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Suffering in silence, through a drug and alcohol problem, usually seems like the easiest option for many. By doing so, attention that will likely be brought on by sourcing support will be reduced, opinions will be non-existent, and expectations will be avoidable.

It’s understandable as to why such vision is placed around accepting support, as recovering from addiction can feel like a pressure.

However, by speaking out and accepting the support of professionals, such pressure will not be present, where in fact the passion of sustainable drug and alcohol rehabilitation will be promoted.

In the moment, hiding away may feel like a protective blanket, where you can protect yourself and those around you from the realism of addiction. However, suffering alone can intensify the development of an addiction, can result in feelings of isolation, and can also deter mental health.

Instead of keeping yourself to yourself, here at Asana Lodge, we encourage you to break that silence by considering support, whether that’s via a drug and alcohol rehab in Merton or further afield. We are here for you, as a confidential, listening ear, along with a specialist facilitator of addiction and mental health recovery.

Do not feel alone, ashamed or isolated through the challenges of addiction and recovery. Quality support is here for you, to make your acknowledgment and rehab journey easier.


Why silence seems like the easiest option

Hiding away from the side effects and the consequences of addiction may feel like the easiest option. This is why many addicts in fact live in denial, as such emotion is easier to digest than reality.

It’s reasonable to see why the reality of addiction can be testing to face. Many individuals are worried about the judgment of others, they do not want to disappoint their family, and also do not want to be stereotyped as an addict.

Many see the acknowledgment of addiction as an obstacle, as a vehicle of change, and as an identity which causes stigmatisation and pity.

Instead of facing up to potential impacts, instead of changing self-awareness and instead of standing as a burden, in their minds, remaining silence seems the easiest option.

However, with the knowledge that loneliness and isolation can make an addiction worse, speaking out is in fact the easiest step to overcome addiction and change the course of reality.


Breaking the silence via a drug and alcohol rehab in Merton

You can break the silence of your problems with confidentiality and compassion in mind by reaching out for support. You can reach out to a drug and alcohol rehab in Merton, you can look for local support groups, you can consider personal support and you can also look into virtual forms of therapy.

All will benefit you, provide a platform to speak out, and the reassurance that your experiences can be protected.

At Asana Lodge, we’re located outside of Merton, yet stand as such platform, by allowing for personal discretion to protect the sensitivity and challenges of acknowledgement.

We are here for you to help your voice be heard by the right people, and to in turn advance the right support of drug and alcohol rehabilitation.

A benefit of our offering is that if you feel like a drug and alcohol rehab in Merton will be too close to home, you can encounter such standards, yet with distance in mind. You can secure your privacy and confidentiality by opting for residential rehab, minimising all forms of judgment and exposure.

Many individuals select residential rehab for this reason, as it offers comfort and assurance while expressing oneself and revisiting old wounds, linked to drug and alcohol abuse.


The benefits of speaking out

Right now, you may see speaking out as a negative. Yet there are many benefits to opening up and accepting drug and alcohol rehabilitation steps.

Firstly, opening up to professionals can significantly reduce the weight that you may be feeling on your shoulders. If you are carrying your drug and alcohol problems, alone, it can be extremely pressurising and tough to maintain such composure.

By speaking out, you can transfer that pressure, helping to offer relief and respite.

Secondly, by acknowledging your drug and alcohol problem, you’ll be prepared to accept rehab. Drug and alcohol rehab is the only effective way out from addiction. If you can speak out, you can also embrace professional support, helping you positively take action through addiction recovery.

Lastly, speaking out can motivate change, which will positively impact your mindset. Taking this first step may motivate your mind to recover and to avoid ongoing exposure of drugs and alcohol.

Remaining in silence can make rehab seem impossible, can incur a significant pressure and can also influence your mental health. By visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Merton, or by experiencing our professional support, you can break the silence and the detriment that likely follows.


Embracing emotional support throughout addiction recovery

If you’re worried about your emotional response when speaking out, please be reassured that emotional support will be available from the offset of your recovery journey.

Through your admission you will be supported, treated with respect and confidentiality assessed to ensure the benefits of rehab can be encountered.

Once you visit Asana Lodge, streams of emotional support will be available, where you’ll complete therapy, dialectical behavioural therapy, support group sessions and art therapy. Therapy will promote support as you open up, as you forgive and forget, and as you take accountability for your behaviours.

On a post-rehab basis, again, support will be accessible through aftercare. Aftercare will help you work through the unknown, adjust to life in Merton, and also help you through potential responses after rehab.

It’s understandable to initially be worried about support. You may have experienced your addiction alone for some time. Yet in order to recover, you must break the silence ro reach professional support.

Select our support when searching for a drug and alcohol rehab in Merton, to feel confident and reassured with what’s ahead via drug and alcohol rehabilitation. Do not suffer in silence, where valuable support networks are waiting for you.