Withdrawing from alcohol and drugs is the first phase of addiction recovery. It’s best completed through a detoxification process, helping to remove all traces and urges.

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A safe and sustainable withdrawal process can help to promote sobriety. Breaking the cycle of physical consumption is very important. Yet in order to recover from addiction, additional phases must be completed.

Phases of rehabilitation, relapse prevention planning and aftercare are all recommended. Helping to strengthen and solidify the chance to remain drug and alcohol-free, a comprehensive process should be worked through.

Starting off with the detoxification phase, to get clean, followed by further milestones of addiction recovery is recommended here at Asana Lodge. Each phase can be completed via a private drug and alcohol rehab in Dulwich, facilitated from our treatment centre.

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How to Withdraw from Drugs and Alcohol?

Withdrawing from drugs and alcohol will be a necessity. Consumption to the level of an addiction will follow a cycle. Without a break, the cycle will continue to churn. Due to withdrawal symptoms, cravings, and urges, it can be difficult to break the cycle of consumption without a sustainable intervention.

With professional support and guidance, the cycle can be broken, promoting withdrawal. The most effective and safe way to do so is through a medical detox. Either a drug detox or an alcohol detox will be recommended through alcohol and drug rehab, offering a slow elimination process.

The phase of detoxification is best completed through private rehab due to the clinical and safe environment that it homes. Withdrawal symptoms are expected through a detox, which can be difficult to bypass. With professional support and treatments in place, you can persevere through the detox process, making use of replacement prescriptions and therapies.

Detoxing will be available via a drug and alcohol rehab in Dulwich. Yet to recover, you should also access further treatments and therapies, proven to treat drug and alcohol addiction.


Treatment via Private Rehab

Post-detox, you will have the chance to complete various therapy sessions and recovery steps here at Asana Lodge. Yet before you can start the process, you’ll need to select the right delivery of treatment.

Experiencing treatment via private rehab is safe and is progressive. You can expect to detach from drugs and alcohol whilst also improving your health and wellbeing. High success rates are forecasted through the quality and suitability of private addiction treatment.

Yet your exact experience will differ, depending on whether you select to complete outpatient treatment sessions or a residential rehab plan. Outpatient treatment will be completed through visits, planned over a number of months. Therapy sessions and activities can be juggled alongside daily responsibilities. Inpatient treatment will require your full commitment and focus, arranged over 28 days, by checking into rehab. Sessions will be intense and highly motivating.

Your day to day in rehab will vary between options, from the amount of time you spend in active treatment to the techniques that you work through. Yet through both options, the standards and offerings of private rehab will be definite. You can expect medical, and specialist led treatment sessions, intimate rehab facilities and exposure to proven addiction treatment.


Addiction and Mental Health

On admission to our private rehab clinic, you will have your own treatment plan to focus on. Your plan will include physical, psychological, and holistic therapies. Our approach focuses on healing the mind, which will alleviate the body and soul from addiction.

A wide range of treatment services and therapy options will combine to benefit your addiction recovery journey. Treatment plans will likely include:

Withdrawal will be the main physical goal of treatment, and restoration and improved mental health will be the goals of psychological treatment. We’re here to guide you through each, ready to thrive through and maintain sobriety.

How to remain sober after rehab

The post-rehab transition can be daunting. Yet with professional support and services in place, the process can be easier to adjust to.

We provide 12 months of free aftercare here at Asana Lodge. Taking place weekly over Zoom, our medical team are available to help our clients through possible obstacles and relapse.

By making use of aftercare services and your own relapse prevention plan, you’ll have a greater chance of avoiding drug and alcohol exposure. Combined with positive lifestyle choices and a set routine, sobriety can be an easier lifestyle to welcome.

Throughout rehab, you’ll have a wealth of tips, techniques, and tools to carry forward for your discharge. For more information on aftercare and its schedule, reach out at Asana Lodge.

Completing various phases of recovery can be expected via a private drug and alcohol rehab in Dulwich. Experience detoxification, rehabilitation, planning and ongoing care through our facility.

Who can attend rehab

Rehab is designed to help people who struggle with substance use problems and/or mental illness. It’s an accessible service, suitable for people from all walks of life. No matter your background, you can attend rehab. However, it’s important to make sure that rehab is firstly a viable option for you. Consider the severity of your problems, your budget, your current headspace, your commitment, and your availability. If you need to take action on your drug or alcohol habits, and can commit yourself to rehab, you can begin the admissions process at Asana Lodge.

How to start rehab

You can start rehab by reaching out to complete a self-referral. There’s also a chance that you may be contacted by our admissions team, due to a family and friend referral. Completing/accepting a referral will show your interest in rehabilitating, which will follow up with an admission. An admission will start your rehabilitation journey, helping you plan, prepare, and arrange your programme via a drug and alcohol rehab in Dulwich.

What are the signs that I need professional help?

If you are struggling through drug and alcohol abuse, this is a sign for professional intervention. To struggle can be represented by money problems, consistent withdrawal symptoms, unhealthy habits, a change in priority and ill-health.