Have you already attempted to withdraw from drugs and alcohol? Or maybe you’ve thought about it, yet you’ve never found the opportunity or experienced the right mindset to do so?

Drug and Alcohol Rehab London

Independent recovery attempts are very common when considering drug and alcohol addictions. Although it may feel like a good idea at the moment, it is, unfortunately, an ineffective and unsafe drug and alcohol withdrawal option.

At Asana Lodge, through our wealth of experience, we understand the importance of vast, intense and scientific approaches to addiction treatment.

We prioritise low risk yet highly effective methods, helping to firstly heal the mind, followed by the body, resulting in full rehabilitation.

In order to recover from an addiction, this approach must be followed. Lone attempts will not provide comprehensive rehabilitation processes. Independent detox programmes will not treat the psychological strain of addiction.

Down to the unproductiveness of this option, we urge you to rethink your strategy by visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in London.

Better yet, residential rehab at our Towcester based rehab clinic will provide the entire process you need to complete, to rehabilitate from drugs and alcohol.


Avoiding lone Recovery attempts

If you’ve already tried to withdraw from drugs and alcohol, alone, you’ll know how challenging it is. It’s likely that since this process, you’ve reverted back to substance abuse.

Lone recovery attempts are discouraged down to this exact factor. They are ineffective, disheartening and dangerous, known to fuel greater drug and alcohol abuse in the near future.

They are extremely tough to work through, down to uncontrolled environments and withdrawal symptoms. Down to those withdrawal symptoms, the detox process can also be dangerous, commonly lacking medical and professional supervision.

Yet, the biggest downfall of independent recovery is their success rates. Withdrawing from drugs and alcohol, alone, can happen. However, recovering on physical and psychological levels will be impossible.

You must complete the processes available via a drug and alcohol rehab if you are aiming for long-term recovery; you must partake in ongoing addiction treatment; you must commit yourself to a life without drugs and alcohol.

The best step you can take if you are aiming for sober living is to visit a reputable drug and alcohol rehab in London, or within the surrounding area.

Here you will be safe and secure, while embarking on a journey which can successfully withdraw you from drugs and alcohol.


Finding the right Drug and Alcohol Rehab in London

When considering London based rehab clinics, there is now a large influx, making your search very overwhelming. Although there are a number of specialist clinics, demand is high.

Down to this, you may struggle to secure an immediate programme at a drug and alcohol rehab in London.

If you are hoping to remain close to home, our rehab clinic here at Asana Lodge can still offer convenience. Yet, we provide greater benefits by promoting residential rehab.

By removing yourself from drug and alcohol influences in London, by visiting our Towcester based clinic, you will have greater privacy and distance to concentrate on your rehabilitation journey.

Remaining in the hustle and bustle of London can carry many distractions. Distractions can in turn delay your drug and alcohol rehabilitation process, lengthening your stay at rehab.

Additionally, your mindset to recover may change if you experience delays, making it very difficult to tackle the psychological strain of addiction.

Down to this factor, it is advised that you avoid finding a drug and alcohol rehab in London. Instead, benefiting from residential rehab here at Asana Lodge will be encouraged, by experiencing our specialist and industry acknowledged approach to addiction recovery.


Our approach to addiction recovery here at Asana Lodge

At Asana Lodge, we are different from other rehab clinics. We follow a unique approach when considering addiction recovery, focusing significantly on science and evidence.

Since addiction is classed as a brain illness, we focus firstly on cognitive functions and responses. By doing so, we can uncover the route of the problem with drugs and alcohol at a quicker pace.

To achieve this, we will complete assessments, measuring all of your influential variables. For some, this can carry through genetics, for others, drug and alcohol consumption are fuelled by social situations. Through this assessment, we will stand in a strong position to recommend only the best addiction treatment options out there.

Although our approach is new to most, it offers the highest recovery rates. We vouch for our ability to offer personal treatment programmes, utilising contemporary addiction treatment options, helping to increase the acceptance and normalisation of sober living.


Addiction treatments via our rehab clinic

As outlined above, we follow the evidence associated with addiction recovery, providing the ability to offer personal rehab programmes. With this in mind, the exact form of treatment you will complete will be communicated on your admission.

Yet, through experience, it’s likely that you will complete traditional and contemporary forms, helping to tackle all strains of addiction. From a drug and alcohol detox and therapy, to exposure therapy and art therapy, we will recommend low risk yet highly fitting treatment options for the entirety of your stay.

In addition, great focus on brain restoration and mental health support will be placed, ensuring that your brain illness can be diminished, soon following suit across your entire being.


Start the process here at Asana Lodge

If you are ready to trust the value of professional drug and alcohol rehabilitation, if you’re hoping to overlook lone attempts, reach out to our team.

Although remaining close to home may offer convenience, hefty waiting lists may be present if you’re looking to recover from a drug and alcohol rehab in London.

Yet, by selecting our facility, we can start your rehabilitation journey today by completing your pre-admission assessment. From the offset, you will be provided with our specialist support, up until your residential rehab programme begins.

Embark on the most effective route to drug and alcohol rehabilitation by embracing our unique approach.

We will work on treating your mind first, soon benefiting your entire being, your entire reality, drug and alcohol-free.