To recover from a drug and alcohol addiction, accepting and completing treatment is necessary.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Rainham

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All offerings of addiction treatment will provide respite, opportunities of change and a degree of a foundation to recover from. However, to instead aim for sustainable recovery, indefinite change and a strong foundation, the right type of treatment must be experienced.

To access treatment, there are two main services which should be considered. Outpatient and inpatient services provide exposure to addiction treatment and the tools to influence recovery. Yet each will follow a different approach, from the accessibility of treatments to the timescale of active recovery.

Through the symptoms of addiction, inpatient treatment, via a drug and alcohol rehab in Rainham will be the most beneficial option from accessibility, range, and pace. Facilitated here at Asana Lodge, we make use of both traditional and innovative treatment services, to work through personal diagnosis of addiction.

Experience physical and psychological recovery, holistic efforts, and mental health support from our inpatient rehab clinic, providing all necessary steps of recovery.

Followed by subsequent outpatient care, benefiting from professional treatment is likely.

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Treating Drug and Alcohol Addiction

Both outpatient and inpatient programmes of treatment are promoted to treat addiction. Similar themes can be seen throughout both, aiming for detoxification and sobriety. However, the delivery of those aims are different, due to the structure and offering of treatment.

Outpatient treatment is flexibly recommended, falling over a 6–12-month period, facilitated via the NHS. It focuses heavily on generic symptoms of addiction, making use of traditional treatment services.

Although change and a degree of recovery can be experienced, many challenges are associated with outpatient addiction recovery, from its timespan to its lack of personalisation.

Treating addiction through inpatient rehab is different, due to its fast-paced programmes, its capacity of personalisation, and its robust structure.

Also capable of offering a wide range of treatments, recovering through an inpatient drug and alcohol rehab in Rainham will offer greater reliability and stability, due to personal recommendations.

Depending on your needs, experiences with drugs and alcohol, and available timeframe, selecting the right treatment option will be important, both available in Rainham.


Treatment via a Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Rainham

Through the timescale and focus of inpatient treatment, support and a personal programme can be found through a drug and alcohol rehab in Rainham. At Asana Lodge, this reflects our offering, by offering a consistent and suitable approach to addiction treatment recommendations.

By assessing your relationships with drugs and alcohol, from your triggers, symptoms, emotional responses, and the severity of their influence, developing a personal treatment programme will be possible. This is very important to promote safety and progressiveness, yet to also work with relapse prevention and long-term recovery efforts.

Through physical withdrawal, psychological recovery, and mental health improvements, both medically recommended treatments and holistic therapies will be advocated, to aim for recovery on a comprehensive basis.

Via our rehab clinic, we also focus on brain health and how addiction development impacts behaviours, soon turning into physical actions. Through evidential treatment recommendations, restoring brain functionality will be aimed for, to naturally benefit the body.


Physical Withdrawal

Treatment will firstly concentrate on physical withdrawal, to eliminate the influences of drugs and alcohol. Through inpatient rehab, a medical detox process can be completed, which helps to safely remove toxins from the body, while also promoting stability.

Physical withdrawal can span across a number of days, displaying physical and psychological withdrawal symptoms. Challenged through the presence of cravings, a medical detox can offer a comfortable and progressive process, reaching an initial point of sobriety.


Psychological Recovery

Addiction treatment recommendations, on a personal level will display through the aims of psychological recovery. Combining medical and holistic treatment services, rehabilitation can be proactive, safe, and highly stable.

At this point of the process, experiences of cognitive behavioural therapy, group therapy, individual therapy, stress management, family therapy and motivational therapy should be expected.

Combined with holistic services of mindfulness sessions, NAD+ therapy, satori chair therapy and virtual reality therapy, recovery from all angles can be worked through.

Aiming for both physical and psychological recovery is essential to move forward with relapse prevention and its security. All of the above, in tandem with personal relapse prevention planning and aftercare can be experienced via a drug and alcohol rehab in Rainham.


Mental Health Improvements

A key asset of our services at Asana Lodge focuses on our specialism of mental health recovery. Unfortunately, mental health vulnerabilities are commonly experienced in tandem with substance abuse, due to internal and external changes.

To recover, improving mental health will also be required, alongside addiction treatment, to suppress the risks of relapse. Whether mental health issues were pre-existing or have recently developed, dual diagnosis treatment will be recommended through inpatient rehab.

Symptoms of depression, compulsive behaviours, further habitual weaknesses, anxiety disorders and mood disorders can be worked through to improve all-round recovery rates.

Therapy, along with focus on lifestyle, coping strategies and emotional responses will be completed through this step of drug and alcohol rehab.

Treatment and its completion is extremely important through addiction recovery. Encounter the correct delivery of treatment, along with suitable forms through inpatient rehab, available here at Asana Lodge. This standard should be experienced throughout active rehab and aftercare to safeguard recovery and its sustainability.

How to choose a Rehab Facility?

A selected rehab facility should have the capabilities to cater to personal needs, while also offering comprehensive programmes of inpatient recovery. Choosing a rehab centre should therefore follow this criteria, along with focus on budget, accessibility and forecasted recovery rates.

Is Rehab expensive?

Rehab should be viewed as an investment, by improving health, wellbeing, and quality of life. Costings can vary across rehab offerings, with a great focus on inpatient rehab. Yet the experience is worthwhile, also capable of working to individual budgets.

Inpatient vs Outpatient Treatment?

Inpatient vs outpatient treatment is a difficult decision to make, which differentiates both options. Inpatient treatment is facilitated in-house, offered at an efficient pace and is professionally structured. Outpatient treatment is through the NHS, offering a generic overview of rehabilitation. Experience the benefits of addiction treatment here at Asana Lodge, by selecting an inpatient drug and alcohol rehab in Rainham to recover from.