Drug addiction and/or alcoholism has the capability to easily bring about a whole host of negative side effects for the individual suffering from this illness.

Asana Lodge’s drug and alcohol rehabilitation centres, including our rehab in Barnes, are all perfectly primed to implement whatever treatment plan you need in order to overcome your addictive disorder for good.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Barnes

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Addiction is a very complex, layered illness which required very experienced and careful treating. A lot of people can forget the very simple fact that addiction is an illness, and so should be treated as such.

An individual would not experience feelings of shame when going to the doctor to receive treatment for something such as migraines, and yet a worrying amount of people feel so much shame at the prospect of going to rehab that they deny themselves the very treatment which can make them healthier.

Accepting that you have a problem with substance misuse or alcoholism is a naturally difficult step, but it is one that only you that can really come to terms with.

Asana Lodge’s incredibly experienced teams of staff are able to help you navigate your way out of this dark period of your life, but you must be the one to reach out and start receiving this help. That one phone call made to Asana Lodge’s helpline will be the first step along a difficult road to a life of sobriety.

Call Asana Lodge today on our helpline number so that you can begin a new course of treatment that will have a positive impact on your present life and your bright future.

A lot of individuals who reach out to our telephone helpline also do so as they’re nervous about the drug or alcohol consumption of a friend or loved one. If this is the situation that you currently find yourself in, then please reach out and simply enquire as to the procedure involved in our family and friend referral programmes.


Drug And Alcohol Abuse Ruins Countless Lives Each Year

There is quite a common notion amongst the general public that addictive disorders can only be found in people who are “weak” or “vulnerable,” however, drug addiction and/or alcohol addiction can take a hold of any person at any given time.

Young or old, addiction can strike at any point in a person’s life, and it is never too late or too early to set in motion a treatment plan to combat the symptoms of your addiction.

As alluded to previously, many people suffering from addiction will delay getting addiction treatment, and not receiving treatment will only lead said people to developing progressively worse physical and behavioural side-effects.

Ultimately, not taking advantage of a professional detox and addiction treatment plan can be what leads many addicts to tragically premature death.


Physical Drug And Alcohol Detoxification Treatment Will Start Your New Life Off Right

It is only to be expected that getting physically sober will inform a large part of your overall treatment programme. The actual fact of removing your physical dependency upon narcotics or alcohol is a very important and dangerous part of the process.

Alcohol abuse withdrawal or substance abuse withdrawal can throw up a lot of worrying psychological and physical side-effects, but our drug and alcohol detoxification clinic will provide you with medical support staff who can prescribe medication and monitor you so that your side-effects are minimised.

Without appropriate supervision, detoxification can not only lead some people to experience life-threatening side-effects but it can also be one of the main experiences that pushes people to relapse.

Also, for each time that a person attempting to recover only to relapse, the more severe the withdrawal side-effects can be the next time recovery is attempted.


Psychological Therapy Will Complete Your Transition To Sobriety

Physical detoxification treatment will inform a great deal of your time during the early stages of your time receiving treatment at Asana Lodge’s facility.

Although, as you go through your treatment, it is likely that you will see the weighting shift from physical to psychologically orientated treatments.

You see, working to ensure that your body is clean of all detrimental substances is key to achieving sobriety. But, in order for you to cultivate a life that focuses on maintaining sobriety, you’ll need to address psychological issues which lurk beneath your addictive disorder, propagating its existence by causing you to feel the need to turn to substance misuse.

Treatments such as dialectical behavioural therapy (DBT) as well as cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) will enable our teams of therapists to alter your thinking patterns in regards to substance abuse.

You will delve deep into the reason behind your addictive patterns, often unearthing harsh truths about your past or traumas you have previously faced.

Although, without healthily addressing these traumas and their lingering scars (all under the guidance of our counsellors and therapists) then a long-standing recovery is almost impossible to be realised.

For some individuals, dual-diagnosis treatment may be necessary. Dual-diagnosis treatment is something which a great deal of Asana Lodge’s drug and alcohol rehabilitation centres implement, as it means that our staff are able to administer treatment for your addictive disorder and any other mental health issues which you may present with during the course of your stay with us.

It is very common, unfortunately, for addiction and mental health ailments to go hand-in-hand, and so dual-diagnosis may be one of the most important facets of your recovery with us.

After you have undergone all of the treatments and therapies that we have to offer, you will be in a position where you are ready to return to your everyday life with a newfound commitment to sobriety.

And, while we’re aware that a lot of people can feel wary of slipping back into old habits once leaving our walls, our complimentary year-long aftercare programme will be made available to you to ease the transition back to reality.

Contact Asana Lodge today on 01908 489 421 to start your new treatment plan today.