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A problem with drugs and alcohol can begin for various reasons, mostly influenced by environments, genetics, social pressures, and poor mental health. If developed into an addiction, many areas of life can be disrupted by drugs, alcohol, and their effects.

Although a common diagnosis nowadays, an addiction is an unpredictable condition. Its cause can be something so personal and unforeseeable or can be something so common and expected. The effects of drug and alcohol abuse can also range from predictable to unanticipated.

Considered as a compulsive, impulsive and irregular condition, an addiction should therefore be treated and managed through a personal process. Addiction treatments should be recommended on a per-client basis, and plans should be formed by assessing responses. The addiction recovery process should avoid the stereotypical route and should instead be tailored to a person and their needs.

To a personalised level, private rehab can be experienced at Asana Lodge, a leading rehab facility. Accessible via a drug and alcohol rehab in Maida Vale, evidence-based treatments, techniques, and guidance can be benefitted from.

NHS addiction treatment is also a rehab option. Yet with its broad offering, outpatient rehab is less progressive when treating individual responses to drugs and alcohol.

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Addiction help in Maida Vale

The most common and predictable signs, symptoms and effects will be experienced by some addicts. With that, recognising, diagnosing, and overcoming their drug and alcohol problems will be easier. For others, the most unpredictable and complicated consequences will be the case, increasing the difficulty of recovery.

Addiction is also unpredictable as it impacts people from all walks of life. Some will be heavily associated with other addicts, others will suffer mentally, others will have financial health, and others will reside in a clean setting. As there’s such a mix of clients and consequences of addiction, the treatment process should be tailored.

Personalised addiction help and treatment is offered via residential rehab. By checking into a private drug and alcohol rehab in Maida Vale, a 30-day programme can be formed and recommended to treat individual symptoms and triggers. Holistic and scientific approaches will be followed, to increase the reliability of addiction recovery.

In Maida Vale, addiction help can also be experienced on the NHS. Yet outpatient treatment is less effective due to delays and generic services. For someone who’s experiencing mild and expected drug and alcohol problems, outpatient treatment will be beneficial.

The cause of addiction, its impacts and its daily presence should be considered whilst forming an addiction treatment programme. At Asana Lodge, we assess drug and alcohol relationships to recommend the most effective addiction recovery process.


How does drug and alcohol rehab work?

Drug and alcohol rehab is the optimal process for addiction recovery. Its setting and level of care provide an assuring experience, whilst working through recovery-driven treatments and therapies.

Rehab is also a safe and compassionate process, supported by a handpicked team of medical professionals and therapy specialists. 24/7 support can be expected through residential rehab, whilst working through personal recommendations and plans.

The environment of our rehab clinic is private, professional, and clean, yet also relaxing and comfortable. We offer various facilities to ease the process. Our residential rehab offering also helps to remove clients from everyday routines and influences, drugs, alcohol, and their acceptance can be diminished.

Via a drug and alcohol rehab in Maida Vale, treatment services including some of the industry’s most effective are available. Making use of technology and scientific evidence, our treatments not only promote physical recovery but also psychological recovery. Treatments and therapies are selected here at Asana Lodge by prioritising our client’s needs.

Alongside addiction treatment services, our plans include a wealth of treatments to improve mental health and wellbeing. To reach long-term recovery, changes must be made, helping to increase mindfulness and personal awareness.

Through our admissions process, a personalised treatment programme full of the above intentions can be arranged. We will complete a clinical assessment to understand your needs. From here, treatments will be recommended to benefit your drug and alcohol addiction recovery journey.


What happens during rehab?

By checking into a drug and alcohol rehab in Maida Vale or within the Greater London area, your personal plan will be organised for you. The most beneficial treatments, services, and resources will be included to help heal the body, mind, and spirit.

A range of individual, group and holistic therapies are included in our treatment programmes, to work alongside drug and alcohol detoxification. The most effective and safe will be recommended to offer a progressive and comfortable rehabilitation journey.

Detoxification will begin a 30-day inpatient rehab programme. Offering the best setting, a medically assisted process can be worked through, helping to suppress withdrawal symptoms and challenges. Getting clean will be essential, in order to prepare for the next phase of rehab.

A range of handpicked treatment services will then follow. Psychological therapies are beneficial, along with individual and group sessions. Fully considerate of how the brain works, sessions will help our clients gain control and become mindful of their personal responses, triggers, and ways of coping.

By getting clean, the opportunity to work through mental health issues will also be available, delivered through dual diagnosis treatment. Physical health issues can also be suppressed through nutritional, wellbeing, social and holistic therapies.

Once all core treatments have been completed, a long-term plan of action will be available to manage addiction. Everything from relapse prevention planning, stress management, and 12 months of aftercare will be included. With long-term recovery as our focus for our clients, we provide the tools and knowledge to sustain sobriety.

Post-rehab, our clients will have the chance to slowly rebuild life back in Maida Vale, with a strong support network and a set of coping skills at hand.


Addiction treatments and therapies at Asana Lodge

Addiction treatments are used to treat the cause and effects of addiction. They are also designed to help motivate long-term recovery and relapse prevention. By understanding your individual needs and diagnosis, we can combine the most effective treatments and therapies to heal the mind and body.

Your treatment plan will include some of the below services via our rehab centre, focusing on drug and alcohol withdrawal, and therapy.

  • Drug and alcohol detox
  • Trauma counselling
  • Cognitive behavioural therapy
  • Stress management
  • NAD+ therapy
  • Family therapy
  • Group therapy
  • Self-help
  • Meditation and mindfulness
  • Relapse prevention planning
  • Sleep management
  • Fellowship groups
  • Social activities
  • Satori chair therapy
  • Dual diagnosis treatments

As symptoms and responses differ between clients, individual situations will be considered throughout addiction treatment. Personal circumstances will also be considered whilst forming long-term recovery plans.


How long is rehab?

Recovering via drug and alcohol rehab in Maida Vale can be completed in 30 days. A month-long programme will provide enough care and treatment, whilst also upholding motivation and commitment.

At Asana Lodge, the length of rehab and its structure will vary for each of our clients. The most beneficial rehab programme will be formed for you, taking into account your availability.

If you’re instead interested in outpatient treatment, a flexible process will be organised over a 6-month period. The process is less progressive, which can be difficult to follow whilst juggling everyday life and addiction.


Cost of rehab

Great value is offered through private rehab, inclusive of treatment services, education, professional support, and aftercare. For such value, costs can range from £4,000 to £10,000+ for a short stay. Your needs and budget will be followed to make sure that rehab is affordable and doable.

On admission, we will also consider the funding of your rehab programme. Some clients will use their savings or claim through an insurance policy. Arranging your funds prior to your admission into rehab will be essential.


How to find a rehab in Maida Vale?

Residential rehab can be experienced here at Asana Lodge. By prioritising your needs, you can expect to complete the most suitable all-round recovery experience.

Reach out to visit a drug and alcohol rehab in Maida Vale, or to find a further centre within the London Borough.

What is a medically assisted detox?

Detoxing from drugs or alcohol can be tough on the body and brain. A medically assisted detox helps to ease such challenges, by involving replacement medications and therapies.

Medical detox is observed by medical specialists on a 24/7 basis. Risks of chronic withdrawal symptoms are also much less due to medical intervention.

Through private rehab, medical detox will be arranged for all clients who need to get clean.

Does rehab work for drug addiction?

Drug rehab is available to treat substance addictions. Whether you’re addicted to an illegal drug, a prescription drug or an illicit drug, addiction treatment will be available and will be effective.

Rehab is a flexible process that can adapt to meet the needs of a person. With this in mind, yes, checking into a drug and alcohol rehab in Maida Vale will work if you are struggling with substance abuse.

How beneficial is residential rehab for mental health?

Residential rehab is the best way to recover from addiction. A safe and neutral setting is provided which can be great for mental health. A distraction-free zone is managed, to experience a positive and community-like environment.

The structure of residential rehab also means that mental health services are available. Anything from dual diagnosis treatment to meditation and mindfulness sessions can be completed. Services are beneficial for addiction recovery yet can also strengthen mental health.