Recovering on a local scale, via a drug and alcohol rehab clinic can feel overwhelming for some individuals. Common concerns surround privacy, worries over personal willpower, or fear over the judgment of others.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Redbridge

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If you’re worried about visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Redbridge for such reasons, it’s understandable why. However, here at Asana Lodge, we ask you whether you’ve considered private, residential rehab?

This can transform the offering of localised recovery, by providing the convenience of remaining in Redbridge, with the safeguarding assets of structure, consistency and safety of residential rehab.

As we appreciate this may be a new option for you, which may also influence some concerns, below is some insight into what to expect via residential rehab, along with the positive changes you can make to your life through comprehensive healing at our treatment centre.

Remaining close to Redbridge doesn’t have to be daunting or invasive. Drug and alcohol rehabilitation can be encountered with your needs in mind.


Recovering on your doorstep via a drug and alcohol rehab in Redbridge

If you’ve always overlooked the opportunity to recover via drug and alcohol rehab in Redbridge, this could be down to a number of reasons. The most common usually focus on privacy concerns, where others outside of the clinic may find out about an admission, where judgment may reduce personal acceptance of rehab, and where drug and alcohol influences and their exposure may hinder recovery capabilities.

However, residential rehab doesn’t have to be that way, while recovering on your doorstep on Redbridge. Residential rehab offers privacy, it helps you accept rehab and surround yourself with positive and supportive people, and it cuts off all drug and alcohol exposure.

With this in mind, your concerns can be addressed and diminished to help you experience both comfort and reliability from your drug and alcohol rehabilitation experience.

The key to our offering at Asana Lodge is that you can also experience a degree of respite from your reality, as our rehab clinic is just outside of Redbridge, situated in Towcester. Such distance can offer physical and psychological benefits, especially for those who are apprehensive over localised recovery.

By experiencing our take on residential rehab, you can therefore encounter the best of both worlds of drug and alcohol rehabilitation.


Expectations of residential rehab

Residential rehab is very different to outpatient rehab. This will be the case whether you select a Redbridge based rehab clinic or one across the country. The offering of residential rehab surrounds your safety, privacy and ability to recover through a personal rehab programme, usually spanning over a 28-day period.

You’ll reside from your chosen rehab clinic where you’ll have everything at your disposal to offer comfort, to offer a private space, to cater to your needs, and to ease your rehab experience.

The idea of being admitted to a residential rehab may feel invasive, may feel restrictive and may feel limiting. While remaining on the grounds, involved and engaged is encouraged, all of those ideas are incorrect, where here at Asana Lodge you’ll have a private rehab experience, with full capacity to develop and recover, and the freedom to detach from drugs and alcohol.

You should therefore expect a positive residential experience here at Asana Lodge, offering you home while you leave behind your habits in Redbridge.


Comprehensive healing here at Asana Lodge

We will work through your addiction by recommending effective addiction treatment services. This will of course be a big focus, to help you withdraw, to help you learn to cope without drugs and alcohol and to help you detach on physical and psychological levels.

Yet, in tandem with such focus, further services including relapse prevention and wellbeing sessions will be offered. We work on your nutrition, your movement, your relationships, your lifestyle and your coping strategies to ensure that you can lead a life that will reflect positive change.

Rehab itself provides the tools to attempt long-term recovery. Comprehensive healing provides the motivation and the stepping stones to secure long-term recovery efforts. You can make such changes and start your long-term journey by completing the most intense yet worthwhile form of rehab.

By selecting a drug and alcohol rehab in Redbridge or the surrounding area, you’ll also open yourself up to the chance of comprehensive recovery, as you’ll start off with your admission, complete rehab and have the ability to experience aftercare, down to your location.


Making positive changes, for the future

Change is essential to overcome an addiction. An addiction is a strong habit which when enabled, will control every area of life. That control must be reverted, by making positive changes to reject drug and alcohol exposure.

Committing to change can be tough on a post-rehab basis. You may need to change your relationships, your environments, your lifestyle choices, your routine and your career, all to safeguard sober living.

While this may sound extreme, factors that are currently motivating your addiction will need to be avoided for the future, to instil relapse prevention.

By exposing yourself to familiar drug and alcohol influences, you’ll increase your risk of relapse, which we’re sure you’ll hope to avoid.

At Asana Lodge, we can help you activate and make such changes to build a quality life ready for you back in Redbridge. This type of planning will be essential to ensure you’re prepared for life after rehab.

Remaining local may still not be for you, and that’s fine. It’s imperative that you find and complete the right rehab experience for your needs. Yet if you are open to different forms of rehab, we encourage you to look into residential rehab.

This is something we can arrange for you here at Asana Lodge for comprehensive addiction recovery efforts.