Drug and alcohol problems can trigger for various reasons. Life can be heavily disrupted and flipped upside down once a drug and alcohol addiction develops, ranging in effects and consequences.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Brockley 

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Addiction is both an impactful yet unpredictable condition, and its cause can be widespread to something so personal to an individual. The effects of substance abuse can also rank from moderate and expected to unforeseeable and highly damaging.

Since it is a compulsive, impulsive and irregular condition, addiction should be treated and managed through personalised steps. From the coping strategies that are implemented to the treatments that are recommended, everything about the addiction recovery process should be tailored to the person.

To a personalised level, here at Asana Lodge, private rehab can be experienced to heal from addiction personally. Arrangeable via a drug and alcohol rehab in Brockley, scientifically proven treatments, techniques, and guidance can be benefitted from, alongside tailored recommendations.

Addiction treatment can also be encountered through an outpatient treatment programme offered on the NHS. Yet mostly beneficial for generic diagnoses, outpatient plans are much less effective whilst treating addiction.

To instead understand, overcome, manage your problems with drugs and alcohol, contact our team on 01908 489 421.

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Addiction help in Brockley

For some, the most common signs, symptoms, and effects will be encountered through addiction. Whilst still challenging to experience and treat, the process is less complicated and easier to manoeuvre through. Yet, for others, a complex diagnosis and addiction treatment plan will be ahead due to unpredictable triggers, symptoms, and consequences.

An addiction is an unbiased condition, impacting people from various walks of life. Some addicts will have the support to recover; others will have a safe environment, others will have financial worries, and others will already suffer from depression or anxiety. A wide range of circumstances and experiences are encountered by our clients, showing how crucial one-to-one addiction treatment programmes are.

Addiction help and treatment to this standard and consideration will be available via residential rehab. By residing in a private drug and alcohol rehab in Brockley, a 30-day personalised programme can be experienced whilst using scientific and technological tools. Recognised as a holistic way to recover, success rates and long-term plans are much more realistic.

In Brockley, NHS addiction help can also be sourced through outpatient treatment. Yet with high demands and a lack of funds, delayed and generic treatment programmes are expected. Although suitable to treat mild and uncomplicated problems, drug and alcohol addiction will be challenging to treat.

An effective addiction treatment programme will consider how addiction has started, the impacts that it’s having on the brain, and how its presence is disrupting daily life. At Asana Lodge, we understand and communicate this to our clients to help them manage their battles through long-term recovery.


How does drug and alcohol rehab work?

Drug and alcohol rehab provides everything you’ll need to recover. Its setting, levels of care and treatment programmes are some of the benefits of private rehab, which help promote sustainable recovery.

A handpicked team of medical professionals and therapy specialists leads rehab to provide safe and compassionate care. Support is available on a 24/7 basis through residential rehab whilst also benefiting from tailored services and resources.

Environments are professional, clean, and relaxing through private rehab, offering various facilities to ensure a comfortable stay. Through inpatient rehab, breaking free from drug and alcohol influences and every day routines is possible.

With drug and alcohol rehab in Brockley, industry-leading addiction treatment services will be used. Scientifically accredited and backed by the latest technology, treatments are designed to understand addiction whilst healing the body and brain. Significant intervention can be found here at Asana Lodge to treat physical and psychological dependence. Our treatments and therapies are recommended based on how they will benefit a client’s brain and body through addiction recovery.

Alongside addiction treatment services, treatment plans have the scope to improve mental health, wellbeing, and routines. Aiming for long-term recovery, services are in place to increase personal discipline, mindfulness, and relapse prevention.

Through our thorough admissions process, a personalised rehab programme can be formed. The most beneficial treatments, steps, and rehab plans can be arranged for you by assessing and understanding your needs and wants.


What happens during rehab?

All arrangements will be made for you by checking into a drug and alcohol rehab in Brockley.  You’ll have a plan of action to follow, which will include the most progressive treatments and services to heal the body, mind, and spirit.

Addiction treatment plans are designed around individual, group, and holistic services, alongside a medically assisted detoxification programme. Addiction recovery can be expected at a progressive and comfortable rate by bringing together the most effective and safe treatment services.

Ready to complete over 30 days, the rehab timeline will start with a detoxification process. Detoxing is a medically assisted treatment, helping remove drugs and alcohol from the body safely. Staying in the best setting possible, residential rehab assures 24/7 medical care. With techniques and replacement drugs to hand, withdrawal symptoms and cravings can be worked through, ready for a range of rehabilitation services.

Personalised and handpicked treatment services will then follow to promote rehabilitation. A wide range of individual and group therapy sessions will fill rehab, along with some evidence-based psychological therapies. Taking into account how the brain works, sessions will help our clients gain control and become mindful of their responses, triggers, and coping methods.

With balance comes the chance to work through any mental health issues by completing dual diagnosis treatment. Physical health can also be improved, working through a plan of nutritional, wellbeing, social and holistic therapies.

By completing residential rehab, a plan of action will follow to understand and manage addiction for the long-term personally. Your plan will include relapse prevention, stress management, 12-step programmes, and 12 months of free aftercare. To provide the best chance for our clients to heal and change their lives, various long-term tools are available at Asana Lodge.

Post-rehab, our clients can begin to return to life in Brockley with confidence, positive coping strategies, and a support network to rely on.


Addiction treatments and therapies at Asana Lodge

Our therapies and treatments help to treat the cause of addiction, help manage it, and help to prevent relapse in the future. By understanding your individual needs and diagnosis, we combine the most effective therapies to heal the mind and body.

From drug and alcohol withdrawal to therapy sessions, our treatments are designed to break the negative cycle of addiction. Your treatment plan will include some of the below services.

  • Cognitive behavioural therapy
  • Stress management
  • Drug and alcohol detox
  • NAD+ therapy
  • Family therapy
  • Group therapy
  • Trauma counselling
  • Meditation and mindfulness
  • Relapse prevention planning
  • Self-help
  • Sleep management
  • Art and music therapy
  • Fellowship groups
  • Social activities
  • Satori chair therapy
  • Dual diagnosis treatments

Treatment plans will slowly treat the cause, symptoms, and responses of addiction. Long-term goals will also be offered to manage sobriety through high-risk situations personally. We will evaluate aspects of your life, from your environment to your relationships, to help you plan for sobriety.


How long is rehab?

If you attend a drug and alcohol rehab in Brockley, the average plan can be completed in 30 days. A month-long programme can be arranged to provide enough time to work through rehab. This timescale will also be progressive enough to engage and motivate clients.

The length of rehab and its structure will differ between our clients. The most beneficial rehab programme will be formed for you at Asana Lodge.

If you prefer to work through a flexible, 6-month outpatient treatment programme, a referral through the NHS will be required. Yet less progressive when treating addiction, it can be harder to remain on track and focused through outpatient plans.


Cost of rehab

The cost of rehab includes a wide range of services, education, and support, along with 12 months of aftercare. For such an inclusive recovery programme, costs can range from £4,000 to £10,000+ for a short stay in inpatient rehab. The most affordable programme can be formed and arranged for you depending on your needs.

A further factor to consider on admission is the funding of private rehab — most of our client’s fund rehab through savings, insurance policies or the support of loved ones. Selecting the most reliable form of funding is essential.


How to find a rehab in Brockley?

You can expect to complete personalised and residential rehab programmes here at Asana Lodge. The most practical all-round recovery experience can be encountered by fully understanding and prioritising your needs.

Reach out to find and check into a drug and alcohol rehab in Brockley, which can be arranged through a quick admissions process.

How beneficial is an alcohol detox?

To safely withdraw from alcohol, a detoxification process must be worked through. It’s an extremely beneficial treatment, helping addicts quit alcohol with medical assistance and assurance. Without a detox process, alcohol withdrawal can be tough, for some resulting in chronic withdrawal symptoms. Lacking replacement drugs and therapies, symptoms can be engulfing, damaging, and demotivating. Yet with support, observations, and intervention, alcohol withdrawal can be both progressive and secure.

What do drinking withdrawal symptoms feel like?

Withdrawal symptoms from quitting alcohol can impact both the body and brain. They can be mild, ranging to chronic for those with extreme drinking habits. Common alcohol withdrawal symptoms include intense cravings, insomnia, vomiting, the shakes, depression, anxiety, irritability, and migraines. As the build-up of alcohol leaves the body, some form of reaction is expected. With professional help, via private rehab, symptoms can be managed and worked through.

How does relapse prevention planning work?

Relapse prevention planning is a tool which supports long-term recovery. It provides the opportunity to understand relapse, prepare for it and work through any high-risk situations. Alongside your dedicated team, you’ll develop a plan which will protect your sobriety. Your plan will include your motivations, successful coping strategies, helplines, and exit strategies. Your relapse prevention plan will protect you, especially through early recovery, to avoid drug and alcohol influences. As time goes on, your plan will adjust, yet will continue to help you through sobriety.