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Sadly, both drug and alcohol abuse, and mental health issues go hand in hand. Those who experience pre-existing symptoms of mental health issues do tend to lean on drugs and alcohol.

Not every single individual will utilise such coping strategy, yet it is favoured for its escape-like effects. In tandem with this connection, those who excessively consume drugs and alcohol are also at a greater risk of developing mental health issues.

It all happens in the brain, where vulnerabilities of addiction and of mental health issues are present for some individuals. Exposure to drugs and alcohol can aggravate such vulnerabilities, which can deter mental health.

It’s therefore very common for our clients to approach with a degree of mental health issues, down to the pressure and adaptations linked to drug and alcohol consumption. If you’re therefore feeling low, if you’re worried about your mental health, or if you believe you have a dual diagnosis, please lean on our team at Asana Lodge.

In the event of such connection, support and treatment are necessary, to unravel both sets of symptoms. Look to experience this via a drug and alcohol rehab in Wandsworth or within the surrounding area, which is where we fall.


Why do I feel depressed?

Feeling depressed is a normal response for those experiencing excessive connections to drugs and alcohol. Living with an addiction can be emotionally draining. Exposure to drugs and alcohol will likely induce highs, however, down to their short lifespan, lows can quickly follow suit.

Experiencing this on a consistent basis, along with the adaptations that such substances cause on the brain, and the results of an ongoing habit, it’s clear to see how depression can amount.

You may also be feeling depressed for a number of different reasons, you may have a pre-existing weakness of such feelings, or you may be frustrated with your current reality. No matter the reason, sourcing support and treatment will be encouraged, to help you overcome the negativity of drug and alcohol abuse, and to stabilise your mental health.


Will visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Wandsworth help my mental health?

Most definitely, visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Wandsworth will provide you with the basis to recover from both addiction and mental health vulnerabilities. It is however wise to ensure that your chosen treatment centre offers dual diagnosis treatment and specialises in mental health recovery.

It’s essential that you fulfil proactive steps to work on your mental health. Opting for anti-depressants will not be enough, especially when linked to addiction. At Asana Lodge, we promote holistic therapies to assist with both addiction and mental health recovery. While we’re set away from Wandsworth, we can still facilitate your recovery journey for you through residential rehab.


What is dual diagnosis treatment?

Dual diagnosis treatment is a range of treatments which work for both addiction and mental health recovery. While treatment will be recommended and completed separately for both conditions, in unison, they will work together to reduce relapse of both addiction and mental health issues.

For example, detoxing, therapy, support groups and wellbeing management are all highly associated with addiction recovery. Working alongside this foundation, the likes of virtual reality therapy, dialectical behavioural therapy, art therapy and NAD+ therapy can help to also alleviate symptoms of depression or anxiety.

It is important to complete both aspects of treatment, as a dual diagnosis can intensify without full treatment, where one condition can directly impact the other. By this, we mean that if you recover from drug and alcohol abuse, but fail to stabilise your mental health, your thoughts and outlooks may pose as a risk for further substance abuse.

We manage dual diagnosis treatment by accurately considering your needs, by looking into how your brain works in response to drug and alcohol exposure, and we also assess your emotional responses. Through our approach, we can vouch for the suitability and quality of our treatment recommendations.


How can I manage my mental health after rehab?

When returning back home to Wandsworth, you’ll want to maintain your status of recovery to suppress the relapse of addiction and mental health issues. One of the most effective ways you can do this, especially if your addiction has been motivated by emotional responses, is by managing your mental health.

Having positive coping strategies, relying on a relapse prevention plan, understanding your triggers and avoiding them, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, sustaining positive relationships, and aiming for balance will help your physical and psychological health.

Routine, structure, motivation, support and positivity can do a lot for a recovering addict. If you can accept change and embrace a new lifestyle, you can look to manage your mental health, while controlling your drug and alcohol exposure.



Is there a chance that I also have a pre-existing mental health condition?

One common causation of drug and alcohol abuse is the pre-existing presence of mental health conditions. For someone suffering from anxiety, compulsive behaviours or depression, drugs and alcohol may be used as a coping strategy or as a form of escapism.

This isn’t the case for every individual suffering with their mental wellbeing. However, it is common, meaning that your addiction may have stemmed from pre-existing weaknesses. This is why it’s very important to source professional support, as you may require dual diagnosis treatment, instead of independent addiction treatment.

It’s vital to gauge your causation of addiction, as this will help to ease your relapse prevention. If your mental health has aggravated such habits, it’s therefore important to work through treatment and understand how to manage your mental health.

At Asana Lodge we can help you through this process, we can help you understand your behaviours, and we can assist with your long-term recovery journey. While visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Wandsworth itself may offer many benefits, through our services, you can rely on our specialities.

Poor mental health, alone, is a significant concern. Paired with addiction, and it’s clear to see how damaging a dual diagnosis can be. Work through your symptoms with our support and treatment from our drug and alcohol rehab clinic.