Are you based in Islington, searching through your available treatment options? Are you hoping to benefit from the most effective treatment programme, helping to diminish your drug and alcohol addiction?

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Islington

Before progressing your search, it is firstly important to acknowledge how far you’ve come. Many individuals abusing drugs and alcohol struggle to acknowledge their addiction, delaying the prospect of addiction recovery.

By actively searching for a drug and alcohol rehab in Islington, you’re now ahead, beginning your long-term recovery journey.   

However, in order to benefit from the journey of long-term recovery, you must maintain this level of commitment, honesty and determination. You must keep an open mind when considering all of your localised treatment options, ensuring that you can see the value of rehabilitation.  

If you’re aiming for the most effective form of drug and alcohol rehabilitation, through our unique and evidence-based approach, we can help you here at Asana Lodge.

Although different to other drug and alcohol rehabs in Islington, we stand as a favoured option down to our non-invasive and progressive treatment options.   

We will work with you to uncover your psychological addiction to drugs and alcohol, soon influencing all-round healing potentials.

We will focus on your long-term recovery goals, by promoting realistic and healthy coping strategies. If you’re hoping to recover via a drug and alcohol rehab in Islington, reach out to our specialist team.  


Why is it important that an Addiction is treated?  

If you’re currently in two minds about reducing or stopping your drug and alcohol consumption, it is vital that you understand the importance of rehabilitation. Understandably, your side effects may currently feel bearable.

You may be living with a mild association to drugs and alcohol, identified as substance abuse. However, without taking control of your excessive consumption levels, there is a high chance that an addiction will develop.   

In turn, substance abuse can be very dangerous, influencing physical side effects and a reliance. However, by enabling your addictive behaviours, a drug and alcohol addiction will soon be your diagnosis, carrying many negative and destructive impacts.  

Without treating an addiction, you’re likely to suffer with physical and psychological health problems, you’re at high risk of experiencing financial and legal worries, you’re likely to prioritise substance abuse, impacting your relationships, career and your whole persona. A dual diagnosis of associated mental health conditions is also highly probable for addicts.  

However, by embracing drug and alcohol rehabilitation efforts, you can avoid the negativity of addiction, you can turn your life around, you can withdraw from drugs and alcohol, you can improve your mental health and quality of life, and you can find yourself once again.  

Through our approach to addiction treatment, the latter is probable. You can escape a future of addiction by visiting a drug and alcohol rehab centre.  


Recovering from a Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Islington  

If you’re an Islington local, you have a number of different treatment options and drug and alcohol treatment centres to consider. The first option highly favoured for its low commitment levels is addiction treatment through the NHS.

Through our country’s healthcare system, a free treatment service can be sourced, providing access to detox programmes and therapy sessions. Although this approach can be beneficial, if you’re suffering with an addiction, a greater depth of treatment, structure and care will be required.  

Secondly, there are a number of different outpatient programmes within the localised area. Through a drug and alcohol rehab in Islington, you’ll have the potential to complete addiction treatment while also maintaining your everyday life responsibilities.

Although recovery rates are a step up from the disjointed and over-saturated service via the NHS, drug and alcohol rehabilitation can be challenging through this approach.  

Lastly, if you are struggling with an addiction, your greatest option will focus on residential rehab, via our luxury and private rehab centre. Offering an advanced level of addiction treatment, care, structure and success rates, you’ll have a greater chance at achieving initial rehabilitation, followed by long-term recovery efforts.

Not to mention the distance and peace you will experience by removing yourself from your triggers, influences and associations in Islington.  

Although the decision is up to you, all depending on your budget and personal requirements, to recover from an addiction, significant efforts must be invested. By completing a comprehensive rehab programme, your efforts will be advanced, helping you experience physical and psychological recovery.  


Our approach to addiction treatment here at Asana Lodge   

As mentioned above, here at Asana Lodge, we support the benefits of residential rehab. Here is where clients can experience consistent and immediate access to personalised and valuable treatment programmes, offering the necessary steps of addiction recovery.  

Along with our rehab offering, our approach to addiction treatment differentiates us from other Islington based alcohol and drug rehab clinics. We believe in holistic healing efforts. However, we firstly consider the psychological impacts and responses of drugs and alcohol.  

By completing an assessment, we can identify a clients organic susceptibility of addiction development, we consider pre-existing mental health issues, and we also measure further influential factors including environments, social triggers and genetics.

Once an insight into cognitive functions has been provided, we follow with addiction treatment recommendations, helping to advance physical and psychological recovery.  

For some clients, a number of traditional drug and alcohol treatment options will be promoted. A drug and alcohol detox programme, cognitive behavioural therapy and support groups are a few to mention.

For other clients, newly emerged and highly effective treatment options may be encouraged, including virtual reality therapy and NAD+ therapy. For a large proportion of clients, a mix of both methods will be recommended, ensuring that holistic recovery can be achieved, along with proactive post-rehab preparations.  

Although our approach to drug and alcohol rehabilitation may be new to you, our results are driven by evidence, by personalisation, by human responses.

All individuals are different, requiring varying depths and forms of rehabilitation. We offer this as a customary service, ensuring that all clients have the best chance of long-term recovery. 

If you’re hoping to recover via a drug and alcohol rehab in Islington, consider our luxury facilityconveniently located.

Experience a time of physical and psychological repair by disassociating yourself from drugs and alcohol through a proactive and efficient route.