In Hackney alone, according to the director of public health for the city and Hackney, it is estimated over 4000 people are regular drug users.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Hackney

Sadly, as drug and alcohol addictions continue to soar, the demand for drug and alcohol rehabs in Hackney has surged.

If you live in Hackney and find that your relationship with substances has escalated beyond your control, it is in your best interest to seek support from a drug and alcohol rehab in Hackney.

If you have previously attempted to secure a space at a drug and alcohol rehab yet have found yourself unfortunately required to wait for treatment to become available, at Asana Lodge, we can provide you with immediate support and treatment.


The Impact Drug and Alcohol Addictions Have On An Individual

Drug and alcohol addictions have various consequences on an individual’s life.  Not only do they impact an individual’s physical health and behaviour, but due to being a psychological disorder, drug and alcohol addictions also impair an individual’s mental wellbeing.

Sadly, many drug and alcohol addictions are left untreated.  The stigmas surrounding addictions and addicts, combined with a lack of knowledge regarding treatment, prevent many people from reaching out for the help and support they need.

Regrettably, when treatment is not sought, addictions gradually control an individual’s every waking moment and increase the risk of life-threatening illnesses.

For example, when an addiction is left to escalate, many individuals will experience several physical and psychological illnesses.  However, these are often overlooked.

In addition to impairing an individual’s health, when an addiction is present, the way in which an individual behaves significantly changes.  For example, many addicts will isolate themselves from their loved ones and friends.  Others will experience debt as a result of attempting to fund their addiction.  This can cause relationships to crumble, often beyond repair.


When To Seek Treatment

As your thoughts turn to attending a drug and alcohol rehab in Hackney, you may question when the right time for you to seek treatment is.

If this resonates with you, you are not alone.  Many individuals will only seek treatment for an addiction when their relationship with drugs and alcohol begins to consume their every waking moment.  This is because many will believe that treatment can only be sought when an addiction escalates beyond their control.

However, contrary to belief, treatment for a drug and alcohol addiction should be sought as soon as you identify that your relationship with substances has taken a turn for the worst.  If you frequently abuse substances, an intervention can essentially prevent an addiction from arising in the near future.

Should you find yourself unsure of whether you need to seek treatment, our admissions team can assist you.  As and when you call us, our team will ask you many questions to determine the severity of your addiction and the impact it has on your physical and psychological health.

Based on the answers you provide, our team will be able to inform you of whether you need to attend a drug rehab or not.

Like many others, you may want to gauge whether rehab is right for you before you make contact with us.  With this in mind, we have listed several questions that you can ask yourself to determine if you need to seek treatment below.

  • Do I consume drugs or alcohol on a daily basis?
  • Do I frequently abuse drugs or alcohol and go over the recommended alcohol limit?
  • Do I administer drugs or alcohol in order to alleviate any pessimistic thoughts or feelings that I experience?
  • Do I consume drugs or alcohol to help me cope with day-to-day life?
  • When I am unable to consume drugs or alcohol, do I suffer from headaches, nausea, insomnia or paranoia?
  • Has a loved one, friend, or employer ever expressed that they are concerned about my relationship with drugs or alcohol?

If you have answered yes to any of the above questions, please call us today.  It is likely that you are battling an addiction and require treatment.


What Treatment Is Available Via Asana Lodge?

At Asana Lodge, we provide private residential drug and alcohol rehabilitation treatment to individuals in need.  While you may have set out to locate a drug and alcohol rehab in Hackney, we would ask you to consider attending our rehab.

The treatment that we provide here at Asana Lodge is industry-leading. We offer a number of traditional and non-traditional treatments to our clients that ensure addictions can be overcome.

Understanding that addictions are psychological disorders, we provide both physical and psychological treatment to those who attend our rehab.  This ensures that our clients can overcome the various ramifications that addictions often have.

To offer greater insight into the treatment we provide, we have listed just a number of the treatments we administer at our rehab below.

It should be noted that the treatment you receive during your time in our rehab will entirely depend on your addiction and recovery needs.  When you enter our facility, our team will conduct an admission assessment to determine which treatment you require.

If you would like to find out more about the treatment you may encounter at our rehab, we welcome you to contact our admissions team, who will be able to provide you with the information you require.


Contact Asana Lodge Today

Regardless of the severity of your addiction and the substance that you have become addicted to, we can provide you with the treatment you need to overcome your addiction and make a long-term recovery.

Although achieving a long-term recovery may seem impossible to you at this present moment in time, we guarantee that you will find that your life changes for the better with our help.

To find out more about our rehab and treatments, call us today on 01908 489 421.