Addiction is a complicated condition as every experience, symptom and trigger will be different between each individual. That is why it is important that at an addiction rehab centre, each treatment plan is personalised to suit the needs of someone suffering from addiction. Understanding your personal cause of drug and alcohol addiction is the very factor in gaining control over it.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Edmonton

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Understand, suppress, and overcome your causation, while completing suitable addiction treatment, all available through private drug and alcohol rehab.

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Are you suffering from a Drug or Alcohol Addiction and need help? If so, Asana Lodge is a leading UK based expert in Private Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Treatment. Find out how we can help by getting in touch with our friendly team today. You can either call our confidential helpline or request a callback by clicking on the below form.

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Causes of drug and alcohol addiction

There are a number of vulnerable influences which are linked to motivating addiction rates. Those influences are common, standing as the trigger of initial and ongoing drug and alcohol abuse. However, within those commonalities, personal triggers are much deeper, are even more complex, and are difficult to foresee without full insight.

Influences of addiction include environments, genetics, social associations, and emotions, all of which in some way drive the desire and soon necessity of substance abuse. For example, a toxic and drug-fuelled environment could normalise the use of drugs to escape, which with ongoing exposure will continue to trigger such normalisation.

While there are common influences of habits, causes of drug and alcohol addiction are instead very personal. The degree of toxicity within that environment, the need to escape and the reason for allowing such toxicity will all be personal, different, and sensitive to individuals.

As any form of stimuli can attach to vulnerabilities, increasing the risk of addiction, it’s therefore very important to accept assessments and insights. Through rehab, you can learn your personal causes, and how such stimuli will continue to fuel your drug and alcohol addiction, without intervention. We at Asana Lodge can help you with this while facilitating your rehabilitation programme, set outside of Edmonton.


Addiction treatment options

Recovering from addiction is a personal process. There are many variables that can influence forecasts of addiction recovery, from the complexity of causations and strength of ongoing substance abuse to the choices that are made around rehab.

Due to the personal nature of both active addiction and rehabilitation, sourcing professional guidance is highly advocated. You can do just that through professional rehab services, such as ours, to understand your causation and best route forward towards addiction recovery. Due to addiction recovery being a persona process, different individuals choose different routes to get help. These treatment options typically vary between inpatient or outpatient rehab.


Inpatient Rehab

This form of rehab treatment is where an individual opts to stay at a rehab centre 24/7 for the entirety of their treatment plan. This type of treatment has huge benefits of around the clock care from trained addiction specialists to ensure a safe recovery. Inpatient rehab has the highest level of recovery and is advised.


Outpatient rehab

Outpatient rehab offers much of the same treatment options as inpatient rehab does, however with this form of treatment, individuals continue to live at home during recovery, and just travel to the rehab centre for scheduled treatment sessions. Outpatient treatment is preferred by individuals who continue to go to work whilst completing addiction rehab and be more suitable for those who have minor to minor addition issues.


Recovering from a drug and alcohol rehab in Edmonton

Selecting the help of a drug and alcohol rehab in Edmonton is possible through this time. We are however located in Towcester, still accessible to you through our residential rehab services.

Through our approach, we can help you leave behind your worries, your memories, and your triggers, to ultimately focus on getting to grips with your vulnerabilities. While leaving home may initially make you feel vulnerable, you’ll soon be detached from your addiction cause, helping you increase your focus, your involvement, and your recovery likelihoods.

By understanding your causation of addiction, by accepting addiction treatment recommendations to suppress such vulnerability, by welcoming relapse prevention planning to avoid your triggers, and by remaining committed throughout, you can work towards the likelihood of long-term recovery.

Addiction recovery is an individual race, meaning that you should have tunnel vision on your journey. This may feel easier here at Asana Lodge, instead of a drug and alcohol rehab in Edmonton down to location and associations.


Starting your journey here at Asana Lodge

Your journey of understanding, change, recovery and personal growth can start here at Asana Lodge. Through a personal programme of detoxification, suitable addiction treatment services, relapse prevention planning and post-rehab steps, you can learn how to control your triggers.

Vulnerabilities will remain, no matter which rehab experience you invest in. This is down to the fact that memories and experiences will reside to a degree, which can develop into an emotional, mental, or physical relapse. Yet, with significant efforts throughout rehab, with a full understanding of your influence and cause, and with a long-term recovery plan in place, you can reduce the risks of relapse.

Start your admissions process here at Asana Lodge, to harness your vulnerabilities. While a drug and alcohol rehab in Edmonton itself may offer local convenience, we offer the convenience of residential services, helping you focus on your journey.

Does rehab work?

Yes, rehab does work if you’re invested, if you’re aware of the intentions of rehab, and if you also make proactive decisions around your impending journey. The intentions of rehab surround change, from withdrawing from drugs and alcohol to adapting the level of control clients have over their triggers. If you can get to grips with such intentions, rehab will work effectively for you.

How long are rehab programmes?

Typically, a rehab programme through residential services will last 28 days, soon followed by relapse prevention and aftercare. While this is the standard, depending on the complexity of an addiction diagnosis, more time may be required to dedicate to active treatment. The best way to develop a timeline will be by reaching out to complete a pre-rehab assessment.

Can addicts be cured?

Sadly, a cure is an unrealistic goal to reach for, as recovery experiences are all different. It can be challenging to cure addiction, as vulnerabilities of habits may be ingrained through genes, beliefs, or memories. With this in mind, suppressing every single vulnerability with a guarantee is impossible, yet managing them is possible.