Beating drug or alcohol addiction involves treatment and therapies to address the behavioural issues that lead to addiction, whilst still treating both physical and psychological dependence.Drug and alcohol rehab is a significantly recommended in order to achieve this.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Purley

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Knowing what’s ahead through the inner workings and processes of drug and alcohol rehab will be highly beneficial when completing an admission. Being prepared is one of the most productive feelings, helping to respond positively to drug rehab recommendations.

While the offering of every rehab clinic will be different, there are clear expectations of inpatient rehab, carrying a generic guideline of addiction recovery. Being aware of such expectations via a drug and alcohol rehab in Purley, from available treatment and therapy options to the service of aftercare will be beneficial.

Reach out to our team at Asana Lodge for specific information on how we can support you through our unique approach to drug and alcohol rehabilitation. Highly recommended to work through drug and alcohol addiction, consider inpatient rehab.

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What happens through Rehab

Rehab is an overarching service which offers the motivations, tools, and chances to treat and work through addiction. There are two different types of rehab, which differentiate the context of rehabilitation, very important to understand and select between.

Outpatient rehab is a service which comes across as familiar, as it’s linked to the NHS and their support. The happenings of outpatient rehab focuses on supporting generic symptoms and diagnoses of addiction, whilst understandably trying to help as many members of the public as possible.

A range of treatment and recovery steps can be expected through outpatient rehab, available over a 6-12-month timescale, highly suitable for people with minor symptoms and effects.

Inpatient rehab is the most recommended type of support, due to its intensity, its safety, and its efficiency. Through the workings of inpatient rehab, a range of treatment recommendations will be made, covering a 4-week period.

Offering privacy, personalisation and a focused approach to drug and alcohol rehabilitation, working through a range of treatment and therapy options, detoxing, recovering psychologically and experiencing holistic bouts of healing is expected through inpatient rehab.

Professional care, treatment and tools are linked to drug and alcohol rehabilitation. Yet their level of suitability, strength and sustainability will depend on the selection of rehab and its delivery.


Visiting a Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Purley

On an inpatient basis, visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Purley will be possible, to encounter an addiction recovery driven process. Offering personalised processes here at Asana Lodge, treatment programmes, therapy options and aftercare help will all be recommended against your needs, timescale, budget, and wellbeing.

A wide range of services are available through inpatient rehab, which makes it a flexible and highly useful step within drug and alcohol rehabilitation. As influences, causes and symptoms fluctuate from person to person, our approach to rehab, combined with the existing benefits of inpatient care will stand as suitable.

You’ll have your own comfortable space, you’ll work with a dedicated team of specialists, you’ll feel secure, and you’ll benefit from our range of in-house resources and facilities, to work through a 28-day programme.

Work through a programme of physical and psychological treatment services, industry leading therapies and aftercare to increase the chance of long-term recovery back in Purley.


Recovery Treatment Programmes

Through the initial admissions process, visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Purley on an inpatient basis will have been ranked as suitable to reach this point. Assessing your needs will then take place, to help form the right recovery treatment programme, to complete through inpatient rehab.

The length, structure and degree of support that’s found within treatment programmes fluctuate to meet the needs of our clients, to ensure that addiction treatment can be effective and safe, while recovery can be a realistic aim.


Inpatient Detoxification Process

An inpatient drug or alcohol detox process will be an indefinite recommendation for most clients through drug and alcohol addiction recovery. Physical elimination, as a withdrawal process will be necessary to reduce both cravings and connections to drugs and alcohol.

It’s vital that the body is slowly adjusted to sobriety, as a build-up of drugs and alcohol is commonly through habit-like consumption. Allowing for organic functionality to resume will be the aim, which may influence withdrawal symptoms, highly manageable through a medical detox.


Addiction Therapy Options

Therapy options will include a range of traditional and holistic services, to assist with comprehensive recovery efforts. Recommended around personal outlooks, mental health and addiction type, the likes of individual therapy and cognitive behavioural therapy will be advised here, alongside means of mindfulness, NAD+ therapy and virtual reality therapy.

All addiction treatments and therapies will be safe, will be professionally driven, and will be progressive, ensuring that recovery can be fulfilled each day through rehab.

Treatment services must be suitable to deliver sobriety milestones throughout the 28-day timescale of inpatient rehab. This is something you can expect at Asana Lodge, due to our thorough and evidence-based assessment process.


Aftercare Help

After visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Purley, marking the completion of inpatient rehab, outpatient help will be available through aftercare services. Free throughout the first year of adjustment, aftercare provides a safe haven to work through the challenges and changes of sober living.

Through aftercare, a range of support group and therapy sessions can be encountered, to offer both comfort and assurance through relapse prevention. Working within long-term recovery efforts, planning through relapse prevention and the schedule of aftercare will provide a purposeful post-rehab journey.

Rehab is the most effective route to take towards addiction recovery. Experience it here at Asana Lodge on an inpatient basis.

What is it like at Rehab?

Selecting a suitable rehab can offer a positive, compassionate, safe and recovery designed experience. It’s a process which merges to personal needs, which offers a safe haven, and which prioritises both wellbeing and recovery. Although it is a big step, rehab is the best platform to recover from, when considering drug and alcohol withdrawal and rehabilitation.

How do I convince someone to go to Rehab?

Convincing someone to go to rehab can feel tough, as it’s their decision to recover, which may be masked by denial. Instead, looking to offer support and encouragement will be key, by approaching rehab with a compassionate outlook. Activating a friend and family referral will also help with this step, offered here at Asana Lodge.

What is the Detoxification Process?

The detoxification process focuses on toxin elimination, by safely removing traces of drugs and alcohol. It cuts off all exposure through a safe and medically structured process, in order to reach a clean slate. Promoting physical withdrawal, it is a necessary step to take, to kickstart addiction recovery. Experience efficient and effective addiction recovery steps here at Asana Lodge, via a drug and alcohol rehab in Purley.