Are you worried about your drug and alcohol addiction? Many people live with the worry of their drug or alcohol addiction but just can’t stop taking the substance no matter how much they want to.

If this sounds like you, you need to attend rehab so that you can completely eliminate your addiction and go back to living your old happy and healthy lifestyle.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Wimbledon

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If you are considering addiction recovery, get in touch with us today to find out more about what we can do to help you start your recovery journey.

Our friendly and helpful team of staff will happily answer any questions you may have about rehab and will offer you advice to help you make the right choices that will offer you the best chances of making a full recovery from your addiction.


How Do Addictions Start?

There are many possible causes of a drug or alcohol addiction. In most cases, the addiction alone is not the entire problem. In the majority of drug or alcohol addiction cases, there are underlying mental health problems and certain life circumstances that can make someone more prone to becoming an addict.

Many people will turn to substances as a way of dealing with the stresses of life. They may consider this a form of self-medication.

However, using drugs and alcohol as a way of escaping can only lead to the problems becoming much worse. When you use substances in this way, this can lead to dependency, helplessness, and then this is what can develop into an addiction.

The most important thing to remember when it comes to addictions is that this type of addiction is caused by an illness. However, there are many positive steps that you can take to help you with your recovery and to ensure that you go on to lead a happy and healthy life that is free from drugs or alcohol.

Many rehab treatments work on a person’s mental health problems and the therapies in rehab will help you to learn the underlying issues so that you can work on those and avoid chances of relapse.


Do I Really Need Rehab Treatment?

Many addicts do not fully understand or realise the extent of their addiction. With this in mind, they may not know if they actually need rehab or not.

If you are here reading this today, then that is already a sign that you are ready for rehab. However, if you are considering rehab and you’re unsure if you need it, there are some signs that you can look out for.

Below is a list of the most common signs that someone might need addiction treatment:


Your Daily Tasks Become More Difficult

As addiction enters your life, many things can become much more difficult. Drug and alcohol addictions can affect things such as your concentration, your mood, your ability to make good judgements, your ability to communicate clearly, and many other things.

Your normal daily life can be affected by a number of the negative effects of addiction such as sickness, cravings, withdrawals, paranoia, pain, and sometimes even loss of motor skills.


You Are Experiencing Major Problems

When you start noticing major negative problems in your life, this is when there is a clear sign that you need to attend a drug or alcohol rehab centre to make a full recovery from your addiction.

You may start to notice problems at home, in your relationships, in your career, and in your health. If your doctor has put forward concerns about your health, this is a sign that you need to attend rehab to overcome your addiction.

Your doctor will have seen people with addictions before, so if they are putting forward concerns, then this is a sign that you should think about taking action to improve your life.

Managing addictions is extremely difficult and you will start to struggle with balancing your normal life and your addiction. If you notice this is happening, then you should really think about attending rehab as soon as possible.


You Can’t Simply Stop Taking the Substance

When someone is addicted to a substance, it is impossible to simply stop taking the substance that they’re addicted to. Even if they really want to stop, they just won’t be able to.

It is usually the withdrawal symptoms that prevent a person from being able to stop taking the substance. When you attend a rehab centre, you will go through a medically assisted detox program which will help you to stop taking the substance and will allow you to deal with the withdrawals in a safe and supportive environment.

The detox process is rehab is medically assisted. This is extremely beneficial for people who have severe addictions as it will allow them to recover safely – something they wouldn’t be able to do if they tried to detox themselves at home.


Your Relationships Are Breaking Down Because of Addiction

Drug and alcohol addictions can change your moods and the way that you interact with other people. People may start to notice your changes and they may cause them to withdraw from you.

When you are an addict, you will often stop attending social events that you once found fun. The substance will become the most important thing in your life and you will not enjoy the social activities that you once did.

Once you start to lose your friends and family, this can make you feel very depressed and can make the addiction even worse. You may even find yourself associating with other addicts. This can be very dangerous and can only result in the addiction becoming much worse.

In rehab, you will go through some therapies that will help you with your social skills so that you can go back to the sociable life that you once loved.

You may also take part in family therapy sessions. These family therapy sessions can help you to rebuild the relationships with those who are most important to you.