Drug and Alcohol Treatment is available in Brixton. A short ride away and you will be in our sprawling rehab centre, getting back on the straight and narrow and overcoming your addiction.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Brixton

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When considering addiction treatment, a range of options will be available to you. Offering different levels of support, at unalike costs and timeframes, a suitable treatment programme should be selected.

Treatment can be completed on the NHS. It can also be experienced through outpatient rehab. Residential rehab programmes are also accessible, for you via a private drug and alcohol rehab in Brixton. Selecting the option that meets your budget, expectations and that can provide the level of support that you require is recommended here at Asana Lodge.

Favoured for its immediate admissions, 24/7 support and sustainable treatment plans, private rehabilitation is a sought-after option. You can experience this type of support via our specialist rehab centre, offering tailored addiction treatment plans.

There are many benefits linked to selecting the most suitable form of addiction treatment. Experience them here through our private drug and alcohol rehab.

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Addiction Treatment Options in Brixton

Every person who suffers with addiction will have different needs and circumstances. To accommodate, a range of treatment options are available. Whilst some may be more convenient, selecting the most suitable for your circumstances is essential to benefit from addiction treatment.

NHS treatment is one of the most convenient options. Free and accessible through a local hospital, you can look to experience this type of support. Yet free addiction treatment sessions can be hard to come by and difficult to complete at an urgent pace. Sessions are also noted to be generic, which can be unsuitable for complicated or strong diagnoses.

Outpatient addiction treatment is a further option, that you can look to experience via a drug and alcohol in Brixton. Offering immediate access and personalised support, outpatient treatment provides greater suitability when treating addiction. It combines private, high-quality treatment services and facilities with a flexible structure. Visiting rehab for regular sessions will be the case through outpatient addiction treatment.

Residential rehab is the last viable option, offering daily access to addiction treatment. You can check into a drug and alcohol rehab in Brixton, offering the epitome of privacy, personalisation, and pace. A 28-day process can be completed by residing in rehab, suitable for people who require/prefer 24/7 support, access to recovery designed settings, and consistent treatment.

You’ll have access to all three treatment options in your local area. NHS services are the cheapest yet the longest to complete. Private residential treatment is the most expensive yet the most recommended and efficient. The most feasible for your needs should be selected.

The Benefits of Private Rehabilitation

At Asana Lodge we offer private rehabilitation programmes due to their long-term benefits. Rehab treatment should offer short-term results and respite. Yet it should also help clients sustain addiction recovery. Through private rehab, such aims can be achieved, due to the quality and capacity of treatments that we have on offer.

Private drug and alcohol rehab is also beneficial for its pace. You can expect a quick admissions process, without any form of delay. You can expect proactive treatment sessions and programmes. You can also expect to advance on a post-rehab basis, through various sobriety milestones. Although private rehab is a bigger commitment, it can help you transition from substance abuse to sobriety at a rapid pace.

The privacy levels of private rehab are invaluable, offering a safe and intimate place to recover from. Whether you select outpatient or residential rehab, a dedicated setting will be provided for you, clear of drug and alcohol influences.

Visiting a private drug and alcohol rehab in Brixton will mean that you can work through a rehab programme that’s been personally designed for your completion. From the length of your programme to the treatments that you complete, each step will be accommodating of your needs.

Together, the offering of private rehab makes it easier to recover and commit to long-term sobriety.

Addiction and Holistic Treatment Options

Addiction treatment services should work to treat the source of consumption. They should work to change responses and coping strategies. Yet they should also work to improve wellbeing and outlooks on life.

Our therapies aim for all, by combining addiction and holistic treatment options. We also specialise in mental health recovery, offering dual diagnosis treatment where necessary.

Treatment programmes will be tailored to fulfil your needs and expectations. They will be led by professionals, will be consistent and will be safe. Detoxification will be one of the first steps, to treat the source. Withdrawal symptoms will indicate recovery, helping to remove alcohol or drugs from the body. Rehabilitation will then be recommended to focus on psychological responses. The likes of cognitive behavioural therapy, group therapy, stress treatment and management, and family therapy will be arranged.

In place to improve wellbeing, quality of life and the sustainability of recovery, holistic therapies will be promoted. NAD+ therapy, exposure therapy, satori chair therapy, sauna detoxification and mindfulness sessions are some of the therapies that you can complete at Asana Lodge.

Aftercare Recovery Programmes

Recovery programmes will include aftercare services and relapse prevention plans. Both will assist with post-rehab recovery.

Aftercare sessions will be arranged in the form of support groups and 12 step programmes. Sessions will be available for 12 months and will be offered locally to provide support and a safe setting to visit.

Relapse prevention planning will offer awareness and knowledge on how to work through long-term recovery. Relapse risks can be highlighted, even to family and friends, to reduce future consumption.

Aftercare recovery programmes are just as important as addiction treatment programmes. They help to prolong success and healing. You can experience both here at Asana Lodge, by selecting private rehab as your treatment of choice.

Reach out to visit or check into a drug and alcohol rehab in Brixton for immediate yet high-quality treatment.

1. Will I remain sober after rehab?

Sobriety can remain on a post-rehab basis, yet not by luck. You’ll need to invest in your long-term recovery journey by being aware of your personal triggers and by protecting them. You’ll have a range of resources and services to help you out. Aftercare, relapse prevention, lifestyle management and self-care will all assist with your commitment to sobriety. By leading a sober life that’s sustainable, your chances of sobriety will be higher.

Can I consume drugs or alcohol in the future?

Future consumption is discouraged. Some people may be able to cope, yet it will depend on the makeup of their initial drug or alcohol problems, and the details of future consumption. For example, someone who was addicted to hallucinogens may be able to cope through and control alcohol intake. Our advice is to avoid direct exposure up until you have a solid relapse prevention plan in place and a wealth of resources to help you through.

How important is relapse prevention?

Relapse prevention is really important. You may reach sobriety through rehab, yet the chances of remaining sober without a plan in place are very low. You’ll need to be aware of your triggers, you’ll need to have a plan of action to prevent triggering behaviours, and you’ll need to be prepared with tools to minimise relapse risks. Relapse prevention plans offer you the basis, confidence and understanding to remain on a sober journey, post-rehab.