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Drug and Alcohol Rehab Streatham

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Sourcing treatment for all types of health concerns can be accessed via the NHS and through private medical. Addiction treatment services are also available through both options.

Carrying different costs, timelines, and services, here at Asana Lodge, we recommend that you select treatment which suits your circumstances the most. You should also consider your recovery experience and success rates, ensuring that addiction treatment can be effective.

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Are you suffering from a Drug or Alcohol Addiction and need help? If so, Asana Lodge is a leading UK based expert in Private Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Treatment. Find out how we can help by getting in touch with our friendly team today. You can either call our confidential helpline or request a call-back by clicking on the below form.

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Offering tailored treatment plans, through our private drug rehab clinic, we can help you work through any problems with drugs or alcohol. We also offer dual diagnosis treatment to help to treat symptoms of substance addiction and mental illness.

With the possibility to complete a residential programme or an outpatient programme, we can cater to your rehabilitation needs. For private care, complete the admissions process with our team to attend and to receive treatment via drug and alcohol rehab in Streatham or the surrounding area.

Treatment Options in Streatham

Both NHS and private addiction treatment services are offered in Streatham. You’ll be able to complete a self-referral for either option. Selecting the most beneficial treatment option is recommended, along with the most accommodating for your current situation.

Free addiction treatment services are offered on the NHS. To access support, you’ll be directed to a waiting list, up until a personal programme can be arranged. Once your sessions do begin, a generic plan of treatment will be offered, treating common physical and psychological symptoms.

Private addiction treatment services are different as access is immediate and as programmes are personalised. Yet with an urgent and high-quality offering, treatment plans must be paid for. Through various private treatment options, individual budgets can be worked to.

By selecting private rehab, you will have the option to either visit rehab for outpatient treatment or to check into a drug and alcohol rehab in Streatham for residential treatment. Both are effective and will consider your availability, budget, and addiction severity.

What to Expect by Walking into Private Rehab?

If you select to visit or reside in private rehab, you’ll have a tailored plan of action to work through. Your plan will be personalised with addiction treatments and therapies, to effectively treat your triggers and symptoms.

By visiting private rehab, you can expect a safe haven, ready for your attendance. Away from drug and alcohol influences, various treatments can be completed, following a regular and convenient schedule. Professional support will be available, throughout treatment sessions and on an outpatient basis, to advance through addiction recovery. Relapse prevention planning and aftercare will also be recommended, to experience an easier transition process.

If you select to reside in a private drug and alcohol rehab in Streatham, you’ll again be welcomed into a safe space with limited distractions and influences. Yet you’ll have a wide range of treatment facilities and resources to make use of, along with 24/7 support. A residential programme will be arranged over a 28-day period, which you’ll remain in private rehab for, whilst experiencing treatment, family visits, wellbeing sessions and rehabilitation activities.

A key benefit of private rehab is that you’ll have a dedicated team of specialists to help you through drug and alcohol rehabilitation. Your team will include medical professionals, leading psychiatrists, therapists, and coaches. A positive and progressive experience can be expected, moving you throughout addiction recovery.

Addiction Treatment Options and Programmes

At Asana Lodge, we offer holistic treatments and therapies which are scientifically proven. We focus on mental health recovery and restoration which help to treat the physical symptoms and urges of addiction.

On arrival at our rehab centre, you will have your own programme to complete. Your programme will include physical, psychological, and holistic treatment services, to motivate an all-round recovery process.

Detoxing from alcohol or from drugs will be necessary, to safely curb cravings and to suppress withdrawal symptoms. Therapy sessions will also be recommended, to clear the mind of associations and to understand the emotional impacts of substance abuse. Cognitive behavioural therapy, family therapy and group therapy are some of our most recommended treatments.

Focusing on holistic rehabilitation, your addiction treatment programme may also include the likes of sauna therapy, meditation sessions, self-care and satori chair therapy.

Our sessions are fully personalised, also possible to address further concerns, such as mental health issues. Our team is experienced and qualified to offer dual diagnosis treatment and recovery plans.

Programmes will end with relapse prevention planning and aftercare, in place to strengthen success rates. Offered on an outpatient basis, weekly Zoom sessions will take place free of  charge for the first 12 months after completion of rehab.

The Cost of Private Rehab

Private rehab can be costly in some situations. Yet it’s also an affordable and sustainable service, which caters to individual needs.

Some factors including your location, severity of symptoms, chosen rehab clinic and its specialisms, and the length of your programme can impact the cost of rehab. Costs can vary between £4,000 and £10,000 for a short stay, all depending on the contents and timeline of rehab. We’re here to offer the most suitable for your needs at Asana Lodge.

Reach out for a viable quote, to visit or reside via private rehab. Finding a drug and alcohol rehab in Streatham, offering such flexibility will be possible.

How private is rehab?

Rehab is an intimate and discrete process whilst recovering through a private clinic. Privacy levels cannot be guaranteed through NHS treatment services. Yet here at Asana Lodge, full confidentiality and protection can be. Your personal details will be protected, along with experiencing private and comfortable facilities and settings. Your admission will be confidential, and you’ll benefit from working alongside a dedicated team. Both inpatient and outpatient programmes are private and personal, suitable for a peaceful and distraction-free addiction recovery journey.

Can I access mental health support?

Mental health support will be offered via a drug and alcohol rehab in Streatham. Our rehab clinic specialises in dual diagnosis treatment, providing programmes of addiction and mental health treatments. Your mental health is just as important as your physical health, protected and elevated here at Asana Lodge.

How can I improve my lifestyle?

Lifestyle recommendations and management services will be provided throughout rehab. It’s essential that you maintain a lifestyle which protects your recovery journey. Focus will be placed on your routine, sleep, nutrition, self-care, relationships, environments, and commitments. All should point towards and support sobriety. Full guidance will be provided through drug and alcohol rehabilitation.