rehab in Orpington. Due to the necessary pace and concentration, to treat addiction, the efficient yet consistent nature of inpatient treatment is suitable to treat addiction diagnoses.

Differentiating between both treatment options will be important to secure the correct delivery of rehab, whether through an NHS treatment setting or private drug and alcohol rehab, available here at Asana Lodge.


Treatment via a drug and alcohol rehab in Orpington

Inpatient treatment can be found from a drug and alcohol rehab in Orpington. This option will provide access to a proactive yet safe form of drug and alcohol rehabilitation, usually spanning over a couple of weeks.

Residing from your chosen rehab clinic will offer many benefits, highlighting the effectiveness of inpatient treatment against addiction symptoms. The environment of inpatient rehab provides individuals with a safe and comfortable setting to detox from and focus on rehabilitation. Leaving behind any external influences, inpatient treatment promotes greater focus and structure.

Treatment via a private rehab clinic will also be best on an inpatient basis, as a consistent and strong programme of treatment can be fulfilled. By residing from rehab, every day will focus on working through the addiction recovery process.

Inpatient rehab also provides additional streams of support, alongside treatments and therapies to strengthen recovery capabilities. The entire programme will focus on withdrawal, maintaining sobriety, and normalising a drug and alcohol-free lifestyle, doable through the likes of mindfulness wellbeing management and support groups.

Visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Orpington for inpatient treatment is the most effective way to work through addiction recovery with reliability in mind. Such an offering is available to you here at Asana Lodge, offering personal programmes of treatment.


Programmes of treatment

Treatment programmes through rehab should be tailored to the needs of each client. You can expect this through our services, due to the evidence-based approach that we follow.

As responses to treatment will differ across the board, we secure recommendations by assessing your needs and engagements with drugs and alcohol, on a pre-admission basis. This is very important, to help form the foundation of treatment and your own personal programme.

The length of inpatient rehab does commonly remain within the 28-day bracket. However, the contents of such options will differ, working between physical and psychological treatment options, and additional supportive services.

Detoxification is a common treatment that helps to promote physical recovery from addiction. The detox process is medically observed by our team to ensure that wellbeing can sustain while withdrawing from drugs and alcohol.

A range of rehabilitation driven treatment services will then be recommended, to fit your needs. Dialectical behavioural therapy, group therapy, exposure therapy, dual diagnosis treatment and art workshops are some appropriate options for psychological recovery.

Treatments will carry the intentions of withdrawal, education, stabilisation, and maintenance, to reach and sustain a sober living. With a tailored range of treatment services and the customary offering of relapse prevention, inpatient rehab does carry significant results.


Aftercare options

Once treatment has been completed via a drug and alcohol rehab in Orpington, aftercare services will be indefinite, to bridge the gap between active rehab and post-rehab recovery. Aftercare options do focus heavily on support group settings, individual therapy, and relapse prevention to help increase responsibility and confidence.

With 12 months of aftercare, adjusting to sober living, and possible drug and alcohol exposure is likely, helping to form new habits and outlooks. Standing as a part of the comprehensive recovery process, aftercare is an invaluable professional service, offered locally in Orpington.

Finding the right means of treatment is very important to secure recovery likelihoods. Select the most suitable delivery of treatment, through inpatient drug and alcohol rehabilitation here at Asana Lodge.

Through inpatient treatment, addiction recovery is a possible process to work through. Do so with our help here at Asana Lodge, offering personal programmes of drug and alcohol rehabilitation 

What are the treatment and therapy options?

Treatment and therapy options range significantly through rehab. Common options include detoxification, therapy, cognitive behavioural therapy, group therapy and stress management. Yet we also use innovative forms of treatment here at Asana Lodge, such as art therapy and NAD+ therapy to strengthen addiction recovery.

Dependent on personal needs, recommendations of treatments will vary, fitting into a personal, safe programme of treatment.

How to select the right facility for me?

Selecting a rehab clinic to recover from should be guided by your needs. Your location, budget, health requirements and recovery goals should all be considered when comparing the approach of rehabilitation centres. Comparing each option, including the available delivery of treatment will be recommended, along with considering a specialist standard.

How do I afford rehab?

Private rehab options do work to budgets to offer affordability. Payments can be made through savings, through accepted insurance claims or through individual arrangements, depending on your selected rehab clinic. We can work with you at Asana Lodge to make the entirety of rehab affordable.