Comprehensive recovery is the aim when rehabilitating from a drug and alcohol addiction. Such level of recovery reflects the most effect when considering sobriety milestones and their sustainability for the long-term.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Sidcup

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Reasonably, any degree of recovery, by withdrawing from drugs and alcohol, or overcoming the emotional impacts of consumption is an encouraging sign. Yet, with the intent to avoid future consumption and influential exposure, a comprehensive process will be best completed.

Via a drug and alcohol rehab in Sidcup, on an inpatient level, completing a comprehensive journey will be possible, followed by invaluable aftercare support to strengthen the dynamic of sober living.

Through a range of addiction treatment services, holistic therapies, and relapse prevention planning sessions, an extensive effort of addiction recovery can be fulfilled.

At Asana Lodge, a leading facility specialising in drug and alcohol rehabilitation, we personalise our care whilst also incorporating scientifically proven recovery techniques into our programmes.

See how our approach can elevate the comprehensiveness of recovery, accessible through inpatient rehab.

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Visiting a Drug and Alcohol Rrehab in Sidcup

To achieve comprehensive recovery, inpatient rehab will be a strong recommendation. This is due to the inconsistency of outpatient rehab, which can make it difficult to remain on top of and manage the recovery process.

Possible to experience via a drug and alcohol rehab in Sidcup, working through a personalised yet proactive journey of addiction recovery will be possible.

By merging together, a swift admissions process, an effective programme of addiction recovery, realistic planning for the future, and aftercare services, a wide range of invaluable tools will be obtained.

It is important to remember that through a 28-day inpatient programme, initial milestones of sobriety can be achieved. However, such milestones must continue to develop and strengthen, in order to maintain a drug and alcohol-free lifestyle. The offering of comprehensive recovery contributes to such strength, by treating a multitude of influences and triggers.

Selecting to recover in Sidcup is doable, indefinitely through inpatient care, offering a continuity of seamless rehabilitation services.


What’s expected of Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment

At Asana Lodge, we follow the comprehensive approach by offering personalised expectations of addiction treatment. On admission into our rehabilitation centre, we achieve this by assessing personal needs and circumstances, to form treatment advice.

Advice will then turn into recommendations, forming a personalised programme which will cover the timescale of inpatient rehab, yet will also focus on distinct phases of recovery.

Our approach to addiction treatment also considers scientific and evidential findings, by truly considering the influences of drug and alcohol abuse. Alongside working through such phases, we also recommend a range of holistic and sustainable treatment services to elevate recovery.

Through initial phases of recovery, you can expect to complete a detoxification process, rehabilitation through cognitive behavioural therapy, group therapy and further talking therapies. Yet alongside such phases, personalisation will shine through, through recommendations of virtual reality therapy, dual diagnosis treatment, NAD+ therapy, and mindfulness.

Treatment expectations will cover physical, psychological, and social recovery efforts. Yet the most important phase focuses on the mind, which will naturally recover the body and persona, through sustainable change and restoration.

Following such approach throughout rehab, visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Sidcup will reflect comprehensive recovery.


Benefits of Comprehensive Recovery

Comprehensive recovery is an invaluable process through active rehab. It eases the process by opting for an all-round form of treatment, improving all areas of life. However, there are significant benefits of comprehensive recovery when considering longevity, promoting its necessity even greater.

Completing a programme via a drug and alcohol rehab in Sidcup will increase the opportunities of long-term recovery. At a comprehensive level, such opportunities will strengthen by developing lifestyle choices, a mental health state and behaviours which naturally reflect sober living.

It can be difficult to adjust to such changes, yet with a purpose-driven programme to complete, changes can be ingrained from the start of rehab, helping to increase opportunities.

All-round recovery will also be beneficial when considering relapse prevention planning, as new habits and outlooks will be robust, helping to naturally prevent drug and alcohol exposure. If relapse risks do arise, natural responses, from routines to social interactions will help to reduce such risks.

A comprehensive programme will focus on physical wellbeing, mental health, relationships, quality of life, social influences, genetics, environments, coping strategies and education of addiction, to reduce the desirability of substance abuse.

Here at Asana Lodge, completing an all-round, holistic process of recovery should be expected, starting with the mind, and developing into physical and spiritual recovery.


Aftercare Plans

Once inpatient offerings have been finalised, aftercare plans will follow on from our drug and alcohol rehab clinic. Found to offer relief through the transition phase of recovery, plans will be in place to follow while back in Sidcup.

12 months of free aftercare will be available, offering sources of motivation, offering positive intentions, offering goal setting opportunities, and offering support through this overwhelming yet transformational time.

Making use of aftercare services is encouraged, to carry forward the skills and experiences of rehab, through to everyday life. This is a safe and sustainable way of progressing forward, following the comprehensive approach of addiction recovery.

Experience all-round care via inpatient rehab here at Asana Lodge, recognised as an effective journey towards long-term recovery.

How do I access Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Sidcup?

Accessing a drug and alcohol rehab in Sidcup is possible here at Asana Lodge. Start the process by completing our admissions process, to gauge the suitability of rehab. Suitable for inpatient care, support can begin, marking the rehabilitation journey.

What happens after Drug and Alcohol Rehab?

Drug and alcohol rehab as a programme will come to an end, for most, after 28-30 days. Beyond this point, working to maintain sobriety will be key, by accessing ongoing support, aftercare services and relapse prevention planning.

Can I refer a family member to Drug and Alcohol Rehab?

Family and friend referrals can be made into drug and alcohol rehab, to start the process of acceptance. Your loved one will need to accept support and an admission into rehab. Yet a referral is a strong starting point to motivate acceptance. Recovery with sustainability in mind through inpatient, comprehensive drug and alcohol rehab.