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As a nation, we pride ourselves on our binge drinking culture and casual drug-taking has become commonplace. Whilst many can do these activities and remain stable, many people eventually succumb to addiction.

Addiction is a destructive force that has the power not only to ruin the addict’s life but the lives of the people closest to them. Unfortunately, many people suffering from drug and alcohol addiction don’t get the help they need, whether it be from being in denial or being ashamed.

Asana Lodge is a drug and alcohol rehabilitation centre that is built upon a culture of understanding and nurturing. By removing the shame surrounding addiction, more people will get the help they need and lives will be forever changed.

Our holistic approach at a facility that exceeds a standard rehab centre means that you will receive effective treatment. With our industry-leading treatment, you have the best chance of achieving long-term recovery and leading a more fulfilling life.


Do I need to Go to Rehab?

You may be unsure if your drinking or drug habit warrants professional intervention. The fact that you are wondering this may be a sign that you do need help.

Many people think you must hit rock bottom to finally accept your addiction – but this is not always the case. Catching it early, before it has the chance to completely ruin your life, is a much better strategy. If you can look at yourself and your situation objectively and decide you need help then you are already on the path to recovery.

If your life and relationships have deteriorated due to drugs and alcohol then you most likely have an addiction. Another clear indication is that your tolerance for a substance has increased and you begin to experience withdrawal if you dip below a certain level. At this point, you have become physically dependent and will need to detox to truly achieve long-term recovery.


Outpatient vs Inpatient Rehab Treatment

There are two main pathways when it comes to addiction treatment – outpatient rehab and inpatient rehab.

Outpatient rehab means that you would attend treatment during the day but return to your house and live your everyday life outside of clinic hours. This option is cheaper and more suitable if you have no desire to move away from home for a time or have commitments in your life that you need to uphold.

The downside of outpatient treatment is that it has a higher relapse rate. Relapse can occur more because you remain in the area where there are daily triggers and temptations, making it harder to remain vigilant and clean. Also, if you are receiving treatment via the NHS then there can be a long waiting list and many people are also seeking help.

Inpatient treatment is also known as residential rehab and is usually operated by private companies. In private drug and alcohol rehab, you move to the facility for a short period and get the chance to live and breathe recovery. Due to this your treatment is focused, intense and can be much more effective.

A private facility is more expensive but you’ll get a level of care unmatched in outpatient rehabs. Inpatient treatment also allows you to leave behind the environment where your addiction grew and begin a new chapter of your life, offering a respite from everyday struggles.

There are many more treatment options available in inpatient rehab so you can be sure you’ll get exactly the care you need.


How Does the Admissions Process Work?

At Asana Lodge we’ve made the admissions process as easy as possible. We understand that sorting out rehab is very stressful, so our experienced admissions team are available to any questions and guide you through the process.

Through your initial enquiry, the pre-admission screening and up until your arrival date we can keep in touch to make sure all aspects of your experience are to your liking. As a private facility, this process can also be extremely quick, taking only a couple of days. Whilst it may seem fast and overwhelming, addiction cannot be allowed to go untreated so it is best to strike quickly and decisively.

Alongside self-referrals, we also provide services for family referrals, friends and co-workers. Our services extend to offering guidance and advice on interventions if a drastic measure is needed.


Treatment Options at Asana Lodge

During your short time with us, you will participate in many activities that make up our comprehensive treatment plans.

Your first port of call will be undergoing detox, where you will rid yourself of physical dependence on drugs and alcohol. The harmful toxins will be flushed from your body by stopping your substance intake. Medication will be administered to ease any withdrawal symptoms that occur and you will be well fed with nutritious meals to encourage healing processes in the body.

Beyond that, you will take part in various forms of therapy. From individual sessions that include Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Dialectical Behavioural Therapy to group sessions, you will begin to peel back the layers of your addiction and find ways to stop it from controlling you.

If you suffer from co-occurring mental health conditions then dual diagnosis treatment will be recommended. This way we can help treat both separate issues without impeding your progress. Asana Lodge employs many mental health treatments alongside your bespoke addiction treatment so you be assured that nothing is neglected.

As part of our industry-leading approach to addiction treatment, we also employ well-being therapies such as music therapy and mindfulness sessions to help relax you and look after your physical health.


How Long Does Rehab Last?

Treatment programmes at Asana Lodge typically last 28 days. By this point, the substances you are addicted to will no longer be in your body and you will be better prepared to face the outside world again. You would have had long enough to learn coping skills and have a better understanding of your addiction. With this knowledge, you will hopefully be more aware of your triggers and temptations and be less likely to relapse.

To continue supporting you after this period we offer a free 12-month aftercare package. As most relapses occur within the first year of leaving rehab it is important to practice relapse prevention by attending support meetings and making use of the available resources.


Call Us Today

If you are ready to start your recovery journey, please get in touch today by calling 01908 489421. You can also reach us by email or go to the Contact Us page on our website.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is outpatient rehab?

Outpatient rehab is when you undergo addiction treatment during the day without staying full-time at the facility. If you want to keep your normal day to day routine, then outpatient rehab affords you flexibility and you don’t have to take time away from your family and friends. With outpatient rehab, you will still receive the same high standard care as inpatient rehab but are more likely to come up against daily triggers and temptations. Outpatient rehab has a lower success rate but is the cheaper option and might be more suitable for those with milder addictions.

How long does rehab last?

A typical programme with us at Asana Lodge usually takes around 28 days and that includes drug or alcohol detox. After this amount of time, you will be sober and feel ready to face the outside world. Some people can afford to stay in rehab longer and programmes can run up to 12 weeks in some facilities. What is important is that you pick the programme that suits your circumstances and recovery goals.

Does rehab work?

Rehab very much increases the chance of long-term recovery succeeding. No one can know the future, but an effective addiction treatment will give you the tools to be able to cope with issues that may lay down the road. The success of rehab rests on you and the work you put into getting and staying sober. Rehab isn’t an exact science, but it works for those willing to let it.