Addiction is a common condition that can be triggered by various internal and external influences. Also found to vary effects and consequences, a drug and alcohol addiction can result in many life-changing and limiting situations.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Stratford New Town 

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Although common, addiction is, therefore, an unpredictable condition, from how it develops to its effects. Behavioural problems can be triggered by something so widespread to something so personal, and common to unforeseeable effects can also be experienced through substance abuse.

As addiction is irregular, impulsive, and compulsive, treatment must be personalised and fully considerate. Everything about the addiction recovery process should be tailored to people rather than addiction diagnoses.

Fully personalised here at Asana Lodge, a private rehab programme can be completed to accommodate your individual needs fully. Offered via a drug and alcohol rehab in Stratford New Town, local, reliable, and scientifically proven services can be experienced.

Addiction treatment can also be encountered via the NHS; its broad offering can make it very difficult to overcome unexpected or unpredictable bouts of addiction.

Instead, to overcome, manage and understand your problems with drugs and alcohol, no matter how common they may be, contact our team on 01908 489 421.

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Addiction help in Stratford New Town

An addiction can display and develop through predictable signs, symptoms, and effects, and treating addiction can be a more straightforward process for those with a common diagnosis. Drug and alcohol problems can also carry complicated consequences, can trigger unpredictably, and influence uncommon symptoms, making it a more complex condition to treat.

As an addiction also impacts people from all walks of life, every aspect of drug rehab should be considered. Some people will already feel supported and ready for rehab, others will be struggling mentally, others will need a safe haven to escape to, and others will lack all funding to commit to rehab. Those who suffer from addiction are so diverse that one-to-one, individual programmes should be provided.

Addiction help and treatment to a personal level will be available via residential rehab. Over a 30-day programme, checking into a drug and alcohol rehab in Stratford, New Town, will provide a private and personal experience. Holistic recovery can also be encountered, increasing success rates and the realism of long-term recovery.

In Stratford New Town, NHS addiction help can also be sourced on an outpatient basis. Yet harder to come by, generic programmes are offered, primarily effective across mild and standard diagnoses.

Our addiction treatment programmes work to consider how addiction has started, the impacts that it’s having on the brain, and how its presence is disrupting daily life. From here, at Asana Lodge, we provide our clients with the awareness and tools to reach and sustain long-term recovery.


How does drug and alcohol rehab work?

Drug and alcohol rehab makes up the most effective recovery process, and its setting, level of care, and treatments all help drive addiction recovery.

Guided by leading medical professionals and therapy specialists, rehab offers safe and compassionate care. Support is available 24/7 by checking into residential rehab whilst also experiencing tailored programmes and recommendations.

Environments are professional, intimate, and relaxing through private rehab, offering various facilities to ensure a comfortable stay. Possible to remove everyday influences and drug and alcohol exposure, the ideal setting is available through rehab.

Via a drug and alcohol rehab in Stratford New Town, addiction treatments are industry-leading and proven for their effects. Also scientifically accredited and backed by the latest technology, treatments are designed to heal the body and mind in unison. A wide range of treatments and therapies will be selected, which benefit psychological rehabilitation through addiction recovery.

Alongside addiction treatment services, treatment plans are personalised to improve mental health, wellbeing, and routines. Aiming for long-term recovery, services are in place to promote greater self-control, mindfulness, and relapse prevention efforts.

A personalised rehab can soon be experienced by completing our admissions process. Offering a quick turnaround, your needs will be gauged and fuel your tailored rehab and detox programme.


What happens during rehab?

By checking into a drug and alcohol rehab in Stratford New Town, you’ll have a plan in place to advance through. Your plan will include a range of treatments, services, and resources to help you through drug and alcohol rehabilitation.

Addiction treatment programmes are structured by offering individual, group and holistic sessions alongside a medical detoxification programme. Uniting effective and safe addiction treatments, a progressive yet sustainable process can be worked through.

Kickstarting with a detoxification process, a 30-day timeline of rehab can begin. Within residential rehab, reassuring and high-quality care can be experienced through a drug detox or alcohol detox.

With techniques and replacement drugs to hand, withdrawal symptoms and cravings can be worked through, helping complete the initial rehab phase.

Handpicked for their restorative benefits, individual, group, and evidence-based psychological therapies will follow. Taking into account how your brain works with drugs and alcohol, sessions will help motivate control and balance whilst working through personal responses, triggers, and coping methods.

Mental health and physical treatment services and resources are also available through rehab. Dual diagnosis treatment, nutritional therapy, wellbeing services, social activities and holistic therapies are all offered to restore balance and stability.

Once inpatient treatment has been completed, a plan of action will be available to understand and manage addiction on a post-rehab basis personally. Relapse prevention and aftercare will be the most effective tools to use, plan for long-term recovery, and adapt lifestyle choices.

Post-rehab, our clients can begin to return to life in Stratford New Town with confidence, awareness, individual coping strategies, and new support groups to attend.


Addiction treatments and therapies at Asana Lodge

Our therapies help treat substance abuse, manage future symptoms, and prevent future relapse. With an understanding of your personal needs, the most effective treatments and therapies will be united to motivate recovery.

From withdrawal to learning how to manage feelings, responses and outlooks, positive results can be found through our treatments, designed to break the negative cycle of addiction. Your treatment plan will include some of the below services with our guidance.

Our plans will treat the cause, symptoms, and responses of drug and alcohol abuse. They will also consider future steps, choices and associations with drugs and alcohol to reduce relapse risks.


How long is rehab?

If you attend a drug and alcohol rehab in Stratford New Town, the average programme can be completed in 4 weeks. A 30-day programme will provide enough time to work through the rehab process. Yet it will be progressive enough to engage and motivate clients continuously.

The length of rehab and its structure will vary for each of our clients. At Asana Lodge, the most beneficial rehab programme will be formed post-admission.

If outpatient treatment is more suitable for you, it will be organised over 6 months. Yet less progressive when treating addiction, it can be harder to remain motivated, committed, and positive through outpatient plans.


Cost of rehab

A wide range of services, education, and support includes private rehab and its cost. With that, broad programmes can start at £4,000, and specialists can fall at £10,000+ for a short stay. We’re here to find the most affordable programme for you to complete.

Funding private rehab will be essential to ensure that it can be completed. Most programmes are funded through savings, paid by loved ones or claimed through insurance. This is something to discuss and plan for with our admissions team before your rehab start date.


How to find a rehab in Stratford New Town

The most practical all-round recovery experience that can be encountered at Asana Lodge is fully understanding and prioritising your needs. A personalised residential programme can be sourced and started as soon as you’re prepared.

Reach out to visit a drug and alcohol rehab in Stratford, New Town, or for open access via a referral.

How to find a support group?

Support groups, such as Alcoholics Anonymous provide a community feel of support. They are ideal for recovering addicts and their loved ones to attend, take part in and commit to. On a post-rehab basis, support group sessions will be arranged through aftercare. Local support groups will be selected to partake in and commit to for the next 12 months. Post-aftercare, you’ll still have the chance to attend meetings and include them in your routine.

How much does aftercare cost?

Aftercare is free here at Asana Lodge for 12 months. We understand how hard hitting an addiction is on the finances, which is why we offer free support on a post-rehab basis. Taking place weekly via Zoom, you receive regular check ups carried out by the addiction recovery specialists here at Asana Lodge.

Can I receive support for my mental health?

Via a drug and alcohol rehab in Stratford New Town, mental health treatments and support will be available. Offered as dual diagnosis treatment here at Asana Lodge, we can help you work through any pre-existing issues or side effects linked to substance abuse. Similar to an addiction treatment programme, an effective and safe programme will be offered to treat your mental health problems and to elevate overall brain health.